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best funny hawk puns
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Hawk puns turn around birds of prey, their characteristics and behaviors. These puns make clever use of words related to hawks like talon, feather, beak and prey.

They poke fun at the hawk’s hunting abilities, flying skills and even their fashion sense! The puns range from silly to witty but never fail to give a chuckle.

Overall, the 75 Best Hawk Puns add a dash of humor and cleverness to uplift one’s mood.

75 Best Hawk Puns

  1. tried kidnapping stephen hawking the other day… had the blindfold the bastard so he’d stop yelling for help.
  2. why did the hawk wear a raincoat? because it wanted to be a bird of prey-ssistant!
  3. i finally got around to reading that stephen hawking book. it’s about time.
  4. a guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. hey look at that big hawk out on the patio,” he tells the bartender. it looks like its eating some avocado toast.” “oh, that bird again,” the bartender sighs. “i think its a millennial falcon.”
  5. what’s a hawk’s favorite type of movie? “beak”-buster action films!
  6. what’s a hawk’s favorite fruit? “the ‘hawk-ward’!”
  7. why did the hawk win the spelling bee? “because it had hawk-eye accuracy!”
  8. what’s a hawk’s favorite game to play with other birds? “hide and “beak”!
  9. how do hawks express their love?a: they say, “you mean “talons” to me!”
  10. a hawk landed on my head yesterday it was perfect because i thought i needed some mohawk.
  11. what do you call a hawk with a broken wing? a bad wingman!
  12. my dad knows a hawk from a handsaw
  13. it’s a shame that steven hawking died he’s been on a roll since age 21.
  14. why did the hawk become a detective? because it had a hawk-eye for details!
  15. how did the hawk feel after winning the race? on top of the world!
  16. i have the eyes of a hawk, the ears of a fox… and a lifetime ban from the zoo.
  17. why did the hawk bring an umbrella to the party? “just in case it rained on its parade!”
  18. what’s the difference between stephen hawking and the computer he’s hooked up to? the computer runs.
  19. why did the hawk blush at the party? “it got a ‘feather’-brained compliment!”
  20. how do hawks navigate the internet? they use “beak”-ers for browsing!
  21. dwayne “the hawk” johnson
  22. what do scientists and vegetables have in common? stephen hawking
  23. why did the hawk start a rock band?a: because it had some “bird-rock” talent!
  24. why did the hawk become an architect? it knew how to design “fly”-tastic nests!
  25. why did the hawk join the theater? it wanted to audition for the lead role in “wings: the musical”!
  26. why did the hawk join the book club?a: because it wanted to “talont” its reading skills!
  27. why did the cooper’s hawk take up swimming? it wanted to improve its hawkstroke!
  28. what do you get when you cross a bird of prey and a pig? a ham-hawk..
  29. stephen hawking… it’s a shame stephen hawking died. he could pursue a career in comedy. too bad he can’t do stand-ups!
  30. why do hawks make great mathematicians? they’re always using talon-t.
  31. why did the hawk choose a career in engineering? it loved to soar above the rest!
  32. sure, jesus could walk on water… but stephen hawking ran on batteries
  33. why did the hawk bring a ladder to the comedy show? “to make sure it had the ‘upper-talon’!”
  34. what do you call a hawk that’s an opera singer? a talon-ted performer.
  35. why did the hawk start a band? it had a “beak”-nificent singing voice!
  36. what’s the worst christmas gift you could give to steven hawking? a walkie-talkie.
  37. what do you call a hawk that’s a skilled pilot? a bird of prey-er.
  38. why did the hawk enroll in flight school?a: to earn its “high-soaring” degree!
  39. tony hawk doesn’t need gps; he can navigate using his “skate-compass.”
  40. did you hear about stephen hawking? his computer suffered a fatal error.
  41. what do you call a hawk that loves spicy food? a “feather”-nando hawk!
  42. what’s a hawk’s favorite board game?a: “featheredopoly”!
  43. what did the hawk say to the owl? “hoo-hoo” knew we could be such good friends?
  44. stephen hawking was from the uk but if he was from the us, he would be stephen yeehawking
  45. why did the hawk start a music band?a: because it had some “talons-t”!
  46. i finally got around to reading that stephen hawking book. it’s about time.
  47. how does steven hawking refresh after a long work day? f5(sorry imgoingtohellforthis)
  48. did you hear stephen hawking is writing a new book on the 4th dimension? it’s about time!
  49. what is it called when einstein, carl sagan, and stephen hawking masturbate? a stroke of genius.
  50. what do you call a hawk who loves to meditate? “zen-hawk!”
  51. why do hawks never start arguments? they always prefer to claw it out.
  52. how do you invite a hawk to a party?a: “come to the party, and let’s have a “hawk-tail”!”
  53. what do you call a hawk who’s always talking about the weather?a: a “meteorolohawk”!
  54. my wife noted an unusual number of hawks in the sky today. i responded “maybe they’re part of a hawk-y team!”
  55. i played golf with steven hawking he was shit. he lied about his handicap.
  56. hawks as pokemo…shhhhhh we doin weapons of war crimes now shhhh
  57. why did the hawk start a dance studio?a: because it had some “talent”!
  58. it’s said that jesus could walk on water… thats nothing! stephen hawking ran on batteries
  59. why are cooper’s hawks always on time? because they have perfect hawk-uracy!
  60. had a zoom call about whether or not to acquire a new bird of prey it was an add hawk meeting.
  61. liberal war hawks gonna do that neocon shit. i wish we all could at least be a little less surprised by it at this point.
  62. why do hawks never share their food? they are always ‘talontary’!
  63. why was the hawk invited to the fancy bird gala? because it had a “ruffled” tuxedo!
  64. when tony hawk eats breakfast, he always has a “kickstart” to the day.
  65. stephen hawking walks into a bar. . . nah, just kidding
  66. what did the hawk say to the eagle? “let’s spread our wings and soar to new heights, my friend!”
  67. hawks are great at poker because they always have a “birdie” on their shoulder.
  68. what kind of classes do young cooper’s hawks take? hawkward classes!
  69. how do you describe a hawk that loves to dance?a: a “hawk-step” dancer!
  70. why did the hawk start a fashion blog?a: because it had a keen “hawk-eye” for style!
  71. why did the hawk start a gardening club? it had a green “wing”!
  72. what’s a hawk’s favorite subject in school? “bird-gebra!”
  73. what’s a hawk’s favorite sport? “feather”-weight boxing!
  74. why did the hawk get a job as an air traffic controller?a: because it had a knack for “direct “talons”!
  75. how did the hawk win the race? it took a “beak” shortcut!

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