75 Manatee Puns that Make You Laugh

Manatee puns
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Manatees are famous for their slow, leisurely lifestyle and portly physique. But did you know they’re also a treasure trove of pun potential?

Whether it’s manatee-themed puns, plays on words involving “manatee”, or just general sea cow silliness, you’ll find it all here. From “manatee mates” to “sea chubby fun”, prepare for an onslaught of corny wordplay celebrating our favorite marine mammals.

75 Best Manatee Puns

  1. manatees are like the ‘purr-sians’ of the sea – except they purr under the water!
  2. whether it’s their buoyant personalities, their amusing encounters, or their ability to find humor in the simplest things, manatees have earned their place as the stars of comedy under the sea.
  3. manatees are so charming that they’re known as the ‘gentleman-atees’ of the sea.
  4. mermaids shouldnt be called mermaids they should be called hu-manatee
  5. manatees are ‘flip-ped’ out about fun times in the water!
  6. a manatee with one leg is called a unimanatee!
  7. what do you call a manatee that loves to take photographs? a “shutter-sea”bug!
  8. i cannot resist the cuteness of the manatee 
  9. why do manatees never get lost? they always follow the current trends!
  10. your birthday is ‘waterful’ just like a manatee’s habitat!
  11. what’s a manatee’s favorite winter activity? “ice-seal”-ing!
  12. wanna play a game of card against manatee ?
  13. manatees are masters of relaxation; they’ve perfected the ‘sea-esta’!
  14. what’s a manatee’s favorite type of cookie? “sea-salt chocolate chip”!
  15. my wife and i were talking about obscure animals. she said, “i want to get a manatee.””that’s very generous,” i replied, “i take it with two sugars.”
  16. her mom was the wo-manatee she looked up to.
  17. what’s a manatee’s favorite dance move? the body roll!
  18. last week there was manatee appreciation day, and crayola retired the colour dandelion. oh, the hue manatee!
  19. how do manatees communicate with each other? through sea-kret codes!
  20. why do manatees make terrible secret agents? because they’re always ‘sea-soned’ professionals!
  21. why are manatees great at poker? they always have a ‘poker face’ underwater!
  22. why did the manatee open a bakery? it wanted to serve delicious “sea-breads”!
  23. float through your birthday with ‘manatee’ ease!
  24. what do you call a manatee that’s an expert in math? a “calcul-sea-tor”!
  25. why did the manatee go to the orchestra? to sea the conductor!
  26. why was the dolphin sent to the electric chair? he was found guilty of crimes against a manatee.
  27. what’s a manatee’s favorite holiday? “seas-on’s greetings”!
  28. how does a manatee apologize? he just says, “i’m sor-sea!”
  29. why did the manatee go to the party? to socialize and kelp out!
  30. what did the manatee say when he swam into a wall? “dam!”
  31. what do you call a manatee with a sweet tooth? a “candy-fish”!
  32. why did the manatee go to the spa? it wanted to relax and “sea-lax”!
  33. why did the manatee start a travel blog? it wanted to share its “sea-destinations”!
  34. how do manatees pay for their groceries? with sand dollars!
  35. my girlfriend and i were talking about pets, she said she’d like to get a manatee. i just laughed and said, “two sugars, please.”
  36. what do you get when you mix a manatee and a human? a humanatee.
  37. it’s your birthday, so go ahead and ‘manatee’ yourself to some fun!
  38. oh, the humanity! of… the cute manatee!
  39. manatees are excellent at math because they always ‘add’ a smile to our faces!
  40. what did the sunburnt manatee say? man a tee shirt would be nice
  41. the actor who plays wolverine once owned a sea cow, but it was murdered… …it was a crime against hugh’s manatee.
  42. what do you call a manatee that tells tall tales? a sea-cretive storyteller!
  43. who is geralt’s favourite sea mammal? hugh manatee
  44. how do manatees relax after a long day? by soaking in the sea-nery!
  45. why did the manatee wear a life jacket to the aquarium? just in ‘case’ of a splashy adventure!
  46. cards against huge-manatees
  47. why did the manatee join a theater group? it loved to “sea”-t in the spotlight!
  48. why did the manatee start a dance academy? it was a “fin”-tastic choreographer!
  49. why did the manatee become a detective? it wanted to solve “fin-teresting” cases!
  50. marvelous manatee mirth (tom swifties)
  51. how do manatees order their eggs? sea-nny side up!
  52. why did the manatee bring a handyman to the party? because it needed a sealant!
  53. what’s a manatee’s favorite drink at the bar? a sea breeze!
  54. why do manatees never get into arguments? they prefer to resolve conflicts in a sea-nseful way!
  55. why did the manatee wear sunscreen at the beach? to avoid turning into a baked potato!
  56. geralt of rivia, animal activist… …friend of your manatee
  57. what’s a manatee’s favorite movie genre? ‘manatee-tion’ pictures!
  58. why are manatees such bad dancers? they have two left feet…and they’re both flippers!
  59. why did the manatee start a youtube channel? it wanted to make “fin”-tastic videos!
  60. what did the mommy manatee say to the baby manatee at dinner time? “don’t wolf it down, chew your kelp!”
  61. what is a manatee’s favorite school subject? marine biology!
  62. why did the manatee break up with his girlfriend? he felt they were just drifting apart!
  63. my wife and i were talking about people owning strange animals when she said, “i’ve always wanted to get a manatee.” i said, “thank you very much, i’ll have it with milk and two sugars please!”
  64. how do you catch a manatee?
  65. did you hear about the guy who went into the everglades, found this huge sea-cow thing and beat it to death with the oar of his boat? they’re prosecuting him for crimes against a manatee.
  66. why did the manatee bring a suitcase to the beach? because it wanted to have a “seal” of approval!
  67. what’s a manatee’s favorite dance style? the ‘sea-waltz’!
  68. did you hear about the colorful sea cow? oh the hue-manatee!!!
  69. why don’t manatees like to play hide and seek? because they’re always spotted!
  70. why do manatees make poor secret agents? because they always surface!
  71. if a manatee ever starts a band, they should call it ‘the manatee melodies’!
  72. a cute manatee! sorry if this has been posted before
  73. sending you ‘manatee’ hugs and birthday wishes!
  74. why did the manatee start a photography club? it loved capturing “sea-nsational” moments!
  75. what do you call a manatee that writes poetry? a manatee of letters!

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