55 Museum Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

best funny museum puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Within these punny walls you’ll find exhibits celebrating all things related to cultural collections – from plays on “museum” to jokes about iconic artifacts.

From “swan diving” into puns to “ruffling some feathers” with our puns, prepare to have your funny bone tickled. We’ll help you see these swimmers in a whole new way – in a pun-tastic perspective.

55 Best Museum Puns

  1. now museum, now you don’t
  2. it thought it was alone in the museum!
  3. why was the art thief disappointed after robbing the modern art museum? he didn’t actually steal anything nice.
  4. i went to the air and space museum. it was an empty building.
  5. he believes that one day he’ll be very important, so he asks a sculptor to carve his bust out of marble to put into a museum in the future. the sculptor says, “sir, i think you’re getting a head of yourself.”
  6. why couldn’t the guy go to the contraception museum? they wouldn’t let him come inside.
  7. why did the console gamer get a headache at the art museum? too many frames.
  8. got a job moving suits of armour in the local museum after it closed each evening. it was all night shifts.
  9. my friend is weirdly addicted to going to museums and kissing impressionist paintings. he puts his monet where his mouth is.
  10. i visited the air and space museum today… there was nothing to see there.
  11. i found this in the lenin-museum in tampere
  12. why couldn’t the guy get into the famous knife exhibit at the museum? people kept cutting in line.
  13. why couldn’t the guy go to the contraception museum?
    a. they wouldn’t let him come inside.
  14.    why are security guards always on high alert at the money museum?
  15. vandals have attacked the national origami museum in tokyo… we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds…
  16. why did the art thief’s van run out of gas as he drove away from the museum? because he had no monet to buy degas to make the van gogh
  17. son, i gotta tell ya, i’ve done some deep thinking and i’ve realized it’s high time i quit my job and finally pursue my dream. i’m going to open a museum that commemorates the extensive and fascinating history of beverages. i’m calling it the gluggenheim
  18. what’s a geologists favorite museum? a smithstoneian
  19. what do you call 2 petri dishes enjoying themselves at an art museum? cultured
  20. an art museum robber is caught when he tries to get away…. a reporter asks him what went wrong with the robbery. he answers ” i didn’t have the monet to buy degas to make the van gogh.
  21. i heard the new exhibit at the art museum is quite a draw.
  22. that vampire movie’s getting a sequel… did you hear about that vampire movie with tilde swinton and hiddleston? they’re making a sequel, where they break into french art museums. i’m told it’d be called “only louvres left alive.”
  23. i applied for a security job at the museum but didn’t get it. i guess i wasn’t a good fit.
  24. why is it
    hard to trust
    a museum?
  25. why did the art thief take painting lessons before robbing the museum? he wanted to make a good impression.
  26. breaking news: vandals broke into the origami museum last night will keep you posted as the story unfolds.
  27. wife: “oh, wow. i didn’t know there was a watch museum here. why have we never been?” me: “i guess we’ve just never had the time.”
  28. what’s the least british thing in a british museum? the exhibits
  29. what do you call souvenirs from the wax museum? paraffinalia!
  30.    a museum date is an excellent way to demonstrate appreciation for someone.
  31. i’m not happy because i have to work at the museum tonight moving suits of armor. i hate knight shifts.
  32. i just got fired from my job in museum they said they’re not happy with my work here, which is ridiculous, i only worked here for 2 days and already sold 2 picassos.
  33. today’s
    tv news flash: vandals broke into the national origami museum
    in tokyo. updates will follow as the story unfolds.
  34. museum
    visitor: how do you influence a fine artist?
    blonde tour guide: easel-y.
  35.    provide me with a museum, and i will fill it.
  36. 146.”why did the artist go to the museum with a ladder? because they wanted to get a ‘higher’ perspective!”
  37. went to the new paris disco museum, le grouvre.
  38. why does the alzheimers museum have so many repeat visitors? that is because there’s always something new to see there.
  39. how did the painter lose his job at the art museum? he got fired for framing someone.
  40. what is it called if you’re instantly enamoured by a famous
    french art museum?
    a. louvre at first sight.
  41. what do you call a museum exhibit of famous footwear?
  42. i heard the science museum just opened a new electricity exhibit. it has potential to be shocking.
  43. i woke up this morning with a mammoth erection. i had a lot of explaining to do at the natural history museum!
  44. the great thing about the alzheimers museum is… no matter how many times you go, it always seems new.
  45. what will you see at the air and space museum? an empty building.
  46. what happened when the scrabble museum was robbed? curators were at a loss for words.
  47. at the museum, i turned to the attendant and said, “i suppose this horrible thing is what you call modern art, right!” attendant: sir, that’s a mirror.
  48. what did the visitors say about the vampire’s art featured at the transylvania museum? what a monster-piece!
  49. why didn’t the guy say hello to his ex-girlfriend when he
    saw her at the museum?
    a. there was just too much history between them.
  50. why was a used tampon on display at the museum? it was a period piece.
  51. what is the timeless pants exhibit at the levi straus museum
    a. jean-eaology.
  52. why are there pyramids in egypt? they were too heavy to steal and put in a british museum.
  53. in a museum, found the boring bit
  54. what happens to an exhibit that gets moved from the archaeology museum to the fine art museum? it goes from ancient to avant-garde.
  55. the only reason there are pyramids in egypt is because they are too heavy to be carried to the british museum

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