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Korean puns, or “말장난” in Korean, are humorous wordplay expressions that often exploit multiple meanings or similarities in the sound of words in the Korean language.

The themes of Korean puns can fall into several categories: language play, food, culture, national identity, and international relations. Language-based puns exploit the duality of meanings or homophones in Korean. For instance, the Korean word for fish bone “가시” becomes “Oh My Gosh” or “오 마이 가시” when its characters are reversed.

These 65 Best Korean Puns can also bridge the cultural gap between Korea and other nations by enabling people to engage with Korean culture and society in a humorous and approachable manner.

65 Best Korean Puns

  1. sweet and jujube-ly: korean desserts are sweet and jujube-ly delightful.
  2. did you hear about the north korean hip-hop crew that escaped to the south? it was called run dmz.
  3. why are north koreans always left handed? because they have no rights.
  4. why did the korean vegetable go on vacation? it needed some “r and r” in koreatia!
  5. what do you call a korean art exhibition? seoulful masterpieces!
  6. this works because 못타 means “can’t ride” in korean, but also sounds like “motor” in motorcycle.
  7. why did the korean artist become a cook? they wanted to paint with flavors!
  8. breaking: north korean leader in a vegetative state following surgery. they’ve begun calling him kim jong un-responsive
  9. what’s a ghost’s favorite korean food? “boo-kogi”!
  10. north korean launches keep getting better and better heck, they even made it to the front page today!
  11. what did the korean acrobat say to the audience? “prepare for a seoul-tastic show!”
  12. how did the korean computer programmer express excitement? they shouted, “seoul yeah, it compiled!”
  13. what did the korean cow say to the farmer? “i’m seoul-ting here, waiting to be milked!”
  14. this works because the word for cute in korean is is 귀엽다 which sounds the same as “not having ears” in korean which is 귀없다.
  15. a north korean general is to undergo surgery “his heart again?”, asks the doctor”no, chest expansion surgery, to make room for one more gold medal
  16. how do korean onions greet each other? onion-haseyo
  17. fun fact: the korean hyundai elantra has a spanish name… it means “the antra”
  18. why did the korean runner always win races? they had seoul-pending speed!
  19. korean grammar particles 밖에 and 만 meaning ll usage
  20. korean meatballs they really are the dog’s bollocks.
  21. i asked my north korean friend how life is in north korea “i can’t complain” he said.
  22. explanation:  해 (hae) means sun in korean, while 리포터 (ripoteo) is how the english word reporter is spelled in korean. so a reporter who interviews the sun is a 해리포터 (haeripoteo), which sounds like harry potter.
  23. what do you call a korean who loves to fish? a seoul-angler.
  24. why don’t koreans play hide and seek? because good luck hiding when you’re kimchi’d!
  25. k-treats: so pho-nomenal!: korean treats are so pho-nomenal, you’ll be back for more.
  26. why do koreans excel in archery? they know how to “seoul” their target!
  27. korean delights (tom swifties)
  28. explanation: in korean, you say 못 가 (mot ga) when you can’t go to a certain place or event. this phrase 못 가 (mot ga) sounds like 모카 (moka), your favorite drink at starbucks!
  29. i asked my north korean friend how it was there. he said he couldn’t complain.
  30. why was the korean poet so popular? they had the seoul-stirring words!
  31. met a lovely korean girl…. shes my seoulmate
  32. why was the korean elephant so happy? it found its seoul-mate in the herd!
  33. i asked my north korean friend how it was going over there. he says he can’t complain.
  34. i saw a korean martial artist holding out a basket of donuts. when i asked if i could take two, he said no. i said, “can i at least taekwondo?”
  35. why was the korean entrepreneur successful in the fashion industry? they had great “seoul”!
  36. fun fact | 양말 is also a real word in korean and it means socks.
  37. i asked my north korean friend how it was going over there. he says he can’t complain.
  38. korean bbq is a “seoulful” experience!
  39. this works because fish bone in korean is “가시” so a boneless fish might say “oh my gosh” or in korean 오 마이 가시!
  40. this works because “bear” in korean is 곰 so when you “turn it over” it becomes “door” 문 in korean.
  41. i saw a korean martial artist holding out a basket of donuts. when i asked to take 2, he said no. i replied “can i at least taekwondo?”
  42. why did the korean tailor have a successful business? they had seoul-stitching skills!
  43. why do koreans make great chefs? they have great seoul in the kitchen!
  44. what do you call a korean dog with a great sense of smell? a seoul-retriever!
  45. the ultimate korean bbq night out
  46. what does a north korean ricochet sound like? pyong! yang!
  47. get a head start by learning the most common places in korean and the vocabulary related to some of them. the bank, hospital and more. you’ll be ready.
  48. what’s the difference between north korea and the us? north koreans can’t tell if their leader is seriously dead. americans can’t tell if their leader is dead serious.
  49. korean quizeps topikbasic testadvanced test
  50. if korean pop is called k-pop, what chinese rap called? crap i’m sorry
  51. korean pancakes are the best.
  52. why did the korean clock go to therapy? it was having seoul-searching issues!
  53. what did the korean bread say when it won an award? “i’m on a roll!”
  54. what’s the most stereotypically korean-canadian name ever? oh canada
  55. there’s no better way to speak like a native to use a swear word or two. the korean language is no exception, check out 10 korean curse words to learn.
  56. from cat to butterfly, koala, crocodile and sparrow, find out the names of 170+ animals in korean in this fantastic vocabulary guide. plus flashcards!
  57. my friend and i where discussing how certain names will never enter certain cultures. he asked if there was ever a korean juan? i said no, but… there’s a taiwan.
  58. why is the north korean dictator so evil? because he has no seoul.
  59. how do korean bees communicate? through buzz-words in the seoul-tionary!
  60. why did the korean flower start a band? it wanted to petal to the seoul!
  61. why did the korean athlete bring a ladder to the game? they wanted to reach new seoul-utions!
  62. i asked my north korean friend how he was… he said he can’t complain.
  63. i asked my north korean friend how life is in north korea “i can’t complain” he said.
  64. our love is “tofu-lly” irresistible: our love is tofu-lly irresistible, just like korean tofu dishes.
  65. how do korean birds get around? they fly the seoul skies with wings of determination!

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