40 Kimchi Puns to Leave You Fermenting with Laughter

best funny kimchi puns
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Kimchi puns play on words related to the spicy Korean fermented cabbage dish known as kimchi. Common themes for kimchi puns involve food and cooking and use words like “kimchijeon” (kimchi pancakes), “kimchi-ppang” (kimchi buns), or phrases like “when in doubt, just add kimchi.”

Other puns riff on popular sayings by replacing words with “kimchi” like “stay calm and kimchi on” or make references to famous people like “Kim Jong Un reported to be in a vegetative state…he’s now kimchi.”

The list of 50 Best Kimchi Puns aims to be amusing or silly while celebrating the bold and tangy flavors of Korean kimchi.

40 Best Kimchi Puns

  1. stay calm and kimchi on!
  2. “a watched ferment never boils, but it makes some delicious kimchi.”
  3. “a rolling cabbage gathers no moss, but it does make a mean kimchi.”
  4. “actions speak louder than words, but kimchi speaks for itself.”
  5. kimchijeon and pajeon (kimchi and green onion pancakes).
  6. when in doubt, just add kimchi!
  7. kimchi is the dill-icious delight!
  8. kim jong un reported to be in a vegetative state… he’s now kimchi
  9. why did the kimchi get into a fight with the radish? they just couldn’t pick-a-lesser.
  10. what did the kimchi say to the hot sauce? let’s spice things up!
  11. kimchi possible, obviously
  12. what did the kimchi say while working out? “feel the burn, it’s a real jalapeña business!”
  13. what do you call kim jong un in a vegetative state? kimchi
  14. never underestimate the power of kimchi!
  15. “two heads are better than one, especially in a jar of kimchi!”
  16. a day‘s work: garlic-honey, garlic-ginger, kimchi and a my first sourdough which rose on it‘s own!
  17. having kimchi today? that’s a bright banchan of flavors!
  18. i thought i liked kimchi but, it turns out, i’m not that cultured.
  19. kimchi-ing is believing!
  20. hand-torn noodle soup oct 14th makgeolli bread sep 23rd perilla leaves jangtteok sep 7th spicy stir-fried pork and kimchi aug 20th
  21. kimchi may be spicy, but it’s worth the heat!
  22. you’re kimchi-fully invited to dinner.
  23. “you can’t make a kimchi without breaking a cabbage!”
  24. “birds of a kimchi feather ferment together.”
  25. chili cheese and kimchi dogs with curly fries
  26. some korean food i have tonight, which includes beef bulgogi, kimbap, chapche and kimchis
  27. kimchi has that special seoul!
  28. romanized: kimchi-ppang
  29. i love kimchi with my morning eggs, in ramen, with stir-fry, etc. it adds an extra burst of fresh flavor to a meal!
  30. salad bowl♥️ filled with​ massaged kale with a garlic tahini mix, diced kimchi, roasted sweet potato, fire roasted corn, and lentils cooked in veggie broth!
  31. kimchi is a total fermentation of awesome!
  32. kimchi is a total kimchameleon!
  33. why did the kimchi go to therapy? it needed to work through its trust issues.
  34. a full dinner. kimchi fried rice with pan-fried salmon and garlic broccoli king oyster mushroom stir fry. sorry for the mess food presentation.
  35. what’s foods do you like to pair with kimchi?
  36. prepping a daikon radish kimchi (kkakdugi). in a few hours it will be bright red and briny, and ready to be jarred.
  37. this was delish. com. bom i loved making this was fluffy chewy and kimchi porky will definitely make again.
  38. don’t be sauer, kimchi is delicious!
  39. i can almost smell your kimchi buns because i know what it tastes like! fluffy buns filled with delicious fillings, awesome!
  40. wow, you made perfect looking kimchi pork buns!.

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