35 Geese Puns Will Have You Giggling from Dusk till Dawn

best funny Geese puns
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Geese puns are playful jokes and wordplay that center around geese – the large waterfowl known for their honking calls. The themes tend to highlight the silly side of geese by poking fun at their behaviors and characteristics.

The honk, the waddle, the feathers, the eggs – geese puns find the humor in all the unique goose qualities. There are many different themes that can be explored in geese puns. Some puns focus on the way that geese fly in formation, Other puns play on the names of famous people or things.

35 Best Geese Puns

  1. how is a flock of geese like an airplane full of encyclopedia’s? they’re flying in-formation.
  2. a goose’s favorite actress is geese witherspoon.
  3. geese: the architects of “fly”ght paths.
  4. did you know that geese kill more humans than sharks each year? to be fair, it’s really hard for geese to kill sharks.
  5. what do you call a flock of geese in a hip hop dance class? a groovy gaggle!
  6. why don’t geese like to talk on the phone? they’re afraid they’ll be overheard.
  7. geese on a baseball field? it’s a goose ball game!
  8. “why don’t geese like gossip? they hate squawking behind others’ backs!”
  9. why don’t geese play cards in the wild? too many cheetahs!
  10. what do you call a flock of geese at a science convention? researchers of the goose world!
  11. scientists have finally figured out why, when geese flying in ‘v’ formation, one side is longer than the other. that side has more geese in it.
  12. geese are great at poker; they always play their “wild cards”!
  13. how do geese apologize? they say, “i’m sorry, that was fowl of me.”
  14. if the plural of goose is geese then the plural of moose is meese.
  15. i’m also fluent in portugeese.
  16. what do you call a flock of geese in the circus? jugglers of the goose world!
  17. how do german geese greet each other in the morning? goosen morgen.
  18. why do geese never feel stressed? they always let it slide off their backs.
  19. why don’t geese tell secrets? because they’re afraid they’ll be “eggs-posed”!
  20. geese know how to leave their mark, literally.
  21. what movie do religious geese like to watch? goose almighty.
  22. why do geese make great comedians? they always have a “quacking” sense of humor!
  23. “join the gaggle and embrace the silly side of geese.”
  24. why do geese fly south for the winter?a: because it’s too far to walk!
  25. the goose said to me, “quuuaack, quack quack?” i replied, “quack, quaaack, quack.”my brother said, “i didn’t know you speak portugeese.”
  26. how do geese get strong?a: egg-cersize.
  27. what do you call a flock of geese studying for an exam? an academic gaggle!
  28. a group of geese is a gaggle, agroup of rats: a mischief, a murder of crows, bats a colony and men a crowd. what’s a group of batmen? an orphanage.
  29. geese every time geese flew in a “v” shape over the house:grandpa- “do you know why one side is longer than the other?”me- “no, why?”grandpa- “because there’s more geese on that side. huehuehue!”
  30. geese are experts at marketing; they always know how to “sell-egg” their ideas!
  31. geese: masters of the “fly”-by technique.
  32. what happened when the two geese got into a fight? it went south.
  33. why don’t geese use computers? they’re afraid of getting stuck in the “web”!
  34. the speaker shared great analo-geese.
  35. when geese travel, they leave behind “honk”tails of adventure.

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