70 Magnet Puns to Keep You Attracted to Laughter

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Magnet puns are a fun way to play on words related to magnetism and magnetic attraction. Some common themes in magnet puns include jokes about magnetic properties, fridge magnets, being attractive, and relationships.

Magnet puns often use magnetic terms like “attract,” “repel,” “poles,” and “magnetism” in clever double meanings. For example, puns may talk about magnets “attracting” or “repelling” other objects and people. Other puns play on the idea of magnets being “attractive” or having “attractive qualities.” Relationship puns sometimes portray magnets as dating and breaking up due to “polarizing opinions.”

75 Best Magnet Puns

  1. why did the magnet apply for a job? to pull in some extra income.
  2. what’s the most magnetic fairground ride? the ferrous wheel
  3. how did the chick magnet stay in shape? it was always “chasing tail” feathers!
  4. what did one magnet say to the other? i find you very attractive.
  5. why did the two magnets break up? they had polarizing opinions!
  6. it had a magnetic personality!
  7. i’m very pleased with my new fridge magnet…
  8. what do you call an alloy of fe and ni which doesn’t have magnetic properties ? ironical
  9. i wanted to buy some magnetic clothes… they looked cool but i don’t think i could pull them off.
  10. fridge magnets are like the exclamation marks of my kitchen.
  11. a couple of magnets showed their positive side. they got divorced.
  12. redditors are like magnets we attract flies and repel other humans away
  13. my last few relationships have drained the life from me. i’m something of a tick magnet.
  14. how do magnets apologize for their mistakes? they say, “i didn’t mean to repel you.”
  15. my magnet wanted a makeover. it’s tired of being so “attractive” all the time!
  16. what’s a chick magnet’s favorite ice cream flavor? “peep-permint” swirl!
  17. got my gf in the car. her: “what’s a magnet school anyways?” me: “i’m not positive”
  18. how do you organize a space party? your planet using magnet-ic invitations!
  19. i just accidentally sucked up one of my kid’s alphabet fridge magnets in the vacuum k, bye.
  20. why did the magnet win the race? it had a magnetic advantage.
  21. anemic magnets aren’t irony. i hope this isn’t polarizing.
  22. magnets are the original influencers – they attract followers everywhere.
  23. how do magnets greet each other? they say, “attract-ions, my friend!”
  24. why did the magnet start a band? it wanted to attract a larger audience.
  25. life advice from a magnet? opposites attract!
  26. why was the magnet cold? it lost all its “magnetism”!
  27. magnets have great taste – they’re attracted to quality.
  28. what did the magnet say to its unattractive friend? “you’re repelling.”
  29. magnets have a lot of attractive qualities, unlike my cooking.
  30. how do you give a magnet a compliment? you say, “you’re so attractive!”
  31. if i swallow a magnet will i become attractive?
  32. you’re my anchor in this chaotic world – my emotional magnet.
  33. when in high school, i was always a chick magnet… …the side that repels.
  34. you may become more attractive if you eat magnets.
  35. why did the magnet break up with the fridge? it couldn’t find any attraction!
  36. when magnets argue, it’s always a power struggle.
  37. y’now, i love talking about magnets but it’s quite the polarising topic.
  38. why did the magnet become a tour guide? it loved attracting visitors from all around the world.
  39. what’s a magnet’s favorite type of music? heavy metal, of course.
  40. why did the chick magnet become an actor? because it knew how to “break an egg-citing leg” on stage!
  41. what did one magnet say to the other when they were feeling lonely? let’s attract some friends.
  42. relationship status: happily attached – to my fridge magnets.
  43. why did the magnet get a job as a taxi driver? it loved attracting fares.
  44. studying science is like unlocking the secrets of the universe, one magnetic idea at a time.
  45. someone is stealing my magnets from the cubicle i think it’s because they find it attractive.
  46. how does a magnet commute to work? it magnetic-cabs.
  47. i am a chick magnet you know. don’t assume i attract.
  48. what did the magnet say to his friends when he saw a fridge?
  49. why did the chick magnet start a band? because it wanted to “crack” the music scene wide open!
  50. magnets can be choosy – they only stick with the best.
  51. what does a magnet do when it’s feeling down? it tries to lift its spirits.
  52. yes, there are permanent magnets, electromagnets, and temporary magnets.
  53. brace yourself for a whirlwind of laughs and a magnetic personality you won’t be able to resist!
  54. scientists have shown that earth’s magnetic field is weakening. current events have made it less attractive.
  55. i have a talking pig stuck to my fridge. it’s a babe magnet.
  56. my fridge magnets are like my friends – they’re always there, holding me up.
  57. what did one magnet say to the other during a romantic dinner? “you’re my attractive pole.”
  58. why did the magnet go to therapy? it had too many polarizing thoughts!
  59. you must be a magnetic field, because i can feel your influence on my thoughts.
  60. why did the magnet apply for a job? it wanted to attract some steady income!
  61. why do magnets get angry?
  62. magnets never get lost – they always know their way to the fridge.
  63. i tried to outsmart a magnet, but it had a stronger pull.
  64. why did the metal like the magnet? because it was attractive
  65. i’m pleased with my new fridge magnet so far i’ve got 12 fridges
  66. why did the magnet enroll in art school? to learn about magnetic attraction.
  67. fridge magnets and i have a lot in common – we both know how to hold it all together.
  68. why did the magnet go to the therapist? it had some serious “attractive” issues!
  69. why did the magnet enroll in school? it wanted to get a better education in attraction!
  70. magnets don’t believe in negativity – they’re all about positive attraction.

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