75 Mayonnaise Puns for a Good Chuckle

best funny mayonnaise puns
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Mayonnaise puns are a type of humor that revolves around wordplay and clever associations with the condiment. These puns often play on the word “mayo” and its various uses and associations in popular culture.

The themes of mayonnaise puns can range from food-related jokes to puns about relationships, music, and even cultural references.

Here is a sampling of 75 Best Mayonnaise Puns to spread some laughs.

75 Best Mayonnaise Puns

  1. “mayonnaise: the unsung hero of the condiment world.”
  2. you’re mint to be my cinco de mayo partner in crime!
  3. how do you know if a sandwich is a nerd? it brings its own mayo!
  4. what do you say when you catch your friend having sex with a jar of mayonnaise? fucking hellmann.
  5. what did the concerned jar of mayonnaise say to the jar of tomato sauce?a: “mayoni concern is you not being able to ketchup to everyone else around you.”
  6. if you were treated at the mayo clinic for mustard gas exposure, would you ever catch up to previous health levels?food for thought
  7. what did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator door was opened?“close the door, i’m dressing.”
  8. conor mcgregor hates cinco de mayo… it’s nothing personal, he just cant stand mayweather.
  9. the pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to its volume—boyle’s law. any leftover cabbage must be shredded and mixed with mayonnaise.—-cole’s law.
  10. what’s a mayonnaise’s favorite social media platform? insta-mayo-gram!
  11. whatdya call someone drowning in mayonnaise ????????? sinko de mayo !!!!!!!
  12. why did the mayonnaise cross the road?to ketchup with the mustard.
  13. yesterday was may the 4th be with you or star wars day. today is may the 5th or cinco de mayo. tomorrow will be the 6th of may or revenge of the sixth.
  14. what’s a mayonnaise’s favorite day of the week?a: mayo-day!
  15. why did the mayo break up with the mustard? they couldn’t find common ground!
  16. how do you call a cockney garlic mayonnaise?an oi-oli.
  17. what do you say when somebody throws a jar of mayonnaise at you?“what the hellmann?”
  18. juan to eat tacos on cinco de mayo?
  19. why was the bread scared of hanging out with mayo? it didn’t want to fall into a spread.
  20. what’s a mayonnaise’s favorite sport? “whip”-ball!
  21. what did the mayo say when it won a race? “i’m on a roll!”
  22. what did the mayonnaise say when it walked into the sandwich shop? “i’m here to spread some joy!”
  23. how did the mayonnaise become a fashion icon? it had impeccable “whip”-style!
  24. why did the mayonnaise take a vacation?a: to get away from the daily grind.
  25. how does mayonnaise fix a mistake? it mayo-pologizes.
  26. what’s mayo’s favorite song? “spread your wings” by queen.
  27. someone spilled mayo all over me i was like what the hellmann!?!
  28. how did the mayonnaise become a motivational speaker? it knew how to whip up inspiration!
  29. what kind of mayonnaise do aliens use?ayy lmayo.
  30. to whom it mayo concern.
  31. why did the mayonnaise attend cooking school?a: to learn how to whip up a storm!
  32. what’s the mayonnaise’s favorite book? to kill a mocking-bread.
  33. what does thor use to make tacos on cinco de mayo?
  34. murphy’s law states that anything that can happen, will happen. but are you familiar with cole’s law? it’s finely-shredded raw cabbage with a salad dressing, commonly either vinaigrette or mayonnaise.
  35. what is a cat’s favorite condiment?mayo.
  36. “spread the laughter, and don’t forget the mayo!”
  37. what is a hilarious jar of mayonnaise known as?a: lmayo.
  38. how do you call a cockney garlic mayonnaise? an oi-oli.
  39. why should we enjoy mayonnaise while we still can?from next month onwards, it’s gonna be juneonnaise!
  40. someone threw a jar of mayo at me! what the hellman?!?
  41. why didn’t the bread want to break up with the mayo? because it couldn’t find another spread so smooth.
  42. how do restaurants serve drinks on cinco de mayo?
  43. where can you get gas for less than $2 on cinco de mayo?
  44. over 100 years ago today, the rms titanic met it’s watery demise in the north atlantic. among it’s cargo was over 1000kg of mayonnaise bound for new york. so today, we remember the sinko de mayo.
  45. lose 7 pounds in 3 days with this one weird trick! step 1. purchase mayonnaise. step 2. leave mayonnaise in the sun for 5 hours. let it really bake.step 3. eat a couple spoon fulls of the mayo.step 4. lose at least 7 pounds over the next 3 days!
  46. what does the sun get with it’s sandwich?light mayo.
  47. why did the tomato turn red? because it saw the salad dressing itself with mayo!
  48. its offensive to call someone white please use the politically correct term: mayonnaise americans
  49. why did the mayonnaise go to the concert? to see its favorite band, the rolling scones!
  50. i saw someone tip a bucket of mayonnaise on my car. what the hellman!
  51. my friends keep questioning me on my mayonnaise addiction…. i said “what the hellman?”
  52. what did the jar of mayonnaise say to the sandwich? “you’re mayo-velous!”
  53. sorry i’m late for cinco de mayo. what do you call churros that have sat out on your counter all day? room tempera-churros.
  54. how do bedtime stories start on cinco de mayo?
  55. in honor of cinco de mayo – why do mexicans cross the border two at a time? because the signs say “no trespassing”.
  56. what do you call a mysterious mayo? unknownnaise!
  57. how do you make a mayo dance? put on some salsa music!
  58. why did the mayo become a detective? it loved solving creamy cases!
  59. what do you call a jar of mayonnaise that plays music? a “jazz” of mayonnaise.
  60. this cinco de mayo, i’m avo-control!
  61. why is mayonnaise never ready on time? it always likes to spread itself thin.
  62. why did the dogs leave the cinco de mayo party? because there was too much cinco de meow there.
  63. what is an ocean full of mayonnaise known as?a: may of bengal.
  64. what do you call a mayonnaise’s pet cat? mayo-nara!
  65. what do asians eat on cinco de mayo?
  66. what do you call a romantic mayo? love-onnaise!
  67. what do you call mayo in a hurry? rush-onnaise!
  68. i replaced my dad’s shaving cream with mayonnaise… he shouted “what the hellman!”
  69. why did the mayonnaise join a band as a drummer? it had a talent for creating mayo-beats!
  70. what do you call a mayonnaise that’s always fashionably late?a: tardy sauce.
  71. how does the mayonnaise fix a broken sandwich? with a spread-wrench!
  72. how do swat teams celebrate cinco de mayo? with tac-taco rations
  73. why do french people find mayonnaise so hilarious? no, seriously. every time i say it they say lmao.
  74. my mayonnaise is trying kill me… …or so my sauces tell me…
  75. how did the sandwich propose to its girlfriend? with an onion ring, while they were laying on a bed of mayo!

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