115 Moon Puns to Light Up Your Night with Gales of Guffaws

best funny moon Puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Moon puns playfully use the multiple meanings of lunar themes and imagery to create silly wordplay.

The moon’s phases, craters, eclipses, and connection to space exploration all get twisted humorously with jokes about the moon “waxing” poetic, werewolves acting strange during full moons, lunar-tick bites, and more.

Moon puns often anthropomorphize the moon, giving it human qualities like throwing parties, feeling sleepy or hungry when full, telling stellar stories in podcasts, going to the gym to improve its orbit, and wanting to be a weather forecaster or DJ. The absurdity evokes laughter about the stoic moon behaving foolishly.

115 Best Moon Puns

  1. why did the moon start a podcast? it wanted to share some “stellar” stories.
  2. why did the moon become a weather forecaster?a: because it wanted to predict “stellar” conditions!
  3. how does the moon organize a party? it planets.
  4. how did the full moon get in shape? it did a lot of lunar-cises!
  5. how do you know the moon is planning a surprise party? it’s been “waxing” poetic about it!
  6. “the moon shines full on the full of the moon.” — anthony t. hinks
  7. the moon’s favorite dance move? the “eclipse” shuffle!
  8. what do you call a tick on the moon?a: a luna-tick.
  9. sometimes i feel like i am the moon and you are the sun, i’d really be in the dark without you!
  10. the moon seems pretty hungry, could you bring that snack lunar rather than later?
  11. how do you stay strong physically to have a successful lunar landing? take your vita-moons.
  12. how did the full moon know it was going to be a clear night? there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
  13. why was the moon happy? because it had a “full” schedule.
  14. when the moon is feeling sleepy, it takes a “cometose” nap.
  15. what’s a moon’s favorite kind of magic trick?a: “eclipse” magic!
  16. why did the moon join a rock band? it had a talent for playing “lunar chords.”
  17. the moon’s favorite day of the week? moonday, obviously!
  18. what board game do they love to play in space? moon-opoly!
  19. why did the moon get mad at the sun? because it always outshone it!
  20. what did the moon say to the earth? “i’ve got your back!”
  21. how often is it that you get to see a lunar eclipse? only once in a blue moon!
  22. did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? great food, but no atmosphere.
  23. what did the full moon say when it was asked to pay for dinner? “it’s on me!”
  24. why did the moon start a space-themed fitness program?a: because it wanted to help people achieve “cosmic” health!
  25. what’s a moon’s favorite type of sandwich?a: “space” sub!
  26. what would have happened if apollo astronauts remained on the moon too long? they would become lunatics.
  27. our cardboard spaceship will be great! just use your i-moon-gination!
  28. what’s a moon’s favorite planetarium show?a: the one about “our solar system”!
  29. what’s a moon’s favorite type of plant?a: “space” flowers!
  30. what’s a moon’s favorite way to exercise?a: “astro-yoga”!
  31. what do you call a moon that likes to dance? a disco ball!
  32. how does the moon cut its hair? eclipse it!
  33. you could say i’m the moon and you’re the sun, because i reallylike having you a-round!
  34. the moon seems to have a bit of an itch, do you think they’ve got alunar-tick?!
  35. why didn’t the moon go to college? it already has a full time orbit!
  36. my friend’s bakery on the moon failed, because he said the cakes were too crumby!
  37. what’s the moon’s favorite book? “to kill a “moon”  kingbird.”
  38. you know, if the moon landing was faked, nasa owe us a huge apollo-gy!
  39. how does the moon relax? it takes a “lunar” soak in the galaxy bath.
  40. why did the full moon go to the therapist? it was feeling a little waning!
  41. why did the moon apply for a loan? it wanted to buy a new “space” ship!
  42. what did the moon say to the sun during the lunar eclipse? “you’re blocking my shine!”
  43. why did the moon start a comedy club? it wanted to share some “out-of-this-world” laughs!
  44. went to a party on the moon once. didn’t really like it, noatmosphere.
  45. did you hear about the cheese factory that opened on the moon? it’s said to be out of this world!
  46. i’ll de-moon-strate how it works.
  47. what did the astronaut do after he crashed into the moon? he apollo-gized.
  48. why did the moon become a dj?a: because it wanted to play some “space” tunes!
  49. why did the moon go to school early? it didn’t want to be tardy-rial.
  50. what is the moon’s favorite type of cheese? moon-zerella cheese!
  51. i watched a series of online videos about the sun and the moonpassing each other. e-clips.
  52. the popularity of the moon has fallen and that is because there is no longer any buzz there.
  53. the astronauts were pretty upset there was no wi-fi on the moon, they wanted to update their spacebook status!
  54. how does the moon cut its hair? eclipse it.
  55. living costs on the moon would probably be out of this world.
  56. how does the moon organize its bookshelf? it sorts them by “star-date”!
  57. why did the moon become an artist? it loved working with “moon-light” and shadows!
  58. why couldn’t the moon eat anymore?a: it was a full moon.
  59. what does the moon do when it’s hungry? it orders a full moon.
  60. what do you call a person who loves the moon? a lunartick.
  61. the moon’s first date advice: “don’t be ‘waning’ in conversation.”
  62. i’m buzz aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon. neil before me!
  63. when the moon is being super grumpy, its parents turn to each otherand say ‘gibbous strength!’.
  64. what’s a moon’s favorite way to relax?a: “starry” nights!
  65. what do you call a lunar exercise schedule? the workout regi-moon.
  66. what did the astronaut say when he first landed on the moon? one small step for man, one giant leap for moonkind!
  67. why was the moon always invited to parties? because it had “out-of-this-world” dance moves!
  68. there is only one way the man who visited the moon can cut his hair. eclipse it.
  69. what do you call a clock on the moon? a lunartick.
  70. i wonder what the moon’s favorite bagel is? probably cinna-moon raisin.
  71. the man in the moon is bald, as he has no ‘air.
  72. why did the astronaut bring a sweater to the chilly moon? he wanted to star gaze in comfort!
  73. why did the moon get a job at the bakery? it wanted to make some “crescent” rolls!
  74. the moon is beautiful and fascinating.
  75. what’s a moon’s favorite day of the week? moon-day!
  76. what kind of books does the moon like to read? comet-books!
  77. why did the moon have a big head? because it had a lot of space inside.
  78. why did the moon skip dinner? because it was already full!
  79. i’m not really enjoying this space flight, i’d like to speak to the moon-agement!
  80. i like going out during a full moon… …but my lycanthropy gives me pause.
  81. “be both soft and wild. just like the moon. or the storm. or the sea.” — victoria erickson
  82. astronomers got tired watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours. they decided to call it a day.
  83. why did the cow jump over the moon? it wanted to make a name for itself!
  84. why couldn’t the moon finish it’s dinner? it was a full moon!
  85. what was the biggest problem with the restaurant on the moon? it had no atmosphere.
  86. full moon on a starry evening
  87. what’s the best drink they make in space? le-moon-ade!
  88. why did the moon get a makeover? it wanted to “wax” its best.
  89. i tried to catch the moon but i missed, now i’m over the moon about it.
  90. did you see the full moon last night?a: it was totally lit!
  91. why did the moon have a party? it was just a phase it was going through.
  92. the moon seems to have a bit of an itch, do you think they’ve got a lunar-tick?!
  93. what’s a moon’s favorite accessory?a: “celestial” jewelry!
  94. why did the full moon take so many naps? it was feeling spacey all month.
  95. the moon’s favorite fruit? starfruit, of course.
  96. what’s the moon’s favorite game? “hide and peek” with the clouds!
  97. why did the moon become an astronaut? it had a thirst for “lunar exploration.”
  98. the jury listened to a testi-moon-y.
  99. why did the moon go on a diet? it wanted to be a “waning” moon!
  100. why did the moon go to the doctor? it was feeling a little luna-tic!
  101. where do you leave your spaceship when you visit the moon?at a parking meteor.
  102. why did the moon go to the gym? to get a better orbit!
  103. how did the moon do in school? got all a’s, even in astronomy.
  104. how do astronauts express love to the moon? they say, “i’m over the moon for you!”
  105. the moon loves gardening; it has a green “space” thumb.
  106. what’s a moon’s favorite dance move? the “crescent shuffle.”
  107. they say people get a little crazy when it is a full moon, but when it’s crescent… it’s true lunar c.
  108. what do you call a group of astronauts on the moon? a lunar landing party!
  109. who is the first farmer to walk on the moon? neil farmstrong.
  110. you moon (mean) a lot to me.
  111. did you hear about the alien who was obsessed with the moon? it was just a phase.
  112. how does the moon cut his hair? eclipse it.
  113. what’s the moon’s favorite sport? lunar-tics!
  114. why was the moon blushing? it saw the sun “rising”!
  115. what do you get when you cross the moon with a computer? “silicon valley-luna.”.

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