50 Mars Puns and Laughter on the Red Planet

best funny mars Puns
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Mars puns are a delightful blend of humor and astronomy, combining the fascination for the Red Planet with clever wordplay. These puns take inspiration from the unique characteristics of Mars, the ongoing exploration efforts, and even popular culture figures like Elon Musk and Bruno Mars.

Mars puns include references to space exploration and the search for life on Mars, the red color of the planet, and the aggressive connotations of the name Mars. Puns may also reference popular culture, such as music, movies, and sports.

These 50 Best Mars Puns are a playful way to incorporate the planet into conversation and add a lighthearted touch to any topic.

50 Best Mars Puns

  1. elon musk wants to send people to mars i think we can all agree that he is the most creative serial killer of all time.
  2. why was the book about mars never finished? because it needed a better space!
  3. how do martians communicate long distances on mars?a: with mars-senger apps!
  4. why don’t martians ever get lost on mars? because they have a natural “space” sense of direction!
  5. “ever try mars love making? it’s out of this world!”
  6. “we found life on mars, . . . unfortunately curiosity killed the cat.”-nasa
  7. a rare photo of the milky way viewed from mars.
  8. what’s a martian’s favorite board game?a: mars-ble!
  9. what’s a martian’s favorite type of ice cream?a: mars-mint chip!
  10. q.why are there no cats on mars? a. ’cause curiosity killed them all!
  11. what’s a martian’s favorite fruit? “mars”-melons!
  12. what is an astronaught’s favourite cheese? mars-capone.
  13. mars-terpiece jigsaw puzzles!
  14. why did the martian apply for a job in a bakery?a: to become a mars-ter baker!
  15. what’s a martian’s favorite chocolate bar? mars, of course!
  16. if bruno mars married venus williams on earth, do you think they’d have a sun? only if they planet.
  17. q: who goes there in greeting mars aliens? a: take me to your reader!
  18. elon musk put a restaurant on mars. great food, but no atmosphere.
  19. what does mars smell like? elon’s musk.
  20. first woman on mars. houston we have a problem…ok what is it? if you don’t know already i am not going to tell you. you wouldn’t understand.
  21. what’s a martian’s favorite type of cake?a: mars-ble cake.
  22. the cow went to mars as it flew to udder space.
  23. q.what is it called if you get your rover stuck in a rut on
    mars? a. a fourth-world problem.
  24. why don’t martians ever play cards on mars? because they’re afraid of getting a “cosmic” flush!
  25. freddie mercury, bruno mars, and venus williams all walk into the same bar. but they didn’t planet.
  26. we’ve sent multiple rovers too mars but mars hasn’t sent any back. it’s about time we play red rover with another planet
  27. with the recent announcement of microbial life found on mars… we’re finding out how gullible people can be.
  28. why don’t martians ever need umbrellas on mars? because there’s no rain, just “space” dust!
  29. the reason that no one has got to mars yet is that the first person selected was a procrastanaut.
  30. what’s a martian’s favorite snack? mars-hmallows with milky way chocolate!
  31. i want to try one of those mushrooms they found on mars. i bet they’re out of this world.
  32. how do martians communicate long distances?a: with mars-senger apps!
  33. what’s a martian’s favorite type of soup on mars?a: mars-tomato soup!
  34. why is mars afraid of jupiter? because jupiter saturn uranus…
  35. we lost one of the best rovers on mars recently, you could say….. we lost our opportunity
  36. what’s a martian’s favorite type of breakfast?a: mars-mlette!
  37. what do martians use to play music? “mars-harps” and “rocket-bells”!
  38. why did the martian bring a dictionary to mars? to decode all the “space”-ific terminology!
  39. q.what does the man from mars wear to a business meeting with
    lockheed skunk works?
    a. his space suit.
  40. what did the mars rover say after it landed? rock and roll!
  41. what did mars say to the satellite? “stop orbiting around me, you’re making me dizzy!”
  42. q: what do you call a martian who sings? a: bruno mars!
  43. why don’t aliens from mars go to school? because they already know the whole universe.
  44. how do martians stay organized on mars?a: with mars-kers and planners!
  45. why did the mars rover break up with mars? because it said they needed space.
  46. why don’t martians play musical instruments on mars? because they’re afraid they might “rock-et” the planet!
  47. life on mars? did you know there used to be life on mars? yeah, there used to be a giant cat that lived up there. guess which rover we sent to greet it?
  48. mars says ‘i’m wet’ and nasa says ‘i’m coming.’
  49. how far is mars from earth? a few cvs receipts away
  50. what’s a martian’s favorite type of drink on mars?a: mars-garitas!

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