75 Jelly Puns to Sweeten Your Day

best funny jelly puns
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Jelly puns are playful and humorous wordplay that turns around the concept of jelly, a sweet and gelatinous food made by boiling fruit juice or puree with sugar and pectin.

Jelly puns often are about wobbling pressure or puns about jelly’s relationship with other foods, there’s a wide variety of jelly puns to tickle your funny bone. So, get ready to giggle and enjoy the wobbly 75 Best Jelly Puns!

75 Best Jelly Puns

  1. jelly is like a sweet and wobbly friend that sticks around till the last bite.
  2. my wife asked me what was the difference between jam and jelly i told her i can’t really jelly my dick in her mouth.oh, so there’s no real difference, she replied.
  3. why did the jelly bean turn red? because it saw the jelly bean it loved!
  4. what do you call a jelly with a green thumb? a wobble-gardener!
  5. they say laughter is the best medicine, but jelly on toast is a close second.
  6. why did the jelly throw a tantrum? it couldn’t handle all the wobbling pressure!
  7. what do you call a male renaissance artist with a bowl of jelly? michael and jello.
  8. why did the jelly go to the hair salon? it wanted a wobble-perfect hairstyle!
  9. what’s a jelly’s favorite tv show? “gel’s kitchen”!
  10. what did the cupcake say at the jelly donut party? where all the holes at?!
  11. what’s the difference between jelly and jam? santa doesn’t jelly himself down the chimney on christmas eve.
  12. jelly is like a fruity hug for your taste buds, bringing joy with every bite.
  13. what do you call a group of jelly beans singing together? a “jelly choir”!
  14. why did the jelly go to school? to learn how to spread its knowledge!
  15. why’d the jelly cross the road? to create a traffic jam
  16. why wouldn’t the jelly come out of the jar? it was jammed.
  17. what do you call a jelly that can play the guitar? a “jammin’” musician!
  18. how did the jelly react when it got a compliment?a: it turned even more “berry” red!
  19. what do you call a jelly’s workout routine? jelly-cise!
  20. it’s a bit jelly outside. bring your coat.
  21. why did the jelly bring a ladder to the party?a: because it wanted to get on the top shelf!
  22. when in doubt, just add jelly. it’s a recipe for instant yum.
  23. why did the man smear jelly on the open door? because it was ajar.
  24. what’s a jelly’s favorite superhero?a: the “incredible spread-ible hulk”!
  25. why did the jelly go to the dentist? it had a wobbly toothache!
  26. a jellyfish veteran is a man o’ war.
  27. why did the jelly break up with the peanut butter?a: because it couldn’t handle the nutty relationship anymore.
  28. i hate when you randomly find jelly and jam. it’s jarring
  29. why did the jelly break up with its partner? they were too wobbly for each other!
  30. what’s the difference between jam and jelly? jam is made from crushed, pureed fruit and jelly is made from fruit juice that gels when cooked.what’d you think i was gonna say? get your head out of the gutter.
  31. what’s a jelly’s favorite genre of music? “jelly” pop!
  32. a stinky jellyfish is a smelly-fish.
  33. why did the jelly blush? it saw the peanut butter “spread”!
  34. why did the jelly go to the gym? it wanted to work on its wobble-cise routine!
  35. why did the jelly break up with the toast? it felt like they were just “spreading” too thin!
  36. did you hear about the newlyweds who didn’t know the difference between putty and petroleum jelly? their windows fell out.
  37. the vegetarian did not like the new strawberry jelly. it just wasn’t his jam
  38. what do you get when you cross a computer with jelly?a: a website that spreads easily.
  39. why did the jelly become a teacher? it wanted to “spread” knowledge to young minds.
  40. difference between jam and jelly my girlfriend who lives up north, just asked me, “what’s the difference between jam and jelly?”i said well andrea, for one i can’t jelly my dick up your ass!
  41. why did the jelly go to new york city? it wanted to visit the “big apple jelly” shop.
  42. how are jelly and peanut butter related?a: they share ancestry.
  43. when the jellyfish hosted a party, it was said to be the “stingiest” event in town.
  44. when the jelly decided to run for president, it promised “jam-azing” policies!
  45. what did the jelly say when it couldn’t find its keys? “i’m in a real jam now!”
  46. what’s the difference between jam and jelly? senate republicans can’t jelly judge barrett onto the supreme court.
  47. how do you get a jelly to share its secrets? you make it “gel-librate”!
  48. if you were in a pool full of jelly, and you threw in some fruit… you’d really be in a jam.
  49. how do you know if a jelly has a sweet tooth? it always sticks to the dessert section.
  50. what did the mom jelly say to her kids? “stop being so jealous of each other!”
  51. don’t be jelly of sofishticated efishiency.
  52. what’s a jelly bean’s favorite game? hide and peep!
  53. why did the jellyfish start a band? it wanted to be part of a wobbly rhythm section!
  54. what’s a jelly’s favorite dance move at parties? the jiggly shuffle!
  55. what’s a jelly’s favorite movie genre? “jelly-romantic” comedies.
  56. why did the orange jelly go to therapy? it had a fear of being squeezed.
  57. why did the jelly roll? because it saw the apple turnover.
  58. what do you get if you cross a jelly and a comedian? a hilarious gel-larious!
  59. muave before the jellyfish stings you.
  60. did you hear about the strawberry jam and grape jelly hooking up? they got marmalaid.
  61. how to escape any jam.a: go with jelly.
  62. what’s a jelly’s favorite superhero? the wobble-wonder!
  63. what’s a jelly’s favorite tv show? “wobbly days of our lives”!
  64. what do you get if you cross jelly with a helicopter? a jellycopter.
  65. if a jellyfish eats too much, it gets a jelly-ache.
  66. if you cross a noodle with a jellyfish, you get vermi-jelly.
  67. why did the jelly bring a suitcase to the picnic?a: because it wanted to go on a sweet vacation!
  68. how do you catch a runaway jelly? with a “gel” leash!
  69. why was the jelly so good at math? because it had a natural talent for “gel-addition”!
  70. what do you call a jelly that’s afraid of heights? a wobblephobic!
  71. when a jellyfish goes to the gym, it does cardio on the jelly-ptical.
  72. how do you stop jelly from rolling? you put it on a “jelly-steady” surface.
  73. what are the benefits of jelly beans for you?a: they come in various hues.
  74. i was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. the peanut butter said, “do you want to stick together?” the jelly replied, “you’re nuts!.
  75. why doesn’t anyone like jelly donuts? they have fillings too.

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