90 Nun Puns That Promise to Be Second to Nun

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Nun puns are a humorous play on words related to nuns and their habits. These puns often involve wordplay, double entendres, and religious references.

The themes of nun puns are varied, covering topics such as nuns’ attire, their role in the church, their daily lives, and their relationship with God. Some common themes include their black habits, their vows of chastity, their devotion to God, and their sense of humor.

These 90 Best Nun Puns can be lighthearted and humorous, offering a playful take on the lives of nuns while also celebrating their unique qualities and contributions. 

90 Best Nun Puns

  1. what’s a nun’s favorite ride at the amusement park?a: the roller “holy” coaster.
  2. why did the nun become a poet? she believed in writing verses that touched the depths of the soul.
  3. what do you call a flying nun? a bird? a plane?nope, nun of the above
  4. what is the relationship status of nuns?  nun.
  5. what did the mischievous nun say during a game of charades? “i’m habit-ually good at this!”
  6. what do you call a mischievous nun? sister act up!
  7. what’s a warrior nun’s favorite game? ‘halo,’ of course!
  8. why did the nun bring a notepad to the theater? she wanted to jot down holy revelations during the performance.
  9. he’s nun-objectionable.
  10. what’s a nun’s favorite type of music? gregorian chant!
  11. why did the nun bring a ladder to the movie theater? she wanted to get a better habit-view.
  12. what do you call a nun doing yoga? twisted sister!
  13. nun of us can keep a straight face.
  14. what do you call a nun who’s a lawyer?  a sister-in-law.
  15. what did the priest say to the nun at the salad bar?
  16. how do nuns keep track of their prayers? with a “nun”-tally counter.
  17. the nun was great at photography; she had an eye for “heaven”-ly moments.
  18. why do nuns wear black? it’s a habit they get into.
  19. you can kiss a nun!!! just dont get into the habit.
  20. what did the nun say when she saw the elephant?  “holy cow!”
  21. how did the nun start her car? with a ‘holy’ key, of course!
  22. a nun’s favorite fruit is a “pome-granate” because it reminds her of the pope.
  23. why do nuns have problems with addictions? they have a hard time kicking the habit.
  24. what do you call a group of nuns with swords? nunjas… and if they’re well equipped they’ll have nunchucks too!
  25. 2 nuns were sitting on a park bench when a guy came running through and flashed them. one of the nuns had a stroke… the other one couldn’t reach.
  26. why do nuns consume marijuana?a: for getting high.
  27. nuns love gardening; they find it “soul”-nourishing.
  28. why do nuns dress in black?a: it becomes a habit for them.
  29. the lights flashed the bells rang and in she went through the pearly gates.and finally it came the turn of the last nun.
  30. nuns love traveling; they find it “spiritually” enlightening.
  31. what do you call a nun who’s an expert gardener? sister bloom.
  32. what’s a nun’s favorite social media platform? nuns-tagram.
  33. what kind of music do nuns listen to? “gregorian chants,” of course!
  34. what’s a nun’s favorite fruit?a: holy guacamole!
  35. nuns are excellent singers; they have a “habit” of hitting the right notes.
  36. what do you call a mischievous group of nuns? a “habit”-ual pranksters’ order!
  37. what do you call a group of nuns on the beach? “a congregation” of sunbathers.
  38. why did the nun go to the airport with a suitcase full of carrots? she heard her flight was boarding with air carrot-erol.
  39. why did the nun bring a microphone to the convent? she wanted to give sermons with sound effects.
  40. did you hear about the nun who started watching porn? she regrets picking up the habit.
  41. do you know what i like about nuns? their good habits.
  42. why did the nun take up gardening?  she wanted to be closer to the garden of eden!
  43. what kind of beverages do nuns prefer?  nun-intoxicating.
  44. what did the priest say while standing with the nun at the salad bar?
  45. what’s a nun behind a stroller? a cardinal mistake.
  46. why did the nun become a referee? she had a habit of making fair calls.
  47. what kinda meat does a priest eat on friday? nun
  48. what’s a nun’s favorite genre of music? heavenly harmonies.
  49. what’s the difference between a nun and a woman taking a bath? one has hope in her soul.
  50. what did the warrior nun say when asked about her secret to strength? ‘it’s all about that inner ‘soul’ power!’
  51. what did the mischievous nun say during the game of hide-and-seek? “i’ll habit here, you’ll never find me!”
  52. what do you call a moving nun? a roman catholicsource: laffytaffy wrapper
  53. what’s a nun’s favorite card game? soli-tary.
  54. why did the nun become a hairstylist? she had a knack for heavenly makeovers.
  55. what is the official anthem of nuns leaving a monastery?a: linking park’s “breaking the habit.”
  56. many people have long been fascinated by and intrigued by nuns.
  57. how do nuns make holy water?a: they boil the hell out of it.
  58. why don’t nuns wear bras? god supports them.
  59. how do you get a nun pregnant? dress her up as an alter boy
  60. nun-chucks of humor, anyone?
  61. mother teresa has a secret.. but it’s nun of your business!
  62. she felt nun-welcomed.
  63. two nuns are cycling down a cobbled street.the first one says “i’ve never come this way before.”the second one replies “must be the cobbles”
  64. what do you call a naked nun? out of habit.
  65. nun of your business!
  66. i went to a church looking for the priest. but i found nun
  67. “what did the priest say to the nun at the salad bar?”
  68. what’s black, white, red, and has trouble going through a revolving door? a nun with a spear through her head.
  69. nuns are great chefs; they know how to cook with “divine” inspiration.
  70. how did the nun remain unaware of her illness for so long?  her illness went undiagnosed for years.
  71. why did the visually impaired nun stumble into the well?  she had poor vision.
  72. god bless.holy cannoli!nunsense!holier than thou.none other than you!
  73. the nun loved swimming because she felt at peace in “holy” waters.
  74. the nun loved gardening because it allowed her to grow “heaven”-ly flowers.
  75. what’s the difference between a nun in church and a prostitute in a bathtub? one has hope in her soulthe other has soap in her hole
  76. what do you call a nun who drives a tractor? sister john deere!
  77. what do you call a nun that won’t work?
  78. where can a nun get a cowl?a: at the habitat for humanity.
  79. why did the nun switch to a vegetarian diet? she wanted to avoid “soul”-eating animals.
  80. why do nuns always travel in pairs?  one to keep an eye on the other and make sure she doesn’t get into any habits.
  81. what’s a nun’s favorite board game? halos and ladders.
  82. my favourite way to dress is all in black. my sense of fashion is second to nun.i’ll show myself out.
  83. what do you call a nun’s crap.. holy shit
  84. what is a naked nun called?  one without a habit.
  85. what do you call a nun who walks in her sleep? a roamin’ catholic.
  86. what kind of meat does a priest eat on fridays? nun.
  87. why did the warrior nun become an author? to share her ‘holy’ stories!
  88. how many sacred holy sisters does it take to change a light bulb? nun
  89. how did the nun describe her sense of humor?a: “divinely” inspired.
  90. the nun’s favorite ice cream flavor was “holy” mint chocolate chip.

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