115 Goose Puns to Make You Quack Up

best funny goose Puns
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Goose puns are humorous wordplay that involve the use of words or phrases related to geese. They are often used to create jokes or add a playful element to conversations.

There are various types and themes of goose puns, including wordplay with the names of goose species (e.g., Canada Goose, Greylag Goose), puns related to goose behavior or characteristics (e.g., honking, feathers), and puns that incorporate other elements of humor such as rhyming or cultural references.

In short, 115 Best Goose Puns are a fun and creative way to play with language and bring a smile to people’s faces.

115 Best Goose Puns

  1. we ought to be very cautious and careful if we are ever playing the game duck, duck, goose with a goose, because even if we call it duck, it will still keep on chasing you!
  2. what is the favorite month of the year for a goose? au-goose-t.
  3. what’s a goose’s favorite type of music?a: anything with a good “beat.”
  4. “why did the goose join a band? it had the honk-talent!”
  5. why did the goose start a fashion line? it had a knack for “feather”ing the latest trends!
  6. what did the german goose say to his friend?a: goosen tag!
  7. why did the goose start a band?a: because it had a great “quack-titude” for music!
  8. i knew a gander who was very good at martial arts and moved very fast. guess he was true to his name of goose lee!
  9. he gave her a goose on the cheek.
  10. “living life with a whole lot of goose-titude.”
  11. what’s a goose’s favorite instrument?a: the duck-ulele!
  12. what do you call a goose with “wandering eyes?” a gandering gander
  13. i have a racing goose for sale.
  14. how does a witch like to prepare their humans for dinner? cover them in a light sprinkle of goosebumps.
  15. a goose’s favorite vegetable is aspara-goose.
  16. fo-goose on the goal.
  17. what do you call a goose that is enormous in size? you call that a humongoose!
  18. there are several species, such as the canada goose, greylag goose, snow goose, and swan goose.
  19. what did the goose say to the nosy neighbor? “mind your own “beakness”!
  20. what do you call a fashionable goose? a “dapper ducky”!
  21. “why did the goose blush? it saw the gander-flies!”
  22. q : which side of a goose has the most feathers?a : the outside!
  23. what’s a goose’s favorite type of sandwich? quack-amole!
  24. what’s a goose’s favorite winter sport? “slip and slide” on frozen ponds!
  25. mother goose’s nursery rhymes are “feather”-tastic!
  26. what did the goose reply when she heard that his human friend was a people person? she replied, “if you are a people person, then that makes me a geese goose.
  27. what is the type of food that a goose prefers to eat? they like to eat gooseberries!
  28. what do you call a goose with a red beak? a cardinal sin.
  29. there was a gander who wasn’t being able to eat properly! so, he went to the specialist doctor who told him that he had some major problems with his esophagoose!
  30. a spanish goose says, “hey ami-goose.”
  31. don’t listen to her ex-gooses.
  32. “why did the goose go to the doctor? it had a case of the quacks!”
  33. there was a strong goose-t of wind.
  34. which side of a goose has the most feathers?
  35. what’s a goose’s favorite type of footwear? flip-flops (or should we say flip-quacks)!
  36. why did the goose win an award? it was always steppin’ on the beak!
  37. what do geese do for fun? they play “goose-tag”!
  38. that bird was humon-goose.
  39. “why did the goose get a promotion? it always stood out from the flock!”
  40. what’s a goose’s favorite dessert? “goose”-berry pie, of course!
  41. a goose attacked a little girl for fun and said i thought she’d duck
  42. “why did the goose become a comedian? it loved to crack up the audience!”
  43. some geese have inflated e-goose.
  44. at what age will ryan gosling change his name to ryan goose?
  45. “flying through life with a sense of humor, like a goose in the wind.”
  46. how does a goose enter a building? it goes through the revolving door, feather first!
  47. what do you call a possessed bird? a polter-goose.
  48. what’s a goose’s favorite game on a hot day?a: “duck, duck, splash!”
  49. why did the goose become a chef? it had a flair for creating “quack-tastic” delicacies!
  50. “flying through life with a silly goose attitude.”
  51. did you hear about the goose that won the lottery? it was living the “feather” dream!
  52. i’m traveling to goose-ta rica.
  53. a goose talking to duck at the local pond. “my husbands gone away for a few weeks to africa”. “oh really.” says the the duck “uganda?”… “no i’m a goose. my husband is a gander”
  54. what is the favorite month of the year for a goose? it is the month of au-goose-t!
  55. as a computer programmer, i love goose-feather pillows… because they are down-loaded!
  56. what’s a goose’s favorite book?a: “to kill a mockingbird” (because they’re protective of their fellow birds).
  57. why did the goose go to the barbershop? it wanted to get its feathers “styled”!
  58. there was a goose at the airport who would take care of all the luggage. he was officially in charge of the cargoose!
  59. what do you call a goose with a fancy hat? a dapper ducker!
  60. it would be funny if a goose would play duck, duck , goose with you ‘cause even if you call him duck, he would still chase after you.
  61. “quack a smile and enjoy the goosey moments.”
  62. when in doubt, follow the goose for the best “wing” tips.
  63. why did the goose kept on shooting the gun at the rifle range despite being told to stop? guess it was just inspired by the film ‘djan-goose unchained!’
  64. what instrument do geese loves to play? the bongoose.
  65. why did the goose choose a career in music? it loves being a “webbed wonder” on stage.
  66. what’s a goose’s favorite type of music? hip-hop!
  67. when i told my friend of the rumors that a virus was making geese turn into zombies, he laughed at me and said these were all bogoose rumors!
  68. “being silly with my feathered comrades! ”
  69. why did the goose become a motivational speaker? it knew how to “flap” up the crowd!
  70. “i’m all about that goose life!”
  71. if you teach a goose to use a computer, is it a technical fowl?
  72. what is the favorite game of a baby goose?a: beak-a-boo.
  73. why did the goose bring a bookmark to the library? it wanted to mark its “pagey” waddles.
  74. “don’t be afraid to stand out in a flock of ducks! embrace your goose-ness!”
  75. why did the goose flee after going to the haunted place it had goosebumps
  76. what do you call a goose that loves to dance in the rain? a “quack-dancer”!
  77. what do you call a blind goose? goosebumps.
  78. goose. yea i know its stupid.
  79. how did jack know exactly where to find the goose in the giant’s castle? he had bean stalking her.
  80. “why did the goose bring a ladder to the party? it wanted to reach new heights!”
  81. why did the goose join the orchestra? it had a talent for playing the “honk”-certo!
  82. “what do you call a goose that can perform magic tricks? a prestidigitation!”
  83. why did the goose get a red card in the football game?a: because it was playing a fowl play.
  84. the goose was very upset with her tax returns. she had got a massive tax bill because of the fact that his tax returns had been de-duck-table!
  85. what happens when you cross a goose with a chicken?a: you get a gooster.
  86. why did the goose bring a ladder to the bar? it wanted to reach the high notes!
  87. a foreign exchange goose student had joined from africa. one of the other geese wanted to know which country it belonged to, so it asked the new student, “uganda?”
  88. why did the goose visit the gymnasium? it wanted to practice its “downward waddle” pose in yoga class.
  89. when will ryan gosling be old enough to be called ryan goose?
  90. why did the goose go to the bakery? it heard they had some honking good pastries!
  91. what do you call fake goose news?a: propa-gander.
  92. mother goose’s humor is “egg-cellent” for all ages!
  93. what is a goose’s favorite vegetable?a: aspara-goose.
  94. what do you call a goose with a great sense of humor? a “comedi-goose”!
  95. what do you call a goose who has a bad cold? a snot-nosed honker.why did the goose learn martial arts? she wanted to master the art of wing chung.
  96. interestingly, over 3000 years ago in egypt, geese were probably the first and foremost type of poultry animal to be domesticated by people! over time, scientists have discovered different species of the goose all over the world.
  97. what do you call a goose that can perform magic tricks? a prestidigigoose!
  98. i placed a goose-tum order.
  99. the goose is a bird in the waterfowl species.
  100. i had gone on vacation when i met a goose that was bilingual and could speak both english and french. well, now i know it was because it was a canadian goose!
  101. did you hear about the goose that went to space? it was over the moon!
  102. why searching for goose feathers is impossible? because you need to look up down
  103. “life’s too short to be serious, let’s be a little goose-y.”
  104. why was the goose always calm? it had mastered the art of “flap”itude!
  105. what do you call a goose that is on fire? a flamingoose.
  106. i’m flabber-goose-ted!
  107. the goose said to me, “quuuaack, quack quack?” i replied, “quack, quaaack, quack.”my brother said, “i didn’t know you speak portugeese.”
  108. why did the goose wear sunglasses to the pool? the sun was “fowl” play!
  109. there was a goose who had turned into a magician. during her magic set, she would always use the spell ‘honkus ponkus’!
  110. why did the goose refuse to tell its age? because it didn’t want to give a “goose-by date.”
  111. what’s a goose’s favorite song? “fly” me to the moon!
  112. why did the goose become a yoga instructor? it was great at mastering the flying crow pose!
  113. a goose’s favorite food is ta-goose.
  114. the news was all bo-goose.
  115. the food was dis-goose-ting.

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