85 Goodbye Puns to Make You Giggle with Their Tentacled Tales

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Goodbye puns are jokes that play on words related to saying farewell. Many goodbye puns involve finding humorous ways to insert the word “goodbye” into common phrases.

For example, one popular pun is “How do gardeners say goodbye? ‘See you next spring!'” playing off the gardening season. Other common themes in goodbye puns involve means of transportation like “How do pilots say goodbye? ‘Time to take off!'” or occupations like “How do zookeepers say goodbye? ‘I’m off to feed the animals!'”

Goodbye puns also reference popular culture, like “In ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ Dorothy says goodbye to her friends and clicks her ruby slippers together, saying ‘There’s no place like home.'”

Overall, goodbye puns provide a humorous way to reference saying farewell through clever wordplay and double meanings.

85 Best Goodbye Puns

  1. how do german prostitutes say goodbye to each other? leder, hosen.
  2. how does an italian terminator say goodbye? pasta la pizza baby!
  3. in “the wizard of oz,” dorothy says goodbye to her friends and clicks her ruby slippers together, saying “there’s no place like home.”
  4. how does a skeleton say goodbye?a: “bone voyage!”
  5. how do gardeners say goodbye? “see you next spring!”
  6. chuck norris caught covid-19 and the prognosis is not good. anyone wanting to say goodbye to the virus should visit the hospital tonight.
  7. my wife left a note on the refrigerator saying “this isn’t working, goodbye”. i opened it and it works just fine.
  8. goodbye, snooze button. hello, actually being on time.
  9. why did the computer say goodbye to its mouse? because it wanted to click with new friends!
  10. “on this digital platform, our connection will never time out. farewell, and keep updating your story!
  11. why did the stamp say goodbye? it was ready to stick around in a new location. goodbye, envelope!
  12. saying goodbye like a cat who just remembered it’s allergic to humans.
  13. goodbye, everyone! i must leave this place before it starts filing a missing person report.
  14. my cat crawled over the threshold value, and i had to say goodbye.a: he is mist.
  15. goodbye, but remember, you’re leaving with a piece of my heart.
  16. how does music say goodbye? audios.
  17. kiss goodbye wife: “our new neighbor always kisses his wife when he leaves for work. why don’t you do that?”husband: “how can i? i don’t even know her.”
  18. why did the alarm clock say goodbye? it had too many wake-up calls and needed a rest. goodbye, snooze button!
  19. how do archaeologists say goodbye? “i’ve got to dig off!”
  20. goodbye! i’d say “see you later crocodile,” but i don’t see any wildlife around here.
  21. how do zookeepers say goodbye? “i’m off to feed the animals!”
  22. how does a cloud say goodbye?a: “i’m drifting away!”
  23. what do you call a fish saying goodbye? a bye-bye-bouy!
  24. here is our top list of goodbye one liners. find your favorite one liner about goodbye, enjoy, and share it with your friends and family.
  25. here are some funny and interesting facts about goodbyes.
  26. my wife can’t speak so she never says goodbye. goes without saying.
  27. how do chocolatiers say goodbye? “sweet dreams, but i’ve got to melt away!”
  28. goodbye! i must depart before i become a permanent fixture in this town like a historic monument.
  29. how does an italian terminator say goodbye? pasta la pizza baby!
  30. how do dancers say goodbye? “i’ve got to twirl away!”
  31. goodbye, but just know that you’ve left a lasting impression on me.
  32. yo mamma’s so ugly… yo daddy takes her to work with him every day so he doesn’t have to kiss her goodbye.
  33. “goodbye, but remember, you’ll always have a leading role in our hearts. farewell, and keep shining on your new stage!”
  34. how do you say goodbye to your two male kids? bison.
  35. my girlfriend left a note on the fridge saying “this isn’t working, goodbye” what a liar! i opened the fridge and it’s working just fine.
  36. how did the boy say goodbye to the gum? chew you later.
  37. why did the sun say goodbye? it needed to shine on a different part of the world. goodbye, sunset!
  38. why did the tree say goodbye? it was branching out to new horizons. goodbye, roots!
  39. “leaving with a filter of nostalgia. farewell and keep living in vivid colors!”
  40. why did the bicycle say goodbye? it was tired of being tired. goodbye, pedals!
  41. do you understand why i pulled you over, sir?a: me: i don’t, actually. officer of the law: goodbye, i’m a vegan.
  42. how does a noodle say goodbye? chow main.
  43. how does a photographer say goodbye?a: “i’ll capture the memories!”
  44. “the beauty of goodbye? it propels us towards our next hello.”
  45. how do writers say goodbye? “end of the story!”
  46. how do athletes say goodbye? “i’m off to the races!”
  47. why did the mountain say goodbye? it was peak-ing for a new challenge. goodbye, slopes!
  48. a wife is like a hand grenade take off the ring and say goodbye to your house
  49. how does yang say goodbye?
  50. why do writers hate goodbyes? because you never know when to put the final period.
  51. why did the light bulb say goodbye?a: it wanted to be switched off for a while.
  52. how do bakers say goodbye? “i knead to go!”
  53. elton john’s gained a notable amount of weight lately. goodbye, normal jeans.
  54. how did the mp3 file say goodbye to the wav file? audios.
  55. “goodbye, we will miss trying to avoid you around here!”
  56. why did the vampire say goodbye to the toothbrush? it needed to fang someone else. time to do the same. goodbye.
  57. “with every goodbye, we’re just turning a page in the book of life.”
  58. why did the kite say goodbye? it was soaring off to new heights. goodbye, wind!
  59. how do pilots say goodbye? “time to take off!”
  60. goodbye, missed opportunities. i’m on a collision course with success. maybe.
  61. how do birds say goodbye? owl seed you later
  62. it’s time for me to journey, little ferny. keep growing strong!goodbye, my little firecracker. keep those sparks flying!don’t forget to laugh, giraffe!
  63. goodbye, comfort food. hello, a salad that pretends to be exciting.
  64. every time i say goodbye me: bye daddad: i’ll see you when i’m looking at youhe then proceeds to smile sheepishly
  65. how do italians say goodbye? pasta la vista.
  66. my name is zane, and my girl told me goodbye today.. all i did was ask her to feed the cat she said, “i’ll feed her, zane.”
  67. how do lawyers say goodbye ? i’ll be suing ya !
  68. i know they say that money talks, but all mine says is ‘goodbye.’
  69. how do robots say goodbye? they use bye-nary.
  70. how do mathematicians say goodbye? calc u later!
  71. “as you scroll through life’s pages, remember the likes we have for you. farewell, mate! ”
  72. why did the calendar say goodbye? it was time to turn the page to a new chapter. goodbye, days!
  73. how does an epileptic say goodbye? i’ll seizure later.
  74. how do artists say goodbye? “i’ve got to sketch off!”
  75. how do librarians say goodbye? “check you out later!”
  76. why did the computer say goodbye?a: it had too many bytes and needed to reboot.
  77. saying goodbye to procrastination… starting tomorrow.
  78. why did the toothbrush say goodbye? it needed to brush up on oral hygiene elsewhere. goodbye, teeth!
  79. why did the soap say goodbye? it was getting washed up in this situation. goodbye, suds!
  80. why did the bicycle stand up to say goodbye?a: it was two-tired of sitting around.
  81. why don’t we tell secrets when we say goodbye? because it’s never a good time for adieu-s and don’ts!
  82. “goodbye, my dear friend! may life surprise you with unexpected excursions. farewell and adventure on!”
  83. goodbye boiling water! you will be mist
  84. why did the coffee cup say goodbye to the tea kettle? because it found brewing new friendships!
  85. how do novelists say goodbye? “chapter closed!”

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