80 Mint Puns That Are Guaranteed to Grow on You

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Mint puns are playful quips that incorporate the word “mint” or herb-related themes into common sayings, idioms, or expressions, creating a humorous twist. These puns typically rely on wordplay involving the dual meaning of “mint” (both as a fresh herb and as an adjective denoting something new or in pristine condition) and similar-sounding words (like “meant” or “minute”).

The themes of mint puns often revolve around concepts of freshness, health, cleverness, and relationships, as well as literal references to the mint plant itself. 

he versatility of mint puns allows them to be sprinkled into everyday conversation, adding a dash of humor and a burst of creativity that can brighten someone’s day or simply elicit a groan and a chuckle.

80 Best Mint Puns

1. I’m mint to be with you.

2. We’re mint for each other.

3. This is mint to be a sign.

4. It’s about thyme you tried this mint.

5. I mint what I said.

6. Mint condition, just like new!

7. A minty fresh morning to you.

8. That’s mint-blowing!

9. Keep calm and stay minty.

10. Peppermint to do that!

11. A moment I will treasure – a mint to remember.

12. You mint a lot to me.

13. This is just a mint-or setback.

14. That idea is mint-genious!

15. Let’s mint-tain a positive attitude.

16. I’ve got a peppermint of things to do.

17. You’ve got a spearmint-acular smile.

18. Don’t let your dreams be dreams – just do it, no if, ands, or mints about it.

19. I need a little space – can we take a mint-ute?

20. I have a fresh, new idea – it’s mint-ovative.

21. Feeling minty? Must be in good health.

22. Speak your mind, even if your voice mints.

23. I love you a choco-lot, but I need my space-mint.

24. I’m not playing games, this is serious commit-mint.

25. You’ve got a spearmint-ality that’s all your own.

26. I was mint to fly – time to spread my wings.

27. Money minting is not my job, but saving is my hobby.

28. That joke was mint-tacularly funny!

29. Mint you at the corner of fresh and cool?

30. Take a deep breath and enjoy the mint-ute.

31. Don’t let your dreams be dreams – just do it, no ifs, ands, or mints about it.

32. In a commit-mint? I’m more of a chocolate chip kind of person.

33. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down, just like a good mint.

34. You’re the highlight of my life – a true high-mint.

35. My favorite herb? Well, that’s a no-brainer – it’s mint, hands down!

36. When life gives you lemons, trade them for mint – it’s much more refreshing!

37. You’re not making any scents, try adding some mint!

38. I have a joke about herbs, but I’ll save it for a more orega-no moment, so it’s mintier.

39. You’ve got to be mint-al to understand my puns.

40. I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, I eat it, especially if it’s mint-flavored.

41.  What did the herb say when it got in trouble?  “I guess I’m in a bit of a pickle-mint!”

42.  Why was the mint confused?  Because it was in a state of pepper-mint!

43.  How does a mint say goodbye?  “I’m sad to leaf you!”

44.  What’s a mint’s favorite room?  The living room – that’s where it feels most alive!

45.  What’s a mint’s favorite type of music?  Anything with a good beat, but especially wrap!

46.  Why was the mint so good at basketball?  It always stayed fresh on the court!

47.  What did the mint do when it was stressed?  It took a chill pill.

48.  Why do mints make good detectives?  They always get to the root of the problem!

49.  Why was the mint never lonely?  Because it was part of a bunch!

50.  What do you call an herb that sings?  Elvis Parsley, but mint’s got a good ring to it too!

51.  Why don’t mints get along with secrets?  Because they always spill the beans.

52.  What did the mint say during the pep talk?  “We’re going to crush this, just like a candy cane!”

53.  What’s mint’s life motto?  “Keep calm and carry on refreshing!”

54.  Why was the mint plant so proud?  Because it was in-herb-ited greatness.

55.  What’s a mint’s favorite kind of investment?  A joint-savings a-cough-ment.

56.  What did the mint say to the other herbs?  “I find your lack of flavor disturbing.”

57.  Why was the mint leaf a good writer?  Because it had excellent flavor text.

58.  What do you get when you cross a mint with a baseball player?  A home-run herb!

59.  Why couldn’t the mint leaf land the job?  It lacked the necessary experi-mint.

60.  Why did the mint go to school?  To become a little boulder.

61. I’m so mint-ense, even my muscles are flexing their flavor.

62. When mints go on vacation, they pack their flavor and never leaf it behind.

63. I’ve got this gardening thing down to a fine art – you could say I have a green mint.

64. Don’t worry, be happy, and stay mint-positive!

65. My love for you is like a mint – evergreen and endlessly refreshing.

66. Don’t mint-ion it; it’s all in a day’s work!

67. Mint’s best advice? Turn over a new leaf and freshen up your life.

68. That mint is so tall, it’s practically a tree-mendous achievement!

69. I’m on a roll with these puns – you could say I’m on a mint-streak.

70. I don’t like to brag, but I have quite a good repute-mint.

71.  Why was the mint always picked first in games?  Because it was peppermint to be a player!

72.  What did the mint say when it started to wilt?  “I feel a little less than fresh-mint.”

73.  Why do mints make good friends?  Because they’re always there in tines of need.

74.  What do you call an indecisive mint?  A maybe-mint.

75.  What did the mint leaf say to the comedian?  “You crack me up; you’re un-be-leaf-ably funny!”

76. If you’re feeling down, a mint can always pep-per you up.

77. Life is like a mint garden – full of unexpected fresh starts.

78. Don’t get tied up in knots, unless it’s a mint knot in your mojito.

79. In the world of herbs, mints are the life of the party – they bring all the flair!

80. You could say that mint is my spirit herb – it’s always so invigorating.

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