70 Kangaroo Puns to Brighten Your Week

best funny Kangaroo puns
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Kangaroos are a symbol of Australia known for their hopping mobility, and their bouncing nature lends itself well to puns and wordplay.

Kangaroos Puns are about visiting the doctor for feeling “jumpy” or appreciating a friend with a “hop” of approval are classic examples that play on the kangaroo’s hopping habits.

Other puns involve more creative uses of language like choosing “Hopvard” as a favorite college or calling a dancing kangaroo a “Disc Joey.”

Whether they reference hopping, rhyming, or clever turns of phrase, 70 Best Kangaroo Puns show that even the most boundless of bounds can be put to good humorous use.

70 Best Kangaroo Puns

  1. why did the kangaroo go to the doctor? it was feeling a bit “jumpy”!
  2. how do kangaroo lawyers communicate with clients? through “hop”-mail!
  3. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite college?a: hopvard!
  4. why did the kangaroo refuse to share its food? it was a bit hop-timistic!
  5. how did the kangaroo show appreciation to his friend?a: he gave him a hop of approval!
  6. what do you call a dj-ing kangaroo?a: disc joey.
  7. why do kangaroos love math? it’s full of “hop”-erations!
  8. what do you call two kangaroos who live together?roo-mates.
  9. my affection for you is like a kangaroo’s pouch – always expanding.
  10. why did the kangaroo get a job as a baker? it loved making “hop”-cakes!
  11. here are some funny and interesting facts about kangaroos.
  12. how do kangaroos stay fit? they do lots of “hop” aerobics!
  13. q.why do mother kangaroos dread rainy weather?
    a. because the kids have to play indoors!
  14. q.what do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a snake?

    a. a jumprope.

  15. what kind of music do sophisticated kangaroos listen to?hopera.
  16. what part of a kangaroo is the furriest?a: the outside.
  17. why did the kangaroo refuse to join the circus? it didn’t want to jump through hoops!
  18. what athletic sport do kangaroos love? long jump.
  19. why do kangaroos make terrible astronauts? they can’t find anywhere to hang their helmets!
  20. q.why are kangaroos so good at basketball?
    a. because they always make jump shots.
  21. what do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?a: a pouch potato.
  22. how does a kangaroo ask its friend to be quiet?a: “keep it on the down-low, hop-along!”
  23. why did the kangaroo go to school? to improve its opportunities!
  24. why does a momma kangaroo hate the rain? because on those days the kids have to play inside
  25. kangaroos can grow up to six feet. most only grow two.
  26. what kind of music do kangaroos listen to?a: hip-hop.
  27. why did the kangaroo join a dance competition? it wanted to hop for the championship trophy!
  28. where does a dyslexic kangaroo go when he’s sick?a: the hopsital.
  29. what do you get if you cross a kangaroo with a cow? a kanga-moo.
  30. can a kangaroo jump higher then the empire state building? ofcourse it can. the empire state building can’t jump.
  31. what do kangaroos use to browse the internet? the hop-pad!
  32. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite candy?
  33. what do you call a lazy baby kangaroo?a pouch potato.
  34. why was the kangaroo judge always so calm? because it had mastered the art of “hop”-tience!
  35. a kangaroo’s tail helps with balance and stability.
  36. why don’t kangaroos make good sailors? because they’re always jumping ship.
  37. yesterday i kidnapped a baby kangaroo.i got arrested in charge of pickpocket
  38. why don’t kangaroos play poker in the jungle? too many cheetahs.what do you call a kangaroo that’s always happy? a hoppy-go-lucky.
  39. what do you call a dj-ing kangaroo? disc joey
  40. you make my heart skip like a kangaroo on a trampoline.
  41. how does a kangaroo pick his favorite basketball team? he jumps on the bandwagon.
  42. what do you call a kangaroo that’s always sleepy? a “hop”-notist!
  43. why was the kangaroo a great detective?a: because it always jumped to conclusions!
  44. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite social media platform? hopstagram!
  45. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite exercise? “hop”-erobics!
  46. why did the kangaroo get a job at the library? it loved to “hop”-en books!
  47. what do you call a kangaroo that can code? a hopster programmer!
  48. what do stylish kangaroos wear?a: jumpsuits.
  49. why are kangaroos so qualified to be teachers?a: because they’re kan-gurus.
  50. forget about hopscotch, kangaroo scotch would be way more fun – just imagine those leaps!
  51. why were a bunch of kangaroos arrested? because they were involved in gangaroo activity.
  52. what is a kangaroo’s favorite restaurant? i-hop
  53. what do you call a kangaroo sanctuary?a: a kazoo.
  54. did the kid kangaroo drown?
    a. he jumped off the deep end.
  55. what did the kangaroo say to its reflection? “hoppy to meet you!”
  56. how does skippy the kangaroo stay in shape? he does a lot of “jump” rope!
  57. why did the kangaroo become a police officer? it had a nose for hop-stice!
  58. why did the kangaroo become a gardener? it loved planting “hop”-py flowers!
  59. what does a kangaroo do when it gets covid?goes to the hop-spittle.
  60. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite year? a leap year.
  61. what do you call a kangaroo from space?
  62. why did the kangaroo break up with its partner? they didn’t have a happy ending!
  63. what do you call a kangaroo that loves to sing? a croon-roo!
  64. what’s a kangaroo’s favorite way to communicate? by using hoppygrams!
  65. what is a criminal group of kangaroos called?a: a gangaroo.
  66. why did the kangaroo become a chef? i loved hopping around the kitchen!
  67. kangaroos have a built-in gym membership with their powerful hind legs – they can “hop” their way to fitness!
  68. what kind of music do kangaroos listen to? hip-hop.
  69. why did the kangaroo start a fashion line? it had impeccable hop-style!
  70. what do you get if you cross godzilla with a kangaroobig holes all over australia.

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