115 Lego Puns That Leave You Bricking Yourself

best funny lego puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Lego puns are humorous wordplay or jokes that play on Lego words, a popular brand of interlocking plastic bricks that can be assembled and connected to create various structures, objects, and even intricate models.

Lego puns often incorporate Lego-related terms, characters, or scenarios to create a humorous effect.

So, whether you’re a fan of Lego or simply enjoy wordplay, these 115 Best Lego Puns are a delightful way to bring a smile to your face.

115 Best Lego Puns

  1. why did the lego chef become a firefighter? he loved putting out “brick-oven” fires!
  2. 42) what do lego® minifigures say to each other when they are in love? never lego® of me!
  3. why was the lego person go to the doctor? a: his nose was blocked-up.
  4. did you hear about the lego fan who became a musician? he built a brick guitar and played “lego my eggo”!
  5. “let’s build a love that’s unbreakable, like lego bricks.”
  6. i love going to lego-ons and hanging out in the water.
  7. 15) why does everyone know the feeling of stepping on a lego?time wounds all heels.
  8. they say that time heals all wounds, but i say that whoever said that never stepped on a lego block in the dark.
  9. the most common procedure at a lego hospital is plastic surgery.
  10. what do you call a lego witch’s home? a “brick-style”!
  11. what do you call a political parody of a lego rug?a: a “duplo” mat.
  12. becoming a master builder, one lego piece at a time.
  13. why did the lego chef win all the cooking competitions? they knew how to build a tasty dish.
  14. what did the lego farmer say to the chicken? “lego of that egg!”
  15. why did people wait for the lego store to reopen after lockdown?a: because they were queuing up for blocks!
  16. how do lego characters stay organized? they use “brick-tionaries”!
  17. what’s the most frequently performed surgery at the lego hospital?a: plastic surgery.
  18. and finally we’ve got some all-round lego humour to tickle you. we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!
  19. why did the lego pirate always carry a shovel? in the case of “brick treasure”!
  20. lego makes my imagination ‘brick’splode!
  21. what noise did the werewolf make when he stepped on a lego brick? ow ow ow owwwoooo.
  22. 51) what do you call it when you misplace your lego® lord of the rings mini figures?legoloss.
  23. what do you call a lego superhero with a cold? the sniff-tor!
  24. 8) every morning after waking up, i find that someone has left a bunch of lego® bricks at my front door.i just don’t know what to make of it.
  25. the best lego piece in the world is the le-goat.
  26. how do lego minifigures measure distance? a: in square feet.
  27. building with lego is the ‘brick’tionary definition of fun.
  28. lego, or legos, are small plastic bricks that can be interlocked to build things. the lego company was founded in 1932.
  29. i thought about making a lego documentary, but it ended up being too much of a block-buster.
  30. 38) what did the lego® minifigure say when he proposed to his girlfriend? i love you, please let me put this ring on your… oh, wait… erm… would you like a bracelet instead?
  31. why was the lego minifigure sick? because his nose was blocked.
  32. the lego store near my house just reopened after lockdown… people were lining up for blocks.
  33. why did the lego ghost become a gardener? it wanted to grow “spooktacular” flowers!
  34. what do you call a lego creation that’s always tired? a sleepy blockhead!
  35. what do you call a lego minifigure who can’t stop dancing? a disco brick!
  36. i stepped on a rusty lego the other day… i’m worried i might have contracted tetris.
  37. why did the lego cow go to the dentist? it had a “moo-teacher” from chewing too much “brick grass”!
  38. “lego: where imagination builds its own reality.”
  39. what do you call a lego piece that can’t fit anywhere? a misplaced brick.
  40. i’d avoid the new lego store for a while. it’s busy and people will be lined up for blocks.
  41. how do you measure pain on a scale from one to “stepping on lego”?a: the pain level is measured by “stepping on lego.”
  42. “embracing my inner builder with lego. #masterbuilder”
  43. where do you buy lego bricks from?
  44. 72) steal a man’s wallet and he will be broke for a weekgive a man a lego® hobby and he will be broke for a lifetime
  45. did you hear they just opened the world’s largest lego store in california? people are lining up for blocks.
  46. how did the lego piece feel when it needed to be released?a: it said, “lego of it.”
  47. “when life gets tough, build a lego fortress.”
  48. how does the doctor treat someone that has a lego stuck in their nose? they tell the patient to block out the pain while they remove it.
  49. put lego bricks all over your floor!
  50. how did the lego chef prepare their food? with a lot of bricks and mortar.
  51. why did the lego pirate take a shower? to wash away the ‘block’ty smell!
  52. lego is my obsession; it’s how i ‘block’ out the world.
  53. what do lego mini-figures use to catch fish? ‘block’ing nets!
  54. why did the lego figurine need a therapist? he was suffering from separation anxiety.
  55. 59) knock, knockwho’s there?ice creamice cream who?ice cream when i step on lego!
  56. what’s a lego chef’s favorite song? “brick by brick”!
  57. like legos, we just click.
  58. i hope that one day i get to see lego-ral reef.
  59. why did the lego ghost join a band? because it had a hauntingly good sense of rhythm!
  60. did you hear about the grand reopening of the lego store? it was huge. people were lined up for blocks.
  61. what do lego characters wear to bed? ‘block’amas!
  62. i used to think i was building a lego castle, but it turned out to be just a façade.
  63. “don’t ‘snap’ under pressure, just build with lego!”
  64. a police officer pulled over a lego man today… …and when the officer asked the man if he knew why he was being stopped, the lego man responded, “i bet it’s because i’m block.”
  65. what do you get when the lego company opens a new store in a big city? people lined up for blocks!
  66. my little brother could never work out how to stick to lego blocks together. yesterday it just clicked.
  67. 45) where do lego® minifigures love to go on holiday? the czech repubrick!
  68. why did the lego teacher go to the beach? to have a “sand-brick” vacation!
  69. “why did the lego mini-figure go to therapy? it needed to brick-lax.”
  70. how do lego characters protect their homes? with “brick alarms”!
  71. what does peter parker call lego spiderman?
  72. time flies when you’re having building fun with lego.
  73. did you hear about the unhappy split of the lego girl?a: “she was breaking apart.”
  74. a small meteorite is reportedly headed for legoland. they have said to expect about 50 square blocks of damage.
  75. 4) did you hear they just opened the world’s largest lego® store in california?people are lining up for blocks.
  76. did you hear about the crowds at the grand opening of the new lego store? people were lined up for blocks
  77. how do you deal with an elephant that sits on the lego city you spent a year constructing? you construct a new lego city and apologize to the elephant.
  78. why did the lego character go to therapy? it had a lot of brick-ups.
  79. why did the lego minifigure go to school? to become a master-builder.
  80. why did the lego construction worker always carry a toolbox? they liked to be prepared for any brick-idents.
  81. what did the lego superhero say to the villain? “prepare to be built.”
  82. “the lego stuff was his idea,” kory said of peder. “and i thought that was the coolest thing in the world since i’m more the lego fan between us.”
  83. the re-opening of lego stores was a big event reallyoh yeah, people were lined up for blocks
  84. “why did the lego stop working out? it didn’t want to ‘block’ itself from dessert.”
  85. businesses are starting to open up. in fact, the lego store is open now, but i recommend staying away for a while. people will be lined up for blocks.
  86. get a chick lego and a blackberry and hello marge simpson 🙂
  87. can you guess how i built a lego house in the arctic circle? iglooed it together.
  88. how did the lego cow become a superstar? it was udderly charming on the big screen.
  89. what did the lego piece say when it couldn’t fit? “i guess it’s not meant to click.”
  90. “bringing my lego dreams to life, one masterpiece at a time.”
  91. “it was in two parts. so my bouquet was lego,” line explained, alongside a photo of her stunning multicolored bouquet featuring several different varieties of blooms — all made from lego pieces — with their stems wrapped in purple ribbon.
  92. how did the lego ninja win the battle? they struck with swift-brickness.
  93. what is a lego pirate’s favorite letter? arrrrrrr.
  94. why do you never hear complaints from people stepping on toy soldiers like you do with lego blocks? because everyone knows, you never tread on a veteran.
  95. where do lego people go on holiday?
  96. what does a young battery say when it steps on a block of lego in the middle of the night? “aaa!”
  97. i’ve been building a lot of lego sets with my kids lately. i’m happy to say i’ve been having an afol time!
  98. what animal can jump higher than a lego tower?a: a kangaroo, because lego towers can’t jump.
  99. “sending you a ‘brick-load’ of happiness on your special day. happy lego birthday!”
  100. why do adults like lego so much, when they grow old? they can’t lego of their childhood.
  101. a new lego store opened up in my town… people were lined up for blocks.
  102. lego released a licorice block called lego-rice.
  103. why did the lego frog become a gardener? to find the perfect “lily-brick”!
  104. shopplease note: we offer no lego® brickslego® mocsalternate buildstop designerssubmit a moccustom lego® modelscustom lego® models >let your dreams become reality and let us design your next dream!
  105. did you see the new lego mini figure? they’re a real head turner.
  106. i woke up this morning and found a pile of lego bricks at the front door. i didn’t know what to make of it.
  107. “life is better with lego. let’s brick the world!”
  108. “lego is my ‘building’ block for imagination.”
  109. “when life gets messy, build something beautiful with lego.”
  110. lego’s charming video ended with troy and darcy sitting at a table, doing what they love best: building a new lego set together. “true love is someone that you can build a lego set with and you can find every piece straight away,” darcy reflected.
  111. why did the lego chef become famous? for his ‘block’tastic recipes!
  112. what do you call a disabled lego? an o.
  113. why did the lego cowboy bring a ladder to the rodeo? to catch a “brick-o”!
  114. “you’re the minifigure of my dreams, my little lego love.”
  115. what did the lego kangaroo say to its baby? “time to ‘brick-bounce’!”

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