35 Nintendo Puns That Will Make You Game Over with Glee!

best funny nintendo Puns
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Nintendo puns include references to classic Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Pokémon as well as hardware like the Nintendo Switch and Wii. Puns may play on iconic sounds like the 1-Up mushroom chime, use catchphrases like “It’s a-me, Mario!”, or poke fun at gaming experiences like blowing cartridges.

Nintendo puns come in many types – rhyming schemes, homophones, portmanteaus, and well-timed references. Whether cringe-worthy or clever, the best Nintendo puns make gamers and fans smile at the playful nostalgia and silliness.

Nintendo puns deliver smiles as they remind us why we fell in love with these iconic characters and games in the first place.

35 Best Nintendo Puns

  1. the president of nintendo died… the ambulance went wii u, wii u, wii u.
  2. what was the only nintendo series to really fall flat? paper mario
  3. can we please get some new gba games, nintendo?
  4. nintendo used to make the wii then they decided to make a switch.
  5. what sound does a nintendo police car make? wii-u wii-u wii-u
  6. i really hate it when… …autocorrect makes me say things i didn’t nintendo.
  7. when he’s not paying off a loan to tom nook, liam likes to report on the latest nintendo news and admire his library of video games. his favourite nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but nowadays he prefers to hang out with judd the cat.
  8. what noise does a nintendo police make? wii u wii u wii u.
  9. did you see the new nintendo movie? it was very graphic.
  10. what do you call a mischievous nintendo character? a-wii-l-ins!
  11. what’s a french persons favourite gaming console? a nintendo oui
  12. what sound does a nintendo ambulence make? wii u, wii u, wii u, wii u.
  13. what do you call a mexican portable nintendo? nintendo diaz
  14. what did the nintendo character say when they won the lottery? “i’m game-boy-ant!”
  15. just saw a french footballer playing nintendo think it was thierry on wii
  16. we’ve finally made it to december and to mark the last month of 2023, nintendo has rolled out a new firmware update for the switch.
  17. autocorrect made me say things… …i didn’t nintendo.
  18. relationships should be like nintendo 64 classic… fun to spend time with and every issue fixed by blowing and shoving it back in.
  19. so, nintendo’s stopped production of the wii u and are producing their new console. looks like they decided it’s a good time for a switch.
  20. wii balance board is now my favourite nintendo character.
  21. why did the nintendo character become a photographer? they loved capturing “snap-shots” of adventures!
  22. what do you call a mischievous plumber in the nintendo universe? a “pipe-rankster”!
  23. what’s the most melodious nintendo game? “hyrule symphony”!
  24. nintendo: do you remember when we were the video consoles all people wanted to have? sega: i do. atari: i have no memory.
  25. why did the nintendo character bring an umbrella to the party? they were expecting a “rain-bow” of fun!
  26. what do you call two nintendo fans doing incest? super smash bros.
  27. how do you call the random eye movement caused by prolonged video gaming? a nintendo twitch.
  28. what’s the nintendo character’s favorite kind of tea? “link” tea, of course!
  29. of course, these are only nintendo’s patch notes, and dataminers have already investigated what else has changed behind the scenes. here’s what else has been found, as highlighted by ‘oatmealdome’ via social media:
  30. what did the nintendo wii do when he stopped working? wii-tired​​bonus: in wii-sconsin.
  31. how many nintendo fans does it take to change a lightbulb? who knows? they’re all too busy playing with the switch.
  32. how many nintendo fans does it take to change a lightbulb? who knows? they’re all too busy playing with the switch.
  33. what noise does a nintendo ambulance make? wii-u-wii-u-wii-u-wii-u-wii-u.
  34. after a year of use i can say without a doubt that the nintendo switch is the perfect console for me the nintendo sub was too under powered and the nintendo dom is more than i can handle…….
  35. i was definitely feeling more stable today. thanks nintendo!

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