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Israeli puns are a genre of playful speech using various aspects of Israeli culture, history, and vocabulary to make lighthearted and amusing jokes. The puns are usually based on words that refer to Jewish cultural traditions, Israeli politics, and other similar Middle Eastern jokes.

They could either be light-hearted and fun, or deal with more serious issues like politics. Among the many recurrent topics in Israel puns are references to Israeli food, to cities such as Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Jewish holiday and customs, and the Israeli-Palestinian strife.

These 35 Best Israel Puns offer an innovative means of understanding and lightening up on the intricacies of Israeli community.

35 Best Israel Puns

  1. what do non-israelis call krav maga? jew jitsu.
  2. trump’s in saudi arabia, israel… … and the vatican this week, cradles of usa’s 3 great religions:christianity, judaism, and oil.
  3. what is the sex-position where you are surrounded by circumcised dicks and they constantly try to fuck you even when you don’t want to?israel.
  4. wouldnt an israel – usa coalition be funny? cancer at its finest
  5. my wife looked up a recipe for an israeli salad to take to her mom’s i told her i heard that salad israeli good
  6. my friend keeps making up imaginary middle eastern countries.. i have to remind him what israel.
  7. who’s the israeli minister of justice? jüde law.
  8. i’m really worried about jerusalem being recognised as the capital of israel. who’s going to tel aviv?
  9. did you know that the holy land isn’t a fake place?israel.
  10. why did the israeli become a stand-up comedian?a: because they had a talent for “hebrew”-ing people laugh!
  11. i’m starting to think jews really do run this country.but don’t want to jump to conclusions, this my first time visiting israel.
  12. unlock the laughter in israel’s ancient walls and modern delights!
  13. what do you call the son of a mexican and an israeli? jewñor.
  14. did you know, the prime minister of israel only has two icons on his desktop? net n yahoo.
  15. “the palestinian cause will never go away” – jeremy corbynit will if the israelis kill them all.
  16. what do you call someone who is only part israeli? an israel-light.
  17. what’s an israeli’s favorite way to travel?a: by “canaan”-oe!
  18. the israeli driver looks at the american as if he was deranged. “are you crazy?!” he shouts. the other guy has a red light! do you want to get us killed?!”
  19. how does an israeli make tea? he brews it.
  20. why did the israeli football team bring a ladder to the match? to reach a new “goal”-tending heights!
  21. how does an israeli stay hydrated?a: they drink “magen david” water!
  22. haha guys i just wrote oy vey in the comment section of an article on israel lol i’m like really hilarious and edgy that way pretty funny, huh guys?
  23. what’s an israeli’s favorite type of music? hebrew-s and herzl-n-b!
  24. how does an israeli enjoy the outdoors?a: they go on a “negev”-ture hike!
  25. how does an israeli express gratitude?a: they say, “todah rabah!”
  26. as a palestinian it is so funny to hear them say “muslims in israel have more rights than the muslim world”
  27. how can you tell when a country isn’t fake?when it israel.
  28. i want to go to israel, get stoned and fûck a jewish girl. after that i’ll fûck a palestinian girl.. ….. and she’ll get stoned.
  29. why did the israeli become a travel blogger?a: because they wanted to “share-usalem” with the world!
  30. what do you call a funny israeli dog? a “bark mitzvah”!
  31. what kind of combat training do the recruits in the israeli army receive? jew-jitsu.
  32. what do you call an israeli who loves to sing?a: a “melodi-jew”!
  33. how does an israeli send mail?a: with a “shalom”-erang!
  34. what do you think of muslims who support israel?
  35. next in the bourne series: jason goes rogue and captures benjamin netanyahu, and declares himself permanent ruler. don’t miss “bourne is the king of israel”.

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