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best funny Jungle Puns
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Jungle puns revolve around jungle creatures like monkeys, elephants, tigers, and parrots. The puns imagine these animals talking, telling jokes, going to parties, playing sports, having jobs, and engaging in other human-like activities that generate laughable incongruities.

Other popular Jungle puns include jungle plants and trees, safaris and explorers, the heat and humidity of the jungle climate, and typical jungle sounds like drums or animal calls.

Whatever the specific topic, 75 Best Jungle Puns generally aim for a spirit of playful absurdity regarding jungle wildlife and habitats.

75 Best Jungle Puns

  1. how do jungle animals communicate with each other? through the “jungle drums” network!
  2. why was the jungle so noisy? because the parrots had a “tweet” party every day!
  3. what do you call a polar bear in the jungle? lost.
  4. why shouldn’t you trust the king of the jungle?
  5. how do you catch a squirrel in the jungle? climb up a tree and act like a nut!
  6. step off the beaten path and immerse in the wild wit of the jungle. these one-liners are bound to add some fun to any adventurous conversation. stay wild and keep laughing!
  7. where can you buy a jungle? amazon.
  8. why is there no aspirin in the jungle because the parrotscetamol
  9. why do elephants always bring an umbrella to the jungle? in case of a “thunder-trunk”!
  10. if you see any hippos today, just wave and say “hello” in hippo language… although, i’m not sure if that’s a real thing.the jungle may be full of surprises, but one thing’s for sure… it’s always a wild ride on the jungle cruise!
  11. what’s the jungle’s favorite exercise? “jungle” jumping jacks!
  12. the jungle explorer always had a trusty flask—it was prepared for any wild situation!
  13. the song “jungle love” is stuck in my head. it’s driving me’s making me crazy.
  14. how do you catch a monkey in the jungle? climb a tree and act like a banana, of course!
  15. trees in the jungle always log in on time.
  16. how do you know if a jungle plant is good at basketball? it’s got a great “leaf”-up!
  17. what kind of jungle snake would you find on a car? a windshield viper.
  18. why is is dangerous to do math in the jungle? because if you add 4 plus 4, you get ate
  19. how do you organize a jungle party? you “monkey” around with the guest list!
  20. i hope we don’t have any “python problems” up ahead.i don’t think they approve of our overboard passengers.the monkeys seem to be swinging for the “fences.”don’t worry, folks. we’ve got a “jungle plan(tain).”
  21. don’t monkey around in the jungle; it’s no laughing matter!
  22. why was the jungle always the best place for picnics? because there were so many ant-tastic guests!
  23. the jungle is so dense because the plants refuse to leaf.
  24. what do you call a contented jungle cat? purr-fectly happy!
  25. how do you do a deal in the jungle? you snake on it.
  26. why did the elephant eat the jungle guide’s homework? it thought it was “trunk-food!
  27. fur-midable wit: your wit is fur-midable, much like the strength of a jungle creature’s fur.
  28. elephants always remember to keep the jungle tidy.
  29. the jungle was filled with diverse but selfish animals. it was a vibrant egosystem.
  30. how can we be sure that the lion is king of the jungle? he’s always liong.
  31. why do elephants never get lost in the jungle? because they have excellent trunk navigation!
  32. why did the elephant bring a suitcase to the jungle? it wanted to pack its trunk!
  33. why was the jungle fashion show so popular? the runway was a catwalk through the wild!
  34. why shouldn’t you gamble in the jungle? there’s too many cheetahs!(source: my dad)
  35. whenever you’re in the jungle, the urge to sing. is only evera whim awaya whim away
  36. why can’t you play poker in the jungle ? too many cheetahs
  37. why did the elephant bring a suitcase to the jungle? it wanted to pack for its trunk-ated vacation!
  38. what smells of egg and swings through the jungle? a meringue-utan!
  39. why did the elephant bring a suitcase to the jungle? it wanted to pack its trunk!
  40. why did the monkey like to read the jungle book? it had a great aptitude for literature!
  41. how do you spot a happy camper in the jungle? they’ve got s’more smiles!
  42. the jungle explorer had a “wild” time navigating through vines.
  43. why does the lion say “i’m the king of the jungle”? because he has mane character syndrome
  44. why are there no painkillers in the jungle? because the parrots-eat-em-all.
  45. why should you never do maths in the jungle?
  46. the jungle bartender had a signature drink—the monkey mule served with a side of banana slices!
  47. why did the jungle animals all visit the dentist? to maintain their “gnaw-some” smiles!
  48. why was the jungle drum so popular? because you can’t beat it!
  49. life in the jungle is “ele-fant-astic”!
  50. life is too short not to take the jungle cruise.
  51. why don’t jungle animals play cards in the wild? there are too many cheetahs!
  52. why do they call that hat you wear in the jungle a pith helmet? becauthe of all the monkeeth up in the treeth.
  53. why is is dangerous to do math in the jungle? because if you add 4 plus 4, you get ate
  54. the mosquitoes in the jungle have a real “bite” to them.
  55. why can’t the celebrities take their kids to the jungle with them?
  56. what do you call a nervous tree in the jungle? a “shiver”-wood!
  57. why did the elephant bring a suitcase to the jungle? he wanted to pack his trunk!
  58. the police called in all the suspicious jungle cats to the station. they had to find the purr-petrator!
  59. why do trees in the jungle always get promoted? they’re outstanding in their field!
  60. here is our top list of jungle one liners. find your favorite one liner about the jungle, enjoy, and share it with your friends and family.
  61. how do you make a jungle cat happy? give it a “purr”fect scratching post!
  62. why shouldn’t you trust the offspring of the king of the jungle and the fastest cat on earth? because they’re lion cheetahs.
  63. what’s the dumbest animal in the jungle?? a polar bear
  64. what did tarzan say when he saw bananas in the jungle? “that’s my main ape-peel!”
  65. how do you throw a party in the jungle? you just hang out and wait for the monkeys to swing by!
  66. what do you call a jungle cat with eight legs? a “taran tiger”!
  67. how do you do a deal in the jungle?
  68. why did the jaguar become a detective? to solve the spotty mysteries of the jungle!
  69. how do jungle animals know what’s happening in the world? they watch “wildlife” news!
  70. what did the elephant say to the naked jungle explorer? “how do you pack for an adventure like this?”
  71. how do you invite a sloth to your jungle party? you send the invitation well in advance!
  72. bagheera is a “spot-on” navigator through the jungle.
  73. life in the jungle is untamed, but it’s all part of the “call of the wild.”
  74. why did the hippo start a rock band in the jungle? he could handle the heavy bass!
  75. how do you get an elephant out of the jungle? take away its credit card!

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