80 June Puns to Add Fun to Your Summer Days

best funny June puns
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June puns take advantage of the light, sunny vibes associated with this month of summer’s start. Many play on June’s name, inserting it into familiar phrases to add a summery twist.

You may find references to “June-nicorn” magic, wishing someone a “June-tastic” day, or hopes for an experience so fun it’s simply “June-believable.” A common theme is doing activities or having hobbies only in June, from painting to swimming to dancing.

Of course, there are also insect-related jokes aplenty, With an emphasis on fun, sun, and the carefree spirit of the season, 80 Best June Puns are welcome at the start of sunny days.

80 Best June Puns

  1. “june-ing for a summer of new experiences, new friends, and endless possibilities.”“june-ing for a summer of sun, fun, and endless laughter.”
  2. what do you call a june bug that can’t stop dancing? a “beetle-boogie” bug!
  3. june is “sun-sational”!
  4. what do you call a june bug that’s always on the go? a travel bug!
  5. this is the month where it’s nice to be a june bug!
  6. what do spiders like best about june? june bugs.
  7. fat albert insult “you’re like school in june. no class.”
  8. june tried to become a chef, but her food was always too “june-even.”
  9. how does june send its greetings?a: with summer-y salutations!
  10. why do pirates hate may, june july and august? because they don’t have arrrrrrs in them.
  11. what’s june’s favorite type of music?a: anything that’s summer-y and light!
  12. what did the calendar say to the wall-clock the moment it became june 1st?“i am dismayed!”
  13. what do you call june’s magical powers? “junespells”!
  14. june’s favorite superhero? “june-tice league” member!
  15. why did june refuse to become a sailor in june? she didn’t want to be “june-anchored” to the sea!
  16. what’s the one june activity that everyone loves to do?
  17. what’s a june baby’s favorite movie genre? summer block-busters!
  18. in june, life’s a beach, and the vibes are peachy.
  19. is there a month between april and june? may be.
  20. june brings “butter-fly” feelings.
  21. “june-ing for endless sun, sea, and love.”“june-ing for endless sun, fun, and laughter.”
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  23. you said everything would be back to normal by the end of june… july-ed!
  24. what did june say when it hosted a party?a: “everyone’s june-vited!”
  25. what do you call a festival celebrating june? “junebration”!
  26. how does the sun feel about june? it’s “over the moon” excited!
  27. june’s birthday is in june. talk about perfect timing!
  28. why do june babies make great comedians? because they were born in the month of june-ius, laughter!
  29. why did the calendar go on a diet in june? to stay light for the summer!
  30. dive into june, the water’s fine!
  31. “ready for a summer of good friends, good times, and endless summer adventures in june.”
  32. yesterday, i told my husband that i hate june bugs.he told me not to worry because they’ll all disappear in july.
  33. why is june always ready for a photo?a: it’s always in its summer-y best!
  34. why did june break up with december?a: he gave her the cold shoulder.
  35. what is the nicest day of the year?june 9th.
  36. what is brian may’s son called?brian june.
  37. wake up and smell the roses – it’s june!
  38. june is so hot, it’s like “fire-june” in here!
  39. what do you call a sunbathing tomato in june? a “sun-kissed” tomato!
  40. june – where every day is a sun-day!
  41. what did one sunflower say to the other in june? “i’m “blossoming” with happiness!”
  42. me and my childhood crush are marrying next year. her’s is in january and mine in june.
  43. what’s june’s favorite part of a song?a: the summer-y chorus!
  44. june is the “coolest” month!
  45. what’s a june bug’s favorite genre of music? rock-“beetle” tunes!
  46. what did the corn say to the farmer in june? “where’s pop?”
  47. why was june always organized?a: it always started on the right date.
  48. why was june always at the beach?a: she wanted to summer-ise her tan.
  49. why did the ice cream truck break down in june? it couldn’t handle the “heat-scream”!
  50. what do you call a striker playing a june match?a spring forward.
  51. what do you call a snake that loves the sand in june? a rattlesnake-tan!why did the lion go on a road trip in june? to take a pride and joy ride!what do you call a crab that loves to play beach volleyball in june? a sand-sational athlete!
  52. why did june refuse to join the dance team in june? she didn’t want to be “june-membered”!
  53. what do you call it when a person says it’s june in july? ju-lie.
  54. june’s over already? julying.
  55. what do you call a sheep with a june calendar? a “baa-rilliant” planner!
  56. why was the summer fruit so popular in june? it had “peach” appeal!
  57. june tried to join the knitting club, but they said she was “june-worthy” of their skills.
  58. june’s favorite sport? “junenis”!
  59. june has hug your cat day, which is followed by “go to urgent care to take care of your scratches day.”
  60. what do you call june’s fashion sense? “juneclopedic”!
  61. what did the june bug say to the other bugs? “i’m the “buzz” of the town!”
  62. what did the stubborn man say in summer?“i’m sticking with my citrus diet until june… cumquat may.”
  63. june: the perfect time to turn dreams into reality.
  64. june evenings are perfect for “moon”-lit strolls.
  65. june tried to become a painter, but she only found inspiration in… you guessed it, june!
  66. june tried to become a swimmer, but she could only do laps in… you guessed it, june!
  67. when is the beginning of june also the end of may?… when it’s the uk general election.
  68. june, the month of endless adventures and sunny smiles.
  69. why do truck drivers love the 1st day of june? only four more sleeps ’til christmas.
  70. why did the baby june bug cry? because its mommy and daddy called it a larvae-darling!
  71. what did may tell june when they were fighting? don’t july to me.
  72. why did june love the beach?a: it felt the waves were giving it a summer-y applause!
  73. theresa may has asked to delay brexit until june. it makes sense, june comes after the end of may.
  74. what’s the sun’s favorite june activity? “ray”-cing the morning to rise early!
  75. what do you call june’s dance style? “juneaerobics”!
  76. june’s favorite board game? “juneopoly”!
  77. june is like a never-ending “fun”-tastic ride!
  78. june is having a hard time with it lately. i’m pretty sure she’s dismayed.
  79. let’s have a “june”-tastic time!
  80. june’s favorite candy? “june-glue gum”!

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