70 Hedgehog Puns for a Spiky Good Time

best funny hedgehog puns
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Hedgehog puns play on various characteristics and attributes of hedgehogs such as their spiky coats, speedy nature, and love of food. Common themes in hedgehog puns include wordplay involving the words “quill,” “spike,” “prickle,” and “hedge” to describe the animals and their activities.

Puns also make references to famous hedgehogs like Sonic and use hedgehog traits in creative similes and metaphors. Some examples poke fun at hedgehog personalities and habits while others turn hedgehog features into imaginative phrases or reframe familiar sayings.

An overarching goal of 70 Best Hedgehog Puns is to be bringing a smile to people’s faces through silly wordplay related to the cute yet prickly creatures.

70 Best Hedgehog Puns

  1. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite card game?a: poker… because they’re great at keeping a straight face!
  2. what’s a nickname for a wild western hedgehog?railroad spikes.
  3. what does sonic the hedgehog say during lent? gotta fast!
  4. why did the hedgehog and the mole become best friends? because they both appreciated a good underground hideout!
  5. what’s a hedgehog’s preferred way of travelling? by “quill”-icopter, of course!
  6. what do you call a hedgehog that loves to knit?a: a “needle-crafter”!
  7. what did the hedgehog say to the flamingo?flamin-stop!
  8. why did the hedgehog bring a map on its trip? to avoid getting lost in a sea of quills!
  9. what’s a hedgehogs favorite restaurant? sonic.i know this is bad. literally fight me
  10. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite dance move?a: the “spin-sonic”!
  11. what do you call a hedgehog that loves to dance?a: a “twirl-prick” dancer!
  12. why did the hedgehog cross the road?
  13. quill-iam the hedgehog, here to make you smile!
  14. where do wizard hedgehogs go to school?
  15. what do you get if you cross a hedgehog with a giraffe?
  16. what do hedgehogs do when they have a secret? they “quill” it!
  17. what rodent helps reduce your risk when trading livestock futures? a hedgehog
  18. how do hedgehogs get around so quickly?a: they use the “hedge-express”!
  19. what did the angry hedgehog say to his enemy?“i will quill you.”
  20. why did the hedgehog bring a hairbrush to the forest?a: because it wanted to look sharp!
  21. what did the hedgehog say when it met a balloon?a: “you’re full of hot air, just like me!”
  22. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite game at the amusement park?a: the “spike-a-mole”!
  23. why did the hedgehog invite his friends over for a game night? because he wanted to have a “prickle” of a time!
  24. during ramadan, sonic the hedgehog is a muslim because he’s gotta go fast.
  25. there was a hedgehog who wanted to become a detective. with his sharp senses and keen eye for details, he solved every case that came his way. he was known as the “quillful investigator”!
  26. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite nursery rhyme? ‘hickory dickory dock’, because it involves a ‘spike’ in time!
  27. what did the hedgehog say when it met a balloon animal?a: “you’re like me, but much bigger!”
  28. life’s sweeter with a sprinkle of hedgehog magic.
  29. why was the hedgehog told off in class?he was being too edgy.
  30. why is sonic the hedgehog a good, god-fearing muslim? every ramadan, he’s like “gotta go fast!”
  31. knock knock.who’s there?hogs.hogs who?hedgehogs, the cutest little creatures you’ll ever see!
  32. “why do hedgehogs like to recycle? because they’re eco-friendly!”
  33. how does a hedgehog answer the phone? with a “quill-o”!
  34. why did the hedgehog become a chef? because it knew how to ‘spike’ up its dishes!
  35. why did the hedgehog and the squirrel stop being friends?the hedgehog was too prickly and the squirrel was too nutty.
  36. which animal won’t share the shrubbery? a hedgehog!
  37. quill you be my best friend? hedgehogs make great pals!
  38. why did the hedgehog ask the tortoise for advice? because he wanted to know the “slow and steady” secrets of success!
  39. why isn’t sonic the hedgehog muslim? because once ramadan is over, he can’t stop fasting!
  40. what did the hedgehog say to the balloon? ‘poke’ me and i’ll ‘spike’ you!
  41. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite fruit?a: “kiwi” because it’s so “spiky”!
  42. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite ice cream flavor?a: “prickly pear”!
  43. what do you call a hedgehog that can sing? a “sonic quill”!
  44. two spines are running up the hill as a hedgehog passes by them then one spine turns and says to the other “we missed the bus!!”
  45. what did the toothpick say when it was overtaken by a hedgehog?
  46. no name the hedgehog (throwback reference)
  47. what did pet hedgehog say before it ran away to the wild?
  48. what did the hedgehog and the turtle have in common? their ability to carry their homes with them wherever they went!
  49. enjoying the new shakespeare computer game. sonnet the hedgehog.
  50. what do hedgehogs eat?
  51. did you hear about the story when someone shaved a hedgehog?it was pointless.
  52. hedgehogs why can’t they just share the hedge?
  53. “why did the hedgehog go to the doctor? because it was feeling a little prickly!
  54. what is blue, fast, and bad for your teeth?sonic the hedgehog.
  55. what’s a hedgehogs favorite restaurant? sonic.i know this is bad. literally fight me
  56. you’re the quill to my heart, my hedgehog love.
  57. why did the hedgehog become a stand-up comedian? because he had plenty of “prickly” material!
  58. what do you call a pig stuck in a topiary? a hedgehog.
  59. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite superhero?a: sonic the hedgehog, of course!
  60. what do you get when you cross a shrubbery with a pig?a hedgehog.
  61. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite board game?a: “needle in a haystack”!
  62. once, a hedgehog participated in a dance competition. his spiky moves left the judges in awe, and he won first place with his “quill-a-riffic” performance!
  63. why does sonic the hedgehog love chili dogs so much?they give him the runs.
  64. it is blue, it has spines, it jumps, it has bubbles inside and it tastes bitter, what’s that?tonic the hedgehog.
  65. why couldn’t the hedgehog wash his hair?because he’d left his head and shoulders on the road.
  66. hedgehogs why can’t they just share the hedge.
  67. what’s a hedgehog’s favorite type of art?a: “prick-tures”!
  68. how do hedgehogs handle stressful situations? they take a moment to “quill” their nerves!
  69. how did the hedgehog and the echidna become best friends? they bonded over their shared love for spiky fashion!
  70. why did the hedgehog go to the beauty salon? to get a stylish new ‘do!.

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