75 Metal Puns to Keep Your Humor in Mint Condition

best funny metal Puns
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Metal puns are often used to inject a bit of levity into conversations about an industry that can be, quite literally, heavy and hard.

A good metal pun might be as simple as a play on the word “ironic” or as complex as a joke involving the periodic table elements and their properties. For example, “Why Did The Metal Magnet Go To School? Because It Wanted To Be More Attractive!” uses the common knowledge of magnets and attraction to create a chuckle-worthy moment.

With a little creativity, you can come up with your own metal puns that are sure to get a laugh from your friends and family.

75 Best Metal Puns

  1. why did the metal magnet go to school? because it wanted to be more attractive!
  2. the adjective for metal is metallic. but not so for iron… which is ironic!
  3. i joined to pieces of metal today without nuts and bolts or welding the whole process was riveting
  4. two windmills were talking. one asks, “what’s your favourite kind of music ?”the other says,”i’m a big metal fan !”
  5. what do you call a metal that can play the piano?a: a heavy metal musician!
  6. my wife was scratching the glass jar with a metal spoon… it was jarring!!!
  7. what have you got to add to metal to get heavy metal? lica
  8. how did the orchestra attract heavy metal fans? with a super conductor.
  9. why did the metalsmith get a promotion?a: because he had a strong work ethic, he was alloyed to succeed!
  10. what happens when you eat aluminum foil? you sheet metal
  11. what do you call a metal musician who loves to cook? a shredding chef.
  12. what’s a metal’s favorite pickup line? “are you made of copper and tellurium? because you’re cu-te!”
  13. why did the metal break up with its partner?a: they had too many irreconcilable alloys.
  14. i am deaf on both ears after working at the metal factory i guess heavy metal is not good for my ears
  15. all day i drill holes in metal and bolt them together at first it’s boring and then it’s riveting!
  16. how do you know all woodpeckers love heavy metal music? because they’re all head bangers. (credit to my 11 year old).
  17. why was the metal a great friend?a: it was always very zinc-cere.
  18. why did the metal guitarist become a detective? they wanted to solve riff-mysteries.
  19. …heavy metal toyota? dad: hey, these cars these days are all plastic and can’t take a single hit, they should make a toyota out of heavy yeah, they could make a heavy metal toyota and call it…. “judas prius”
  20. what did the metalworker say when he was praised for his work? “i’m riveted by your kind words!”
  21. why did the metal cable always have a positive outlook on life? because it was always connected to the bright side!
  22. windmills two windmills near palm springs were chatting and the one turns to the other and asks:“what music do you like?”the other windmill thinks for a while and responds:“i’m a metal fan”
  23. where does steel wool come from? sheep metal.
  24. why did the metal gear go to the therapist? because it had trouble shifting its emotions!
  25. my dad worked in sheet metal for many years. now i work in a metal fabrication shop. guess you could say i come from a pretty weld to do family
  26. why did the metal like the magnet? because it was attractive
  27. why do metalworkers make terrible actors? because they can’t stop overacting!
  28. why did the metalhead open a bakery? he wanted to make some metal rolls.
  29. my friend called me to say that he’s starting a new metal band called spinal column. i said, “can i call you back?”
  30. what do porn and heavy metal have in common? both used to have a lot more hair back in the 70’s and 80’s
  31. why did the metal worker become a musician? because he wanted to make some heavy metal!
  32. two cats are on a metal roof. which one slides off first? the one with the lowest μ
  33. why did the metalhead become a barber? they loved giving headbanging haircuts.
  34. what did the metalworker say when he was asked to be a model? “i’m already a role model!”
  35. how do you know all woodpeckers love heavy metal music? because they’re all head bangers. (credit to my 11 year old).
  36. why did the metal detector go to therapy? it had too many trust issues.
  37. what did one metal plate say to the other at the art exhibit? “you’re quite the piece of work!”
  38. what’s a metal guitarist’s favorite type of sandwich? shredded chicken.
  39. why do people trust metalsmiths so much?a: they seem like good alloys – trustworthy and dependable!
  40. what did the metal band name their boat? iron maiden voyage.
  41. two wind turbines in a field one turns to the other and says “what kind of music are you into?”the other one replies “i’m a big metal fan”
  42. the death count nears 50 after scaffolding collapses and crushes fans at a rock music festival… eye-witnesses say there was a lot of heavy metal.
  43. why did the metal band refuse to play on a broken stage? they didn’t want to give a metal performance that was off the scale.
  44. i watched an interesting documentary about how to fasten two sheets of metal together. it was riveting.
  45. why were alloys on you when you danced at the bar?a: your moves were pure metal perfection!
  46. what’s santa’s favourite metal band? sleigher.
  47. why did the metal rod go to the comedy club? because it wanted to be a stand-up act!
  48. the only heavy security which the organizers of a metal music concert would hire is coppers!
  49. why was the metal afraid of the dark? because it couldn’t see a thing!
  50. my friend is the drummer of a medieval metal band. they are called ‘the bards of prey’.
  51. what’s a metal’s favorite game on a hot day? metallica!
  52. what’s a metal’s favorite game at the beach? sand-casting!
  53. what’s a metal musician’s favorite type of bird? a shredhawk.
  54. what’s santa’s favourite metal band? sleigher.
  55. 2 metal workers got married…. it was a beautiful welding.
  56. 2 windmills are in a field. one asks: “what kind of music do you like?” the other responds: “well, i’m a big metal fan”.
  57. why did the metal chain always throw great parties? because it knew how to connect with people!
  58. someone kept putting thin metal sheets around my garden. they’re foiling my plot.
  59. how did the laborer find the alloys in the metal factory?a: dark and unsettling, like alleys without light.
  60. my son wanted to go on the metal slide at the park today, it was 38°c i told him that was suislide
  61. what do you call a metal musician who’s also a magician? a shredding sorcerer.
  62. why did the metal band start a farming business? they wanted to raise some heavy metal crops.
  63. why did the metal chain get locked up? because it had too many links to the past!
  64. what do you call a woman on the arm of a heavy metal guitar player? a tattoo.
  65. what’s a tunas favourite music genre? heavy metal
  66. ironic the adjective for metal is metallic.but not so for iron.which is ironic.
  67. in yosemite, i once found a chunk of metal that was more dense in the center of it. hard core park ore
  68. what’s a metal’s favorite movie genre? steel-thriller!
  69. what do you call a metal musician who can’t find their way? lost in metal-laysia.
  70. i ordered some big metal letters. i wanted to make a sign that said “you & me”. so, i ordered some big metal letters.when they arrived, the box was very damaged. i checked if everything was there, but the iron e was lost on me.
  71. why did the metal chain go to the beach? because it wanted to catch some rays!
  72. which heavy metal band is santa’s favourite? sleigh-er.
  73. today i saw my friend in class listening to music, so i asked him what music it was. he said he was listening to rap and asked what i was listening too. i looked him dead in the eye, put a paper clip in my ear and said heavy metal.
  74. i introduced some miners in our neighborhood to heavy metal. now, the miners really dig that genre of music.
  75. mike tyson gifted little metal cups to his friends… when they asked what it meant, he said it was a thimble of friendship!

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