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best funny gold puns
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Gold puns refer to which entails wordplays and jokes on the concept of gold. These words usually play around with gold and the golden characteristics like it being valuable, shining, or linked to richness.

These gold puns fall under different categories and themes like playing on words related to gold, reference to the use of gold in movies or shows, jokes concerning gold miners and prospects, and puns about the worthless or ugly quality of gold.

This list of 115 Best Gold Puns gives humor and lively to conversations or materials about gold that will attract audience and reader.

ThemeStyleJoke #
Mining for goldPuns15, 56, 81, 95
Mining for goldWord play17, 22, 78, 80, 110
JewelryPuns21, 32, 40, 88
JewelryWord play74, 75, 86, 115
Gold as a metalPuns30, 73, 92
Gold as a metalWord play18, 58, 66, 103
AchievementsInspiring83, 85
Everyday objectsPersonification5, 6, 14, 79
Everyday objectsWord play16, 31, 89, 104
AnimalsPersonification41, 75, 99
Sayings/idiomsWord play57, 76, 82, 84
MiscellaneousPuns23, 72, 94, 107
MiscellaneousWord play77, 87, 90, 97, 101, 112
MiscellaneousInspiring96, 109, 114

115 Best Gold Puns

  1. why did the goldfish bring a suitcase to the ocean humorously?a: “because it wanted to pack some ‘fin’-tastic memories.”
  2. it will be a gold day in hell if the mine ever shuts down.
  3. “a heart full of gold” – the wizard of oz
  4. why did the math book become sad? it couldn’t solve its problems and find the “golden” solution!
  5. “gold is always a good idea.”“golden moments, worth their weight in gold.”“life in gold.”“the world is your golden playground.”
  6. watching ted ligety’s gold medal-winning men’s giant slalom performance just now, and my dad suddenly asks, “i hope they show some footage of ted ligety leaving sochi.” “why?””because i’d like to see ligety split!”
  7. the parent was s-gold-ing their child.
  8. gold agglutinin disease
  9. why was the gold coin so generous? it believed in the value of sharing its wealth!
  10. what’s a goldsmith’s favorite animal? the gold-en retriever, a loyal companion with a heart of gold!
  11. how did the leprechaun beat the irish man to the pot of gold? he took a short cut.
  12. have you ever tasted pure gold? i have, and it’s actually rather crunchy. probably because it’s made of 24 carrots.
  13. it’s not just gold that glitters, a good personality shines too.if at first, you don’t succeed, try going for gold.silver may be good, but gold is always the best.always remember, there’s more to life than just is a good investment, but happiness is priceless.
  14. “life is a golden journey, and i’m embracing every step.”
  15. why did the gold miner bring a map to the beach? to look for sunken treasure!
  16. let the truth be gold
  17. a fog rolled in and turned my car into gold! must have been an alche-mist.
  18. how is gold like an undercooked steak? they’re both rare.
  19. what kind of music does gold listen to? heavy ‘au-metal’!
  20. “why did the gold watch go to therapy? it couldn’t stop ‘au-dialing’ its issues.”
  21. what did the gold bar say to the diamond? “you’re a girl’s best carat!”
  22. what’s the gold bar’s favorite exercise humorously?a: “bicep curls – it loves ‘au’-tonomous workouts.”
  23. “stay golden and shine brighter than the sun!”
  24. gold is a good investment, but happiness is priceless.
  25. my company has a meeting with the stake-gold-ers.
  26. why is gold such an excellent storyteller? it has the best “au-therity”!
  27. germany has never won a gold medal at a track event which is funny because they’re known for trying to finish a race.
  28. what’s a pirate’s favorite social media platform? “goldder” – where they can share their treasure-filled adventures!
  29. what did the gold bar say when it visited the art museum humorously?a: “i appreciate all things ‘au’-thentic.”
  30. what’s a pirate’s favorite element? gold, matey!
  31. the most industrially important application of gold is in the production of electronics.
  32. why did the gold coin go to the gym? it wanted to be fit and 24-karat gold-geous!
  33. how old is gold? coinage.
  34. “did you hear about the gold miner who became a chef? now he specializes in 24-carrot dishes!”
  35. how is gold like an undercooked steak? they’re both rare.
  36. “golden age of cinema” – singin’ in the rain
  37. how did the gold nugget become a famous actor? it had the midas touch on the silver screen!
  38. why did the computer go to the gym? it wanted to get more “byte-sized” muscles for a golden appearance!
  39. why did the computer go to the olympics? to try and win a byte of gold!
  40. what kind of music did the gold nugget listen to? heavy metal.
  41. my wife and i are planning a trip to san francisco to finally fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing the golden gate in person. she asked me, “what are you going to do when you see it?”i said, “let’s cross that bridge when we get there.”
  42. fortune favours the gold
  43. what is the most popular holiday for gold? au-gust.why did the person stop looking for gold in the river? they didn’t have enough drive.what do you call a person who loves gold? a do you make a gold watch lighter? take out the second hand!
  44. “why did the gold nugget go to the museum? to learn about its history and heritage.”“why did the gold bar go to the library? to read about its worth and value.”“why did the gold coin go to the park? to have a picnic with its family.”
  45. why did the computer join the olympics? bring home some “byte-sized” gold medals!
  46. “basking in the golden glow of happiness and contentment.”
  47. what did the gold say to the silver? “we may be different, but together, we’re precious metals!”
  48. what did the gold necklace say to the pearl earrings? “together, we create a golden symphony of style and elegance!”
  49. the basketball player was gold-ending.
  50. of course the gold medal swimmer from hungary was the only person not to bite the medal. i was so ready, too.ruined my evening.
  51. what’s a goldsmith’s favorite exercise? bench pressing golden dumbbells for that perfect golden physique!
  52. why did the gold medalist blush? because they took bronze instead.what did the alchemist say when he turned lead into gold? “that was au-some!”why did the miner refuse to sell his gold? he didn’t want to be taken for granite!what do you call a bird that steals gold? a robber ducky.
  53. how do you get gold’s attention? aaayyyy youuuuuu.
  54. i accidentally swallowed a small gold nugget… i accidentally swallowed a small gold nugget and dug through my feces to find it. my wife walked in and asked me what i was doing. i told her i was just mining my own business.
  55. why did they build a castle for the pile of gold? because it’s a noble metal.
  56. when i was digging for gold i banged my knee on a rock. fortunately, it was only a miner injury.
  57. why is the wind blowing gold everywhere? because it’s august.
  58. why did the gold necklace break up with the silver bracelet? it wanted a relationship that was pure gold!
  59. “life’s true treasures are often found in golden moments.”
  60. my embarrassing hobby is covering the fifth letter of the alphabet in a thin layer of gold … it’s a gilt-e pleasure.
  61. what do you call a dinosaur without gold?
  62. why did the scarecrow become a goldsmith? he wanted a job that would make him ‘straw-ng’ gold!
  63. “life is a golden journey.”“golden moments, golden smiles, golden laughter, golden good times.”“go for the gold, and create your own golden moments.”“golden moments are the ones that stay with you forever.”“gold adds a touch of sparkle to life.”
  64. why did the leprechaun turn down the bowl of cereal? he already had pot of gold.
  65. gold style and new style dates
  66. what did the gold bar say when asked about its favorite vacation spot humorously?a: “anywhere with ‘au’-some views.”
  67. did you hear about the goldfish who won an award? it was the “fin-est” performer in the tank!
  68. what do you call a dog made out of gold? a retriever!why did the goldfish have a bad memory? because it had a 10-second fin-tem!
  69. you should never date a prospector. they’re all just gold diggers.
  70. why did the goldfish bring a suitcase to the pet store humorously?a: “because it wanted to pack up some ‘au’-tographed fish food.”
  71. “what do you call a golden insect? a ‘butter-fly’ of wealth!”
  72. a gold stroke for a wife
  73. how do gold atoms communicate? by “au”-dio waves!
  74. what did the gold necklace say to the pearl necklace? “together, we’re a perfect blend of elegance and luxury!”
  75. the goldfish became a stand-up comedian because it could never keep a ‘s-tail-e.’
  76. have you heard the don’t need the golden gate bridge any longer? because it’s already long enough.
  77. eight arms to gold you
  78. what’s a gold bar’s favorite game to play humorously?a: “hide and ‘au’-seek.”
  79. “collecting memories and experiences like golden treasures.”
  80. why did the gold coin go to school? it wanted to get “au”-educated!
  81. i pulled a muscle digging for gold…. no worries though, it’s just a miner injury.
  82. when i was at school i had it tough. other kids would throw lumps of gold at me. i was a victim of bullion.
  83. why did the gold medal go on a world tour? it wanted to inspire others to reach for their golden dreams and aspirations!
  84. “why did the gold block refuse to play cards? it didn’t want to be a part of a stacked deck.”
  85. why did the gold medal go on a world tour? it wanted to spread the message of golden achievement across the globe!
  86. what did the gold say to the silver? “aurora borealis! let’s make some precious metal music!”
  87. have you ever tasted pure gold?
  88. why was the gold necklace always so popular? it had a real “au-dience”!
  89. when it comes to jewelry💍, gold is preferred by most people. the shiny metal adds to the glamour and is also a valuable asset for us.
  90. “loving life with a heart of gold.”
  91. the gold man and the sea
  92. gold walks into a bar the bartender says “au get out of here!
  93. what do you call a lemon that struck it rich? a “gold” en fruit!
  94. i really regret eating all that gold-covered food. i have internalized gilt.
  95. i pulled a muscle while i was digging for gold. just a miner injury.
  96. “in a world full of colors, be the gold that stands out!
  97. why did the robber break into the canoe store? he heard that gold is found in ores.
  98. it’s gold outside.
  99. why did the goldfish bring sunglasses to the fish tank humorously?a: “because it wanted to look ‘au’-some.”
  100. why did the student bring a ladder to the science class? they heard the course had a lot of “au-some” gold material!
  101. a lot of corporations will find gold today. because they’re ending their rainbows.
  102. the greatest story never gold
  103. why did the bouncer not allow gold digger in the bar? cause miners are strictly prohibited.
  104. what did the gold bar say to the bank vault? “let me in, i’m worth a fortune!”
  105. i highly discourage you from ever dating a prospector. they’re really all just gold diggers.
  106. plain gold java object
  107. the night they drove gold dixie down
  108. gold is the only yellow or “golden” metal. the element symbol for gold, au, is derived from the latin word for gold, aurum, which means “shining dawn” or “sunrise glow.”
  109. how did the gold nugget feel after a long day? it was ready to relax and enjoy some golden moments of tranquility!
  110. why did the gold bar refuse to play cards with the other metals humorously?a: “because they always tried to steal its gold.”
  111. gold it don’t drop it
  112. what did the gold bar say to the bank? “i’m feeling pretty “minted” today!”
  113. what kind of dogs to gold panners like most? golden retrievers.
  114. “living the golden dream, one moment at a time.”
  115. what did the gold pendant say to the necklace? “i’m hanging out with the coolest chains around!”.

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