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best funny guitar Puns
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Guitar puns cover a wide range of guitar-related topics like types of guitars, guitar parts and accessories, playing techniques, music genres, and the musician lifestyle.

Guitar puns include riffing on guitar brand names or music terminology, joking about the struggles of learning guitar, poking fun at musician stereotypes, and using guitar-related double entendres.

These 85 Best Guitar Puns are a testament to the creativity and humor of the human mind. 

85 Best Guitar Puns

  1. why did the bass player get angry with the lead guitarist? the lead guitarist turned a string and wouldn’t say which one.
  2. what’s a guitarist’s favorite season?a: fall, because it’s when the leaves “fall” for their music!
  3. why do guitarists make terrible detectives? they always get lost in the strings.
  4. how do you get a guitar player off your front porch? pay him for the pizza delivery.
  5. what do you call a group of classical guitarists? a finger-pickin’ party.
  6. how do you know when a guitarist is playing out of tune? his fingers are moving.
  7. what do you call an electric guitar that loves heavy metal? a hard rocker!
  8. what did the classical guitarist say after a terrible performance? “i guess i just didn’t pluck up the courage.”
  9. how do you make a lead guitarist slow down? put a piece of sheet music in front of him.
  10. i told my kids they could be anything, so they became guitars.
  11. what did the classical guitarist say when they were mastering a difficult piece? “i won’t let this handel me!”
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  13. why was the guitar a great musician? because he really knew his chords!
  14. what do you call a guitar player who only knows two chords? a music critic.
  15. how did the guitarist propose to his girlfriend? he strummed her a love song and asked her to be his “chord” forever.
  16. guitars speak louder than words.
  17. how do electric guitars make decisions? they weigh the pros and tone cons!
  18. can i be your guitar technician? because i want to fine-tune every part of you.
  19. did you hear about the guitarist who traveled overseas? he played a world tour.
  20. what’s the difference between a guitarist and a pizza? a pizza can feed a family of four.
  21. i tried to make a salad using my guitar pick, but all i got was a string of lettuce.
  22. i tried to play a bass guitar once. it didn’t make much sound, and it slipped out of my hands and swam away
  23. what’s a pigeon’s favorite guitar? a “coo” stick guitar.
  24. why did the guitarist take so long to get ready for the show? he was busy tuning his performance.
  25. what do you call a guitarist who just learned a new scale? a beginner.
  26. why don’t bass players like dating guitar players? too much treble.
  27. a guitarist who specializes in heavy metal music is referred to as the lead guitarist.
  28. what do you get when you cross a guitar string with a dinosaur? a fretasaurus.
  29. you can be my guitar idol, and i’ll be your biggest fan.
  30. why can’t woody play his guitar? he doesn’t know where his pixar.
  31. classical guitarists know how to finger their way out of a tight spot.
  32. the guitar and the piano had a race. the guitar won because it was well-strum.
  33. what’s a guitar player’s favorite sandwich? bltuning!
  34. every guitar note is a brushstroke on the canvas of my soul.
  35. why did the guitar write a letter? it wanted to fret out its feelings.
  36. why did the guitarist bring a spare set of strings to a gig? in case he got caught in a jam.
  37. why did the guitar teacher get detention? he had too many notes.
  38. what do you call a guitar teacher who only knows two chords? overqualified.
  39. did you hear about the guitarist who went fishing? he caught a real pickerel.
  40. how many guitarists does it take to change a light bulb? five: one to change the bulb, and four to debate whether it’s in tune or not.
  41. what do you call a guitar that wants to be a comedian? a strum-dinger!
  42. how did the guitarist break his neck? he ran his pickup into the bridge and broke his neck.
  43. why do guitarists always carry their straps? they don’t want to fret about dropping their guitar.
  44. asked a friend why he was licking his guitar. he said he had a good taste in music.
  45. my guitar always eats too much, it’s got a big appetite.
  46. my guitar is quite the environmentalist. it’s always into green-peace.
  47. what’s a classical guitarist’s favorite workout? fingerercise.
  48. saw an advert for a really quiet guitar on ebay. no strings attached.
  49. how do guitarists text each other? by using the chor-dictionary!
  50. what did the classical guitarist say to the out-of-tune player? “stop stringing us along!”
  51. “i’m not just a guitarist, i’m a pick artist. it’s all about creating masterpiece melodies with every pluck.”
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  53. why do guitarists place their picks on the headstock? so they can play hide and seek during jam sessions.
  54. why did the electric guitar quit playing sports? it kept getting its wires crossed!
  55. why did the guitar refuse to join the band’s road trip? it didn’t want to hit the highway to “hell-o”.
  56. what do you call a guitarist who breaks up with their instrument? single-stringer!
  57. how can you tell if a guitarist is trying to tune his guitar? he’ll be playing the same string for 20 minutes.
  58. why do guitarists put a cloth on their amp? to catch the drool.
  59. why do electric guitars turn down coffee dates? they’re too amped already!
  60. what’s the difference between a guitar solo and a sneeze? you can’t stop a sneeze.
  61. what do you call a guitarist who can read tabs but can’t play them? a tab collector.
  62. why do guitarists prefer playing power chords? because it’s the only time they feel powerful.
  63. what’s the difference between a lawnmower and an electric guitar? you can tune a lawnmower.
  64. what do you call a guitarist who breaks a string while playing a tab? a professional struggler.
  65. what do you call a guitarist that never finishes a job? a guitar.
  66. why do guitar players always want to play in the key of e? because they can’t find the other keys on their keychains.
  67. how can you tell if a classical guitarist is about to play? they spend 30 minutes tuning their guitar and adjusting their footstool.
  68. why do electric guitars always excel at math? they’re good with numbers and chords!
  69. what’s an electric guitarist’s favorite fashion style? strung-together elegance!
  70. what do you call a guitarist who practices 10 hours a day? unemployed.
  71. how can you tell when your guitarist is out of tune? his hand starts moving.
  72. radio hosts like speaking to their guitars before going to sleep. they usually say, “good night for now but stay tuned!”
  73. how do you compliment a guitarist’s performance? tell them they rocked out with their bach out.
  74. why did the bass guitarist get thrown out of school? he couldn’t find the right key and his teacher found him fingering a minor.
  75. why did the guitarist go to therapy? he had too many unresolved strumming issues.
  76. why did the guitarist get kicked out of the library? he was trying to read tabs.
  77. how do electric guitars take selfies? with a quick pic!
  78. what do you call a guitarist who always tunes up during the gig? a good listener.
  79. why did the guitar go to therapy?a: it had too many strings attached!
  80. what’s the difference between a guitarist and a savings bond? eventually, the savings bond will mature and earn money.
  81. how do classical guitarists like their martinis? with a twist of scale.
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  83. the guitar pick went to the dentist because it had a cavity that needed to be strummed out.
  84. what do gearhead guitarists and auto mechanics have in common? they both need a jack to get the job done.
  85. why did the guitar player get kicked out of the band?a: because they couldn’t find the right chord-ination!

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