35 Lisbon Puns That Will Make You Wobble with Joy

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Lisbon is the vibrant capital city of Portugal, situated on the banks of the River Tagus overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With its sunny Mediterranean climate and hilly topography, Lisbon offers a unique urban experience.

Here we have puns centered around the capital city’s iconic sites, food and history. Whether it’s plays on “Lisbon” or amusing anecdotes from the trams, prepare for grins aplenty.

35 Best Lisbon Puns

  1. all you need is love and a little bit of lisbon.
  2. home is where the heart is and my heart belongs in lisbon
  3. there is nothing like lisbon’s light at night.
  4. “lisbon, a city of endless sun and sea and love 🇵🇹”
  5. “my affection hath an unknown bottom, like the bay of portugal.” – william shakespeare “the lisbon hub is important to portugal, the country. that’s not going to go away. it needs to be there. the country depends on tourism.” – david neeleman
  6. sorry for what i said when i wasn’t eating pastel de natas in lisbon.
  7. we were suspicious, but lisbon has the best views.
  8. might just stay in lisbon indefinitely.
  9. “lisbon, a city of endless sun and sea and smiles 🇵🇹”“portugal, my love and passion ”“lisbon, a city of endless adventures and beauty 🇵🇹”“city of endless sun and sea and inspiration ”
  10. i’d rather be in lisbon.
  11. knock knock
    who’s there!
    lisbon who?
    lisbon married eight times!
  12. walking through the pink street.
  13. live, laugh, lisbon
  14. “city of endless inspiration ”“lisbon, a city of endless love 🇵🇹”“portugal, my second home ”“lisbon, a city of endless sun and sea 🇵🇹”“city of endless possibilities ”“lisbon, a city of endless memories 🇵🇹”“portugal, my forever and always ”“lisbon, a city of endless inspiration and beauty 🇵🇹”
  15. it’s lisbon’s street. let’s go for a walk.
  16. the colours of lisbon never cease to amaze me!
  17. i left my heart in lisbon.
  18. the other side of lisbon.
  19. i’m in a good place right now. not emotionally, i’m just in lisbon.
  20. lisbon is tram-endous.
  21. lisbon is a city of seven hills.
  22. from now on sweet dreams are made of trams, pastel de natas, and sightseeing in lisbon.
  23. “lisbon love, always and forever ”“portugal dreams, come true ”“lisbon, a city of endless inspiration 🇵🇹”“city of endless memories ”“lisbon love, never fades ”
  24. if you can’t go to heaven, lisbon is the next best thing.
  25. iconic tram of lisbon.
  26. someone has a better view up there.
  27. the beautiful city of lisbon looks like those brooklyn ghetto dudes.
  28. “lisbon: the city that makes you say ‘obrigad-fun’!”
  29. knock knock!
    who’s there?
    lisbon who?
    lisbon married six times!
  30. i left my heart in lisbon.
  31. 33 – “by day lisbon has a naive theatrical quality that enchants and captivates, but by night it is a fairy-tale city, descending over lighted terraces to the sea, like a woman in festive garments going down to meet her dark lover.” – erich maria remarque
  32. i just need someone to lisbon to me.
  33. lisbon sun and light.
  34. “portugal, my love and passion ”“lisbon, a city of endless adventures and beauty 🇵🇹”“city of endless sun and sea and inspiration ”
  35. i can’t keep calm, i’m going to lisbon!.

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