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Mask puns have become quite popular in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread use of face masks. As masks have become a daily accessory for many, people have found creative ways to inject humor into this otherwise serious topic.

Some common themes in mask puns include wordplay around types of masks like face masks, eye masks, and gas masks. Puns also compare masks to other disguising items like costumes or accessories. Another lighthearted angle is comparing masks to popular culture references or characters that cover their faces.

These 75 Best Mask Puns aim to find the funny side of this serious safety measure and put a smile on people’s faces during challenging times.

65 Best Mask Puns

  1. what do zombies think when they see someone with a red hat and no mask? that’s a no brainer.
  2. i’ve started wearing a mask to bed so that if i get burgled and i disturb them, they’ll think i’m part of their gang.
  3. where did the apostle paul buy his mask for the corona virus? at a shop on the road to damaskus…
  4. my eye mask and i are a dream team – we’re ‘eye-conic’ together!
  5. are you currently wearing a face mask and glasses to work? you may be eligible for condensation.
  6. i feel so bad for the deaf people who need to read lips to communicate, because of all of the face masks right now. let’s give them all a moment of silence.
  7. this was love without masks. –jodi meadows
  8. surprised me when i saw someone wearing a gloria gaynor mask. at first i was afraid…
  9. just went in to starbucks and the barista was wearing a face mask. i asked “why are you wearing a surgical mask?”she said “i’m not, it’s a coughy filter.”
  10. mask-arade chemistry: mixing laughter and clever disguises in perfect proportions.
  11. you can recycle an old brassiere into a face mask. it is important to remember to only use the left cup… otherwise you will end up looking like a right tit.
  12. don’t you know that a midnight hour comes when everyone has to take off his mask? do you think life always lets itself be trifled with? do you think you can sneak off a little before midnight to escape this? –søren kierkegaard
  13. here are my favorite quotes about masks, including inspiration from poems, literature, pop culture, and quotes by famous literary authors!
  14. i told my barista i didn’t think he should be wearing a face mask. ‘i’m not’, he said,… ‘it’s a coughy filter.’
  15. wearing a mask is like wrapping up a surprise gift for others!
  16. why did the bicycle wear a gas mask? it didn’t want to breathe in too much exhaust-ential dread!
  17. why did the smartphone wear an eye mask? it wanted to block those ‘bright’ notifications!
  18. they said a mask and gloves were enough to go to the supermarket they lied, everyone else has clothes on
  19. a shopper prefers to not wear a mask me: you should be wearing a mask for your own safety.her: says who?me: kinda.
  20. mask-hion statement: making humor a stylish accessory.
  21. wearing a mask is like a language – you express yourself even without speaking.
  22. mask-erful escapades: adventures fueled by laughter and clever disguises.
  23. how does darth vader manage to eat through that mask? he’s force fed.
  24. my sheet mask is my partner-in-crime for fighting off dry skin – we make a ‘moist’ wanted team!
  25. tifu by accidentally cheating on my wife at a bdsm convention with a woman who was wearing the same leather mask whoops, wrong sub
  26. why did all those dancers during the halftime show wear those masks? the singer had a weeknd immune system.
  27. i’ve been wearing this mask for so long, i wasn’t sure i’d even be able to get rid of it. but i pulled it off.
  28. i asked my mask if it wanted to grab coffee – it said it’s already brewed up.
  29. just because you have a big nose doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a mask i mean, i still wear underwear.saw this on a church billboard a year ago.
  30. today i was in the bank when two men came in wearing masks… everyone felt a huge relief when they told us it’s only a bank robbery.
  31. why did the raccoon go to acting school? it wanted to be a “masked bandit” on stage!
  32. i’d rather fall in love with a delicate heart than a perfect mask. –sai pradeep
  33. they’re running out of face masks in china no big supplies there.
  34. i went out for a walk and saw a face mask grow bigger and bigger then it hit me…lesson learned
  35. my sheet mask and i are like a dynamic duo – it’s my sidekick for flawless skin.
  36. why do people refuse to wear masks? because they can’t stand the smell of the shit that comes out of their mouth.
  37. mask-erpiece symphony: a harmonious blend of wit and facial coverings.
  38. i finally found a way to wear my mask incorrectly. i feel like the answer was right under my nose this whole time.
  39. how to train people to wear a mask
  40. why did the raccoon become a detective? it could sniff out clues and track down “masked” culprits with ease!
  41. my sheet mask and i are on the same page – the skincare chapter!
  42. how did the computer show its appreciation for the gas mask? it gave it a “virus-free” high-five!
  43. what does a vampire and a person who wears a mask have in common? they both can’t see their face in the mirror.
  44. what do condoms and masks have in common? its safe to come inside if you’re wearing them
  45. my wife said i should put the mask on if i’m leaving the house – and so i always do. but my dog has to be so sick of that stupid movie by now.
  46. yo mama so stupid she wears a face mask on a zoom meeting
  47. my wife is freaking out about this coronavirus. she made me promise i’d put the mask on before i left for work this morning…… now i’m two hours late and i don’t even like jim carey
  48. how come trump doesn’t wear a mask? he thinks he has diplomatic immunity.
  49. my mask and i are in sync – we’ve both mastered the art of ‘face’ value.
  50. mask-erpiece revelation: unmasking humor with a stroke of wordplay.
  51. if you wear glasses and have been required to wear a mask during the covid pandemic, you may be entitled to condensation.
  52. my mask and i are soulmates – we both filter out the negativity.
  53. why did the mummy wear a mask? to ‘wrap’ up a mystery that’s all ‘wrapped’ around safety!
  54. mask-ter of laughter: controlling chuckles with a witty disguise.
  55. i tried to make an eye mask laugh, but it just gave me a blank stare.
  56. while living alone and always wearing a mask in public, i grew a mustache without anyone knowing. it’s my secret ‘stache.
  57. what’s a raccoon’s favorite sport? mask-etball!
  58. i love how the ninja turtles wear masks great way to hide your identity, it’s not like you’re a giant fucking turtle or something
  59. we understand how dangerous a mask can be. we all become what we pretend to be. -patrick rothfuss
  60. why did the eye mask break up? it couldn’t keep things ‘covered’ up anymore.
  61. mask-otonic: stirring up humor, one face at a time.
  62. the reason people won’t wear a mask is because they have mask hysteria
  63. people who can’t figure out how to keep their dang masks over their noses are mouthbreathers.
  64. how does a mask like to communicate? through wifi-tering words!
  65. how do you get a trump supporter to wear a mask? convince them to storm the capitol building.

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