55 Island Puns that Are Best Medicine for a Tropical Getaway

best funny island Puns
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Island puns playfully use the imagery and stereotypes of islands to create silly wordplay.

The idea of being stranded on a deserted island, island wildlife like manta rays, island staples like palm trees, beaches, and tropical weather all get twisted humorously with jokes about islands going to therapy for tropical depression, wearing palm-er lotion for sunburns, and waving for help.

Island puns also riff on island transportation like ferries, island culture like luaus, and dreamy island escapes. These 55 Best Island Puns build whimsical scenarios turning islands into characters with emotions and adventures.

55 Best Island Puns

  1. the island life suits me just fine.
  2. “why was the ocean friendly to the island? it gave it a ‘wave’!”
  3. how do islands affect the weather? they always cause a tropical depression.
  4. what is a pirate’s favorite island? madagascaaarrr
  5. “the island, where cool beauty and warm happiness are always present”.
  6. island days and manta rays.
  7. you can’t buy happiness. but you can buy a ticket to an island. and that’s pretty much the same thing
  8. island days and sunny rays.
  9. what did one island say to the other during an argument?a: “i’m just trying to stay a-float!”
  10. how does an island ask for help? it waves!
  11. disappointed at the local airport information desk. i asked them which island had the largest airport and they didn’t know!
  12. the natural beauty of this island is breathtaking.
  13. why did the island invite all the other islands to a party?a: because it wanted to have a great time!
  14. currently pretending i am on an island.
  15. islands are my therapy
  16. til there is an island in the bahamas called pig beach populated entirely by swimming pigs.
  17. what did the island say to the beach bum? ‘comber’ over here!
  18. island days, island ways, surf, sun and sunny rays
  19. this island is my sanctuary.
  20. why did the island need a therapist? because it was in a tropical depression.
  21. what’s an island’s favorite mode of transportation?a: the “ferry”!
  22. what three things would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island? irony, the oxford comma and a missed opportunity
  23. what do you call a burger king on a deserted island? lord of the fries
  24. island days are the best days.
  25. did your hear about the professors that went to an island resort to discuss research paper titles? it was a topical vacation
  26. let’s runaway to the islands
  27. i made myself a turkey sandwich for lunch with pepperjack and thousand island. it wasn’t quite a reuben… …but i would say it was rubenesque.
  28. what’s an island’s favorite card game?a: “poker”!
  29. categories quotes, travel quotes, tropical islands
  30. what’s an island’s favorite tv show?a: “survivor”!
  31. wouldn’t really mind being stranded on this island, if i’m being honest.
  32. you know how the canary islands is a misnomer, since there’s no canaries? it’s the same with the virgin islands there’s no canaries there either
  33. caribbeanst luciapuerto ricothe bahamasus virgin islandsst kitts & nevis
  34. when in doubt, island hop.
  35. what’s mario’s favorite hawaiian island? o’ahu!
  36. what did the island do when it got a sunburn?a: it used some “palm”-er lotion!
  37. why did the island break-up with the ocean? it thought the ocean was too shallow.
  38. the island breeze is calling my name.
  39. here are two steps to take if you are ever stuck on a desserted island. step 1: check spelling.step 2: if correct, enjoy.
  40. i was stranded on an island with nothing but dark red grass, dark red sand, dark red trees everything was darkred. “ahhh!” i yelled “i’ve been marooned!”
  41. shopping in tybee island, georgia usa…
  42. did you hear that elon musk is planning to buy the entire island of madagascar? he’s planning to rename it madaelectriccar.
  43. what do you call an island that’s good at math?a: sum-er island!
  44. why did the beach never lose an argument with the island? because it had concrete points!
  45. what does an island and the letter t have in common they both are in the middle of water
  46. avoid pier pressure, and just visit the islands.
  47. unfortunately, staten island can’t claim the nfl’s currently most talked about qb. devito is new jersey, born and raised.
  48. if the island of maui gets too much more rain… it’ll become the isn’tland of maui.
  49. no man is an island. no man stands alone.
  50. “island life, always worth living.”“island love, forever and always.”“island sunshine, always brightening my day.”“island escape, always refreshing.”
  51. here are two steps to take if you are ever stuck on a desserted island. step 1: check spelling.step 2: if correct, enjoy.
  52. island life is the best life
  53. in an island state of mind
  54. you can’t buy happiness. but you can buy a ticket to an island, and that’s pretty much the same thing.
  55. the beauty of this island is indescribable.

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