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Key puns are a type of word play that utilizes keys or key-related terms in the wording or phrasing of a joke, pun, or play on words.

They often reference the physical keys used for locks or on a keyboard/piano, as well as key terms like “unlock” that relate to a key’s function. Common themes for key puns involve wording that positions keys as witty characters, emphasizes their role in opening or accessing things, or makes comparisons between keys and related concepts.

The list of 95 Best Key Puns provide an amusing way to find wit within words related to these versatile little objects.

95 Best Key Puns

  1. why did the key start a workout routine? it wanted to strengthen its “key”-re muscles!
  2. why don’t keyboards sleep. they have two shifts.
  3. what’s the key to improvisation?a: surprising everyone, including yourself.
  4. how does a key keep its hair so neat? it uses a lock-er.what do you call a key that’s always late? a tard-key.what is a key’s favorite social media platform? key-stagram.why did the key go to the art gallery? to see the key-lassic paintings.
  5. my key chain and i are like peas in a pod – we’re both ‘key’n to have a good time!
  6. why did the key start a band? it had a real knack for unlocking rhythm!
  7. how does a key ask someone to dance?a: “i think we can find the right rhythm!”
  8. my dad said if he see me browsing reddit again, he’ll smash my head to the keyboard i guess hezsjkfowgajqjhsjwkwlsvvcaxxacfasuoc
  9. my piano key is an artist – it’s got the ‘key’ to painting beautiful musical landscapes!
  10. tried teaching my keys some tricks, but they’re just not that “key-clever.”
  11. why did the key enroll in cooking classes? it wanted to unlock the secrets of gourmet cuisine!
  12. “i need a new key for my bmw,” tom said car-ingly.
  13. i asked my key if it wanted to go on a date. it said, “sorry, i’m already locked into a committed relationship.”
  14. saw a spider crawling across the keys on my keyboard but it’s under ctrl now.
  15. “i gave my keys to my friend,” tom said trustingly.
  16. my door key’s favorite movie? ‘the lock knight rises’ – a thrilling door-key adventure!
  17. where did the keys on a computer keyboard went to celebrate new years eve to the space bar !!
  18. why is it difficult to open a piano? because the keys are located on the inside.
  19. how does a horse open a door? with a donkey.
  20. keys: the only things that can change your luck instantly.
  21. what’s a key’s favorite subject in school? lock-gebra!
  22. today my “o” button on my keyboard stopped working. maybe it was a sign i should’ve stopped o-ppressing the keyboard.
  23. why did the key go to the art gallery? to see the key-lassic paintings.
  24. why does the keyboard never sleep? because it has two shifts.
  25. i think my keys are philosophers – they know the way to unlocking thoughts.
  26. ever notice how keys are like friends? each one has a unique personality.
  27. key one-liners: quick laughs, smart keys
  28. why was the key in a bad mood? it had a “key-sadilla” for lunch.
  29. my key chain is really good at math – it can solve any lock equation!
  30. why did the key fail the test? because it couldn’t find the “right” answer!
  31. the key went to therapy and found its “inner lock-tor.”
  32. the key to losing weight is patience so take your time and wait.
  33. why did the key visit the doctor? it was feeling a bit “key”-racked!
  34. using my little brother as dad prep brother: hey zaent i lost the key this safe, can you pick a lock?me: yeah sure, if you show me two, i’ll pick one.
  35. the blue key opened doors to a world of possibilities and painted them with opportunities!
  36. in the past, keys were symbols of authority and power – unlocking not just doors, but opportunities.
  37. i got the key to success, but i think i’ve got the wrong address.
  38. why did the door key start a cooking class? it wanted to learn how to ‘unlock’ delicious flavors!
  39. if keys could talk, they’d probably have quite the “click-tastic” conversations with locks.
  40. why was the keyboard jealous of the key? because it was tired of always being ‘pressed’ while the key just ‘locks’ around!
  41. why did the key go to school? it wanted to get an education in “unlockology”!
  42. do you know the four keys to success? s, u, c, and e
  43. what is a key’s favorite social media platform? key-stagram.why did the key go to the art gallery? to see the key-lassic paintings.
  44. why did the piano break up with the organ? it couldn’t handle the “key” differences.
  45. keys are like the silent members of a secret club – always unlocking mysteries.
  46. why did the moose bring a key to the forest? because it wanted to “unlock” the secrets of the great outdoors!
  47. a hacker stole my microsoft office license key. i told him, “i’ll find you, and you’ll pay for what you’ve done. you have my word.”
  48. why did the house key get a promotion? because it always opens doors to new opportunities!
  49. why did the key start writing a novel? it wanted to unlock its storytelling abilities!
  50. they say every key has its door, i guess mine is still under construction!
  51. why did the key throw a party? it wanted to unlock a good time!
  52. why are locksmiths allowed to remain open during lockdown? they are key workers
  53. what did the house key say to the lock? ‘let’s keep this relationship bolted and locked!’
  54. how did the key get fit?a: it did lock-jumps!
  55. what did one key say to the other at the dance? “let’s lock into this groove together!”
  56. you loose ya phone and ya wallet but alicia keys still there.
  57. the quiet ones in the room? definitely the keys – they don’t make a sound.
  58. this key is like a feather,” tom said light-heartedly.
  59. when i stayed up all night searching for my keys. then it dawned on me.
  60. what’s a key’s favorite type of music? rock and key-roll!
  61. why did the key go to the art museum? it wanted to appreciate the “key-stract” paintings!
  62. which keyboard key does a lazy worker hate the most? the shift key.
  63. keys: the only things that wake up when they fall asleep.
  64. what’s a key’s favorite drink?a: key-lime soda!
  65. what’s a key’s favorite type of music? “rock and key-roll!
  66. i asked my key if it wanted to go on an adventure. it replied, “sure, just make sure we don’t get locked out of fun!”
  67. what did the key say to the lost lock? “don’t worry, i’ll find you, i’m a key-per tracker!”
  68. why did the key go to the art museum? it wanted to unlock its appreciation for fine “key”-nvas!
  69. my friend is going to make a great dad one day. my friend is working on his homework and i notice his ctrl key was missing.me: “hey, what happened to your ctrl key?”friend: “i’ve lost ctrl.”
  70. “i keep my keys in my pocket,” tom said key-billy.
  71. why did the computer keep freezing at the key shop?a: too many locks!
  72. i came into the office early and switched as many m and n keys on keyboards as i could. some might say i’m a monster… but others will say nomster
  73. “i always carry a spare key in case i lose the original,” tom said lock-stock-and-two-key-bars.
  74. keys: always ready for a turn-around.
  75. why did the key bring a camera to the party? it wanted to capture “key moments”!
  76. the key asked the lock, “do you think we’re a ‘match’ made in heaven?”
  77. what did the key say to the lock during their argument? “you’re such a “key”-pout!”
  78. why did the key go to the gym? it wanted to get keyed up.
  79. where did the keys on a computer keyboard went to celebrate new years eve to the space bar !!
  80. how did the broken key feel after getting fixed?a: absolutely re-key-juvenated!
  81. what’s a key’s favorite type of footwear? “key”-logs!
  82. why did the computer keyboard feel left out? it wanted to be a “key” player too.
  83. why did the key turn red? it saw the lock with someone else.
  84. why did the key get sent to detention? because it was caught unlocking its phone during class.
  85. my keys and i? we’re a duo that’s “unbreakable.”
  86. why did the chicken cross the road? to get to the other side… of the key!
  87. why did the key start a youtube channel? it wanted to unlock the world of online content!
  88. i lost my key to success. now i’m just stuck in the doorway of mediocrity.
  89. why did the key chain avoid the party? it didn’t want to be caught in the wrong loop!
  90. why did the key turn red? it saw the lock blushing!
  91. keys are like little puzzle pieces that make life fit together.
  92. don’t want to be a locksmith, too many key performance indicators.
  93. what’s a key’s favorite board game? “key”-ades!
  94. remember, laughter is the master key that opens the doors to joy in our lives.
  95. what did the locksmith say when asked about his job? “it’s key to my success!”.

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