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best funny king Puns
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King puns are a jovial and witty form of wordplay that center around the theme of royalty and the various elements associated with a monarch’s life.

Themes of king puns often extend to the realm of the monarch’s court, the various titles and roles within it, and the king’s interactions with his subjects and family.These puns can also touch upon historical kings, their hobbies, or even blend pop culture, like the references to Stephen King, adding a layer of contemporary humor.

King puns are versatile and can be used in various contexts, from light-hearted banter to adding a regal flair to jokes for all ages.

90 Best King Puns

  1. why is aquaman no longer terrified of king charles?because he is no longer the prince of whales.
  2. the king loved telling riddles. he said, “i guess you can say i’m the monarch of mystery!”
  3. when is a king like a piece of wood?
  4. honey did stephen king make you? why?cause you’re shining.
  5. to rule in the hall of the mountain king… … one must be high king. high king boots and a high king stick are helpful, but are not necessary to get there.
  6. which of king arthur’s knights invented the round table for camelot?  sir conference.
  7. what did the burger king say when asked about his favorite workout? ‘i’m all about ‘grill’-ing and chilling!’
  8. what do you call the king of the jungle’s reflection? a copycat.
  9. at my book club, i wondered why they were throwing stephen king novels around. then it hit me!
  10. my friend stephen king has a son named joe i’m not joking, he is
  11. what’s the lion king’s favorite month? desimba!
  12. why did the burger king start a gardening hobby? he wanted to ‘lettuce’ grow his own ingredients!
  13. what did the king of breadland say to his servant who upset him? i loaf you will all my anger
  14. the royal garden was blooming with flowers, making it a “throne of petals!
  15. why did the burger king become an artist? he had a talent for ‘saucy’ creativity!
  16. what is the king do on his throne? a: he sits on it.
  17. why did the king call his son ‘sir’? he wanted to knight him early!
  18. i don’t want to spoil the ending of it by stephen king but i can tell you, it’s going down well
  19. which one of king arthur’s knights was always overly cautious? sir-cumspect.
  20. the hippopotamus is the true king of the jungle that’s why they call it “hippocracy”.
  21. who built the round table for king arthur? sir cumference
  22. what does larry king call the war of 1812? his mid-life crisis.
  23. what language do impersonators of the king of rock n’ roll sing in? elvish
  24. the fattest knight at king arthur’s round table was sir cumference. he acquired his size from too much pi.
  25. what would you call the king of the trees during the dinosaur era? tree-rex
  26. there’s a new burger chain that’s going after burger king… to one up burger king they called their new restaurants burger god.their slogan is have it yahweh
  27. the son of m.l.king? martin luther prince
  28. where does a king keep his armies? in his sleevies.
  29. when the king farted, why did nobody laugh? because noble gases don’t cause reactions.
  30. anyone hear the theory that mufasa from the lion king is really a cow? moofasa
  31. why did the king start a winery? he loved the royal grape!
  32. why did king kong become an art collector? he had an eye for ‘ape-reciating’ fine masterpieces!
  33. i’m not a fan of the new coins with king charles’ head on them…
  34. at my book club, i wondered why they were throwing stephen king novels around… then it hit me!
  35. why does the lion say i’m the king of the jungle ? because he has mane character syndrome
  36. what did king charles say when he visited a haunted castle? ‘i’m here for the ‘spirit’ual experience!’
  37. why did the king have a large library? he wanted to rule over knowledge!
  38. france 05 may 1789 my lord the people are revolting! king louis xvi: well you’re not that nice to be near either!
  39. what do you call it when a king accidentally drops his crown in the toilet? ruler flushing.what is a king’s favorite tree? a royal palm.
  40. why did the king never use public transport? he didn’t want to give up his throne!
  41. what’s a king’s favorite type of bird? a crow-n!
  42. who did king arthur leave in charge of security? sir veillance
  43. why did the tiger king open a gym? he wanted to help people ‘unleash’ their inner strength.
  44. my golf course gave me an award and sign for my own place to park, but people keep taking my spot. it just doesn’t pay to be the par king.
  45. where do kings get crowned? a: on their heads.
  46. why did king kong bring a ladder to the jungle? to reach ‘new heights’ in his domain!
  47. why does king charles only play cards in the bathroom?to get a royal flush.
  48. what do you call a gay king’s spouse? a mannequin.
  49. royally mixed up spoonerisms fit for a king
  50. what do you call a burger king hamburger? crowned beef.
  51. the king of the jungle always wore a certain pocket flower whenever it went outside. do you know why? it was a dandy-lion.
  52. every time the king laughed, his subjects would say, “looks like we’ve got a hilarious majesty!”
  53. what did the king name the extra night? a: sir plus.
  54. i wondered why my daughter was throwing all my stephen king books around the room. and then… …it hit me.
  55. why did cleopatra find king tut irresistible? pharohmones
  56. who was king arthur’s alcoholic knight? sir ohsis of the liver
  57. tyrannosaurus porcelainii- tyrant king of the porcelain throne
  58. why did the king never miss a parade? he loved to wave his reign!
  59. did you know king charles is the new ruler of england?he hopes he can measure up.
  60. what do you call a king’s rabbit? the hare to the throne
  61. what did king kong say to the explorer who tried to capture him? ‘you can’t ‘im-pawn’ the king of the jungle!’
  62. i’m not a lion when i say ‘the lion king’ is a roar-some movie!
  63. which one of king arthur’s knights built the round table? sir cumference
  64. why did the king get a pet dog? he wanted a loyal subject!
  65. if a king mattress and a queen matress had a baby, what would it be called? an heir mattress
  66. what does larry king call the war of 1812? his mid-life crisis.
  67. i’m so jealous of martin luther king jr. nobody ever wants to hear stories about my weird dreams
  68. why did the king love to write poetry? he had a reign of words!
  69. stephen king i still think it’s weird his most popular book is about information technology.
  70. what did the king say to his son on his birthday? “you’ve really grown a monarch-ly manner!”
  71. what do you call a king who loves chemistry? noble gas-ion!what do you get when you cross a king and a dragon? a reign of fire!what type of music do kings prefer? ruler-ti.
  72. where do kings keep their armies?
  73. two of his most loyal servants found the body, with a sword in the king’s chest. one the servants turns to the other and says “wow, he must have had a bad knight.”
  74. what do people yell as the king of cheese land walks by? make whey, make whey
  75. why did everyone ignore king charles’ fart in the press conference?noble gases don’t cause any reactions.
  76. what do readers of steven king and russia have in common? they have both learned to be afraid of clowns.
  77. what is a king’s favorite tree? a royal palm.
  78. why did the king always carry a pencil? he liked to draw his own conclusions!
  79. who made king arthur’s table round?a: sir cumference
  80. why did king kong start a gardening hobby? he wanted to ‘grow’ his own jungle!
  81. what’s a king’s favorite beverage? royal-tea
  82. why did king charles bring a ladder to the throne room? he wanted to reach new ‘heights’ of ruling.
  83. why don’t queens ever lose at chess? they already know how the king moves!
  84. why do kings and queens go to the dentist? for a crown.
  85. what do you get when a king farts?
  86. king charles loved water sports. he was a ‘sailor’ of the royal seas!
  87. did you know leonardo dicaprio ranks above king charles iii?he’s the king of the world.
  88. where did king charles go on his first honeymoon?indiana.
  89. what is the drink that kings and queens enjoy? royal tea.
  90. l made $48m today and i’m still having burger king for dinner. just another day working at the federal reserve.

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