35 Grey Puns Sworn to Reduce You to a Pile of Grins

best funny grey puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Here you’ll find no shortage of plays on “grey puns“, We’ll examine the color from every angle and mine it for all its wordplay worth.

So whether you’re a fan of “50 shades of grey” or prefer your humor a touch more light, dive in and prepare to see grey in a whole new light! Who knows, by the end you may even come to appreciate the punnier side of this oft-maligned color.

35 Best Grey Puns

  1. violets are greyeverything’s grey i’m a dog
  2. this week lego batman sold more tickets than the sequel to 50 shades of grey… when asked to comment about this 50 shades stated “it’s okay, i like to be dominated.”
  3. what’s grey and not very heavy? light grey.
  4. i found a grey hair today and i guess it’s true what they say once you go grey, you never go black
  5. may → grey: as in, “as the case grey be” and “be that as it grey” and “come what grey.”
  6. why doesn’t karl marx like earl grey? because all proper tea is theft.
  7. 50 shades of grey girl 1: hey have you read yet?girl 2: yes! from cover to cover!girl 1: and the index?girl 2: exhausted…
  8. watched 50 shades of grey with my parents and christ if all the sex didn’t make the whole thing awkward. i could barely see the screen with my mom bent over like that.
  9. earl grey in hindsight is 20-20
  10. why does james bond have grey hair? because there’s no time to dye!
  11. what do you say the second time you have grey poupon? dijon vu
  12. i picked out a color of grey paint the other day, i guess the salesman didn’t like it. he just said “oh, the hue manatee.”
  13. what instant coffee and sasha grey have in common? 3 in 1
  14. what’s big, grey, and asks a lot of questions? a why-noceros
  15. i tried earl grey today it wasn’t my cup of tea
  16. i found my first grey pubic hair this morning. normally things like this don’t bother me, but i found it in my sausage and egg mcmuffin.
  17. stay → grey: as in, “grey in touch” and “grey the course” and “grey tuned.”
  18. what’s big, grey and goes round and round? an elephant in a washing machine.
  19. i was talking to my buddy about 50 shades of grey he said “yeah, my wife and i have been doing s&m for years.””really!”, i said, “i had no idea!””sure,” he said, “she sleeps and i masturbate!”
  20. 50 shades of grey is a genius title but had they thought about it they should have added 19 more shades
  21. i am pretty good at making an earl grey. it’s my special tea.
  22. the nhs has just revealed a list of long-term side effects of vaccines! – old age- grey hair- general decrease of diseases
  23. what’s grey and comes in pints? an elephant
  24. i was out on a safari when i saw this big, fat, grey animal limping painfully toward a muddy pond. i asked the tour guide if it was injured… he said, “no, it’s just a hip-hurt-potamus”
  25. a little lad asks his mother why she has so many grey hairs. “it’s because you are so naughty” she tells him.”well,…” he replies, “…having seen grandma, you must have been a right twat.”
  26. what’s large, grey, and doesn’t matter? an irrelephant 🐘
  27. roses are brown, violets are grey i just found out i’m colorblind today.
  28. what is grey and unimportant? an irrelephant
  29. barber: mr. bond, you are turning old and grey. would you like me to colour your hair? janes bond: no thanks. dye another day.
  30. 50 shades of grey would be a perfect title for a movie about a dog reading a map of the us.
  31. unfortunately, i clumsily spilled earl grey on my shirt while drinking it.
  32. for the longest time i thought priest’s collars were grey i guess i’m just collar blind.thanks michael scott.
  33. buy my new book: 50 shades of grey poupon
  34. what’s the difference between grey and gray? one is a color, and the other is a colour.
  35. this calls for some stellar earl greying!

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