85 Mug Puns to Turn Your Cuppa into a Comedy Show!

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Mug puns are a type of wordplay that incorporates humor and wit into the design or text of coffee mugs. They often involve clever phrases, plays on words, or amusing images that relate to coffee, tea, or other beverages.

Mug puns include beverages, animals, plants, and popular culture. These puns can be found on various mug designs, making them a fun and entertaining way to enjoy your favorite hot drink.

85 Best Mug Puns

  1. silent night, holy night, all is calm when i have my christmas mug in sight.
  2. the mug-nitude of the earthquake.
  3. our love is like a mug of hot cocoa, sweet, comforting, and warms the soul.
  4. what did the sloth say when he was mugged by a bunch of snails? it all happened so fast.
  5. this place is mug-ical.
  6. what did the coffee mug say to the tea mug on valentine’s day?a: “you brew-tiful!”
  7. my mug’s motto: “handle life, one sip at a time.”
  8. you’re brew-tea-ful, my dear mug.
  9. mugs – they hold more than just your morning coffee; they hold wisdom and wit.
  10. why do beer mugs make bad secret agents? because they always spill their secrets!
  11. pouring humor: final thoughts on mug-inspired jest
  12. when a mug is empty, it’s just going through a dry spell.
  13. why was the mug proud? it was filled to the brim with confidence.
  14. mug, you’re my cup of tea.
  15. why did the coffee mug go to therapy?a: it had too many mugged feelings!
  16. what did the mug say to the coffee? “i’m into you a latte.”
  17. what did one coffee mug say to the other coffee mug during an argument?a: “don’t espresso yourself like that!”
  18. how does the mug introduce its family? “mug and dad, meet my friends!”
  19. i can’t ‘espresso’ how much you ‘mug-an’ to me this christmas!
  20. why did the mug get an award? for outstanding service.
  21. why was the mug feeling down? it was fed up with the daily grind.
  22. i told my mug a secret, but it just spilled the beans.
  23. mugs and hugs make mornings bearable.
  24. what’s a mug’s favorite plant? the “mug”nolia tree, of course!
  25. why was the christmas mug so popular? it was stuffed with holiday spirit.
  26. why did the mug refuse to tell a secret? because it didn’t want to spill the beans!
  27. you warm my heart like hot coffee in a mug.
  28. i use a mug-nifying glass to read the small print.
  29. what’s a mug’s favorite hairstyle? the “mug”-hawk, obviously!
  30. what did the shy mug say to the coffee? “i’m falling for brew.”
  31. what did the mug say when it got lost? “i’m in hot water now!”
  32. why did the coffee file a police report? because it got mugged!
  33. but what happens when we add a dash of humor to our beloved mugs?
  34. you mug me so happy.
  35. mugs have a secret talent: they can hold a grudge for as long as it takes to finish a cup of tea.
  36. why do beer mugs never get cold? they always wear a frothy cap.
  37. what’s a mug’s favorite type of music?a: mug-sic!
  38. mug shot chronicles: stirring up trouble.
  39. what did the mug say to the coffee pot? “java good day!”
  40. why did the coffee mug go to the comedy club?a: because it wanted to roast some beans!
  41. mugs have a sixth sense – they know exactly when you need a pick-me-up, even before you do.
  42. why did the beer mug go to therapy? it had a lot of bottled up emotions.
  43. why did the beer mug get pulled over? it had one too many!
  44. how about it why did the coffee file a police reportit got mugged
  45. why did the mug go to the therapist? it said it had a lot of emotional baggage to unpack.what do you call a mug that’s always traveling? a wander-mug.
  46. a storm in a teacup? more like a storm in a tea-mug!
  47. what do you call a mug on a trampoline? a jumping joe!
  48. do you believe in mug-ic in a young girl’s heart?
  49. if you steal a cup of coffee, it’s mugging.
  50. why did the mug apply for a job? it wanted to “handle” its responsibilities.
  51. “life is short, eat dessert first – especially if it’s in a mug!”
  52. every mug has a story, mine’s a mystery till coffee.
  53. apple launched a new cup. it’s called an imug.
  54. what’s a mug’s favorite sport? brew-skiing.
  55. how did the coffee mug become an astronaut?a: it had a strong desire to explore the coffee-verse!
  56. why is everyone so obsessed with tie dye mugs recently? they all keep talking about watching a whirled cup
  57. i met a film-mug-er at the coffee shop.
  58. if prisoners could take their own mug shots… …would they be called cellfies?
  59. what did one mug say to the other mug? i love you a latte.
  60. how do mugs keep secrets? they’re pretty good at “mug-mysteries”!
  61. a mug’s least favorite game? spill and tell.
  62. why did the mug get a speeding ticket? it was caught going over the legal tea limit.what do you call a mug with a lot of attitude? a sassy sipper.
  63. what do you call a mug with a great memory?a: a mug-nificent!
  64. what do you call a mug that’s good at math?a: a mug-tician!
  65. what did the mug say to the coffee beans? “you complete me.”
  66. i started carrying a knife after an attempted mugging a few years ago. since then, my mugging attempts have been a lot more successful.
  67. what’s a beer mug’s favorite workout? “reps” with the bar!
  68. you’re the ‘nog’ to my eggnog mug!
  69. what did the home owner say to the mug shot when he put it up on his wall “you’ve been framed!”
  70. what did the mug say after a break up? “i’m mugnificent on my own.”
  71. what’s a mug’s favorite art style? “mug”-nificent watercolors!
  72. saw these lined up against the wall... preparing for their mug shots.
  73. mugs: where caffeine dreams come true.
  74. i read about it in a mug-azine.
  75. what do you call it when a prisoner takes his own mugshot? a cellfie
  76. you’re the mug-ic in my mundane life.
  77. mugs: where taste and personality meet.
  78. what do you call a dog that is part pug, part poodle, and part cup? a muggle.
  79. why did the tea mug apply for a job as a lifeguard?a: because it was great at steeping in hot water!
  80. what do coffee mugs use to communicate online?a: mug-social media!
  81. from cup to cell: mug shot drama.
  82. how do latte cups greet each other? with mugs and kisses.
  83. why was the beer mug feeling down? it had a case of the “brews”.
  84. “my mug, my source of comfort and warmth in a cup ”
  85. how do mugs communicate with each other?a: they have a handle on it!

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