55 Helicopter Puns to Elevate Your Humor Game

best funny helicopter puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Helicopter puns are humorous plays on words or phrases related to helicopters. They often consist of wordplay, double meanings, or clever twists on helicopter-related concepts.

These puns can be used to add humor to conversations, jokes, or even as captions for social media posts.

This list of 55 Best Helicopter Puns can be a fun way to lighten the mood and entertain others.

55 Best Helicopter Puns

  1. what is a fleet of helicopters called? hellacopters
  2. what type of music do helicopters like? heli-coptop!
  3. after the helicopter crash, the blonde pilot was asked what happened… she replied, “it was getting chilly in there, so i turned off the fan.”
  4. what is a fleet of helicopters called? hellacopters
  5. what term would you use to refer to a helicopter which consistently flies in an incorrect formation? rotor-foul.
  6. how do you know when a helicopter pilot is feeling frisky? they start making rotor-ic gestures!
  7. what do you call a helicopter that frequently flies too closely to the ground? a “rotor-rash”.
  8. why did the helicopter bring an umbrella to the flight?a: it wanted to be heli-dry!
  9. how do helicopter pilots spice up their love life? they add some rotor-dynamics!
  10. how did the helicopter stay calm during a storm?a: it had a rotor-chute!
  11. why did the helicopter get kicked out of the library?a: it was too loud and rotor-ous!
  12. what do you call a helicopter made of old fabric?
  13. what do you call a helicopter pilot who can juggle? a rotor-tainer!
  14. new russian helicopter carrier spotted
  15. what do you call a helicopter that consistently malfunctions? a rotor-out.
  16. a man walks into a bar and asks the barman if he had any helicopter flavoured crisps… a man walks into a bar and asks the barman if he had any helicopter flavoured crisps the barman quizzically shakes his head and replies ‘’ we only have plain”…
  17. what’s wrong with mickey mouse’s helicopter?
  18. “you know that air that is generated by helicopter rotors when they are spinning really fast? did you know that it’s not normal air?
  19. what do you get when you combine a helicopter and snowman? frostbite!
  20. a blind man is swinging his dog around on its leash like a helicopter. a shocked onlooker asks “what are you doing?” the blind man replies “oh, just looking around.”
  21. the second one says, “why should i care? i’m a helicopter”
  22. what do you call a helicopter with no radar and no windows? a helenkelicopter.
  23. why don’t more guys helicopter their penis in front of their girlfriends? because that’s a dick move
  24. helicopter crash a helicopter crashed today over a cemetery on the outskirts of the city. so far the authorities have recovered over 200 bodies.
  25. why did the helicopter start a hat collection? it wanted to be a whirly-hatter!
  26. a man walks into a bar and orders helicopter flavor chips. the barman replies “sorry mate we only do plain.”
  27. what do you call a helicopter with a bad paint job? a patchy gunship
  28. why did a helicopter become a detective? because it excelled at solving cases related to its rotor!
  29. why did a helicopter form a band? because it wanted to create some memorable music!
  30. why are helicopter pilots so irresistible? they know how to handle their joy sticks!
  31. what do underpants and helicopters have in common?
  32. what do you get when you cross a helicopter and a rinosaurus? helifino
  33. two cows are standing on a hill…. one turns to the other and says “hey, aren’t you worried about mad cow disease?”the other replies, “why should i care? i’m a helicopter!”
  34. what do you get when you mix a helicopter, elephant and a rhino? hell if i know.
  35. what do you call a helicopter pilot’s favorite candy?a: chopper-licious!
  36. what do you call it when a group of helicopters flies together? a helicopter-palooza!
  37. investigator to trainee helicopter pilot: “so you survived the crash. how did it happen?” pilot: “flying too high. i was shivering. too cold.” “then what?” “then (pointing to the rotor) i switched off the fan.”
  38. two cows are standing in a field. one cow says, man that mad cow disease sure is scary isn’t it? the other responds, yea it is, thank god i’m a helicopter.
  39. is not a question you want to hear right before your friend picks you up in a helicopter.
  40. the helicopter was feeling under the weather, so it decided to take a chopper-cino break.
  41. helicopter backwards is retpocileh helicopter upside down is how kobe died
  42. what is it called when you eat ass on a helicopter? skyrim.
  43. how did the helicopter win the singing competition?a: it had a prop-tastic performance!
  44. rent a man a helicopter, he will fly for a day. throw him off the flying helicopter and he will fly for the rest of his life …
  45. king charles has announced that he will be sending his best two helicopter pilots to ukraine for the war. their names are andrew and harry
  46. did you hear the one about the helicopter? never mind, it would go over your head.
  47. should helicopter carriers to be added? view poll
  48. what do you call a helicopter with a bad paint job? a patchy gunship
  49. how do helicopters communicate their feelings?a: they “chop” it up with their friends!
  50. one cow turns to the other and says, “did you hear about that outbreak of mad cow disease?”the other one looks at him and says, “good thing i’m a helicopter.”
  51. never shave in a helicopter… unless you want apache beard
  52. …to shoot at them from a helicopter.
  53. …to shoot at them from a helicopter.
  54. what do you call a helicopter that keeps crashing into things? a “rotor-wreck.”
  55. trump and pence were preparing to leave the whitehouse for a big rally. when the helicopter arrived, trump wasn’t ready yet, so pence asked: “do you want me to wait for you mr. president?” … “no mike, you fly on ahead and i’ll catch up later”.

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