50 Lamp Puns to Light Up Your Life

best funny lamp puns
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Lamp puns are a fun way to shed some light on humor. Some common themes in lamp puns involve wordplay around “light” and “bright.”

For example, “Why did the lamp go to school? It wanted to be a bright student!” Or “What did the lamp eat? A light snack.” Other lamp jokes take on a more whimsical tone, giving lamps human-like traits and scenarios. An example being, “What did one lamp say to the other during a power outage? ‘I’m feeling a bit dim.'”

These 50 Best Lamp Puns help shed some light on amusing ways to look at lamps.

50 Best Lamp Puns

  1. why did the lamp go to school? it wanted to be a bright student!
  2. i accidentally mixed up a bottle of alcohol with a magic lamp now i’m sipping on jinn & juice.
  3. how does a lamp apologize? it says, “i didn’t mean to be so shady!”
  4. if you have a lava lamp in your basement… …isn’t it a magma lamp?
  5. stranger staring at me from across a street, under the light of a lamppost
  6. a burglar stole all of my lamps! i should be upset… but i’m delighted.
  7. what did the lamp eat? a light snack…
  8. what did one lamp say to the other during a power outage? “i’m feeling a bit dim.”
  9. what did the lamps do after their date they got turned on
  10. a man entered his home and discovered that someone had stolen every single lamp present in the house. he was absolutely delighted.
  11. i was rubbing a lamp containing fermented soya beans and suddenly a mythical creature popped up and started making sexist remarks against women. miso-genie.
  12. today i broke the lamp outside my neighbor’s house for some reason he’s delighted
  13. a burglar stole all my lamps. i should be upset, but i’m delighted.
  14. a leopard 2 and a lamppost
  15. i bought a new bulb. when my old lamp saw the new light bulb, it said, “you have a bright future, kid”.
  16. god finds a genie lamp. he wishes people would stop wishing to him. genie says that’s a hard one i’m gonna have to pray for some help.
  17. how does a lamp ask for forgiveness? it says, “i promise to lighten up!”
  18. why did the lamp become a musician? it had a knack for creating bright melodies!
  19. how does a lamp get its hair done? it goes to the bulb salon!
  20. my friend asked me why i was wearing a lamp shade over my face. i replied, “because i am feeling light headed.”
  21. what did the lamp say to the table? “let’s shed some light on this situation!”
  22. what did one lamp say to the other lamp that was feeling down? “lighten up, buddy!”
  23. my wife just confessed that she broke my favourite lamp. i don’t think i’ll be able to look at her in the same light ever again,
  24. guess who ran into a lamppost and now has a concussion and a swollen face, am i delusion or does the swollen part look cute
  25. they were lamp-menting the broken light bulbs.
  26. my friend asked me why i was wearing a lamp shade over my face. i replied, “because i am feeling light headed.”
  27. someone stole my lamp! i was delighted.
  28. it’s easier to sleep in my son’s room in this hot weather as it’s much cooler than mine. he’s got a batman lamp and a scalextric set.
  29. i broke the lightbulb in my lamp today. it was delighted.
  30. what did the oil lamp say to the flickering candle? do you want to go out sometime soon?
  31. why did the lamp get in trouble at school? it was always “brighting” off the other students!
  32. somebody broke into my house yesterday, and stole all my lamps. i was delighted.
  33. a burglar stole all of my lamps i should be upset, but i’m delighted
  34. i donated all my lamps to goodwill recently i feel positively delighted.
  35. why did the lamp become a detective? it always shed light on mysteries!
  36. i bought a lamp for my friend to brighten their day
  37. son: there’s a life-sized “leg lamp” at the light display! it’s like 4 feet tall! me: no, it’s only one foot.
  38. i’m thinking about writing a book about lamps. i think it’s a bright idea.
  39. what do you call it when someone breaks magic lamps? geniecide
  40. a burglar stole all my lamps. i should be upset, but i’m delighted.
  41. my sister just told me that she accidentally broke my favorite lamp, and i don’t think i can’t ever see her in the same light.
  42. i like to sleep with the bedside lamp on, even though the wife thinks it’s weird…. i don’t see why, i think it makes a great hat!
  43. had to replace all the bulbs in the side table lamps. then i had to replace the ones in my ceiling fan. that was the highlight of my day.
  44. i don’t understand why my friends hate my lava lamp collection… i think it’s pretty hot.
  45. what’s a lamp’s favorite dessert? light and fluffy cake!
  46. i started making lamps in the shape of the alphabet. after the first three, it was a d-light.
  47. my friend got offended when i insulted his broken lamp… then again dark humor isn’t his thing
  48. how does a lamp get a tan? it goes on a “light” vacation!
  49. what’s a lamp’s favorite music genre? lamp-pop!
  50. speakers lamp-lify the sound.

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