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best funny Orange puns
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Orange puns involve the color orange, the peeling of oranges, orange juice and its properties, and general orange-related imagery.

They’ll also play with words like “zest,” “juice,” and “concentrate” that are closely tied to oranges. Puns also like to reference the tangy, refreshing flavor of oranges and how they can add brightness to any situation.

These 125 Best Orange Puns provided tap into the visual, textual, and experiential aspects of oranges to create humorous new meanings and associations.

125 Best Orange Puns

  1. do you know what rhymes with orange? ‘no it doesn’t’.
  2. an orange’s favorite pastime? rolling down the hill.
  3. the salad needs balsamic vinegar orange dressing.
  4. don’t be a spoilsport, just take things in your stride and eat that orange!
  5. what do you call an orange that’s always dancing? a rhythmic orange.
  6. why was the orange delighted? it just found its zest mate!
  7. oranges are full of surprises; they always keep you juiced!
  8. how do you fix a broken orange? with a citrus-tape!
  9. how do you know when an orange is lying? it starts to turn “orange-y.”
  10. you’re the sunshine in my orange grove.
  11. it’s raining. wear orange-jacket.
  12. how do oranges communicate? with pulp fiction stories!
  13. why did the orange apply for a job at the bakery? it had experience in “roll-ing” dough.
  14. an orange’s life is just pulp fiction.
  15. oranges never get tired; they always have a-peel-ing energy!
  16. why did the orange become an astronaut? it wanted to explore the space within!
  17. why did the orange go to therapy? because it had too much “pulp” stress!
  18. how did the orange come back after it was chucked in the garbage? because it was a boom-orange.
  19. what did the orange say to the carrot? “peel the love!”
  20. oranges are great listeners; they always lend a zestful ear.
  21. a zest for life is the key to happiness, according to the orange.
  22. what did the old orange see before it died? a: the grim ripe-r.
  23. why did the orange go to school? to become a little more ‘concentrated’!
  24. what did one orange say to the other in the orchard?a: “you make my ‘citrus’ sing!”
  25. everything in johnny blue’s bungalow is orange. orange walls, doors, and furniture. what color are the stairs?
  26. if an orange became a doctor, it would specialize in peel-iatrics.
  27. time to put these oranges to the zest.
  28. why did the orange go to the doctor? it wasn’t peeling well!
  29. oranges are a-peeling to all kinds of people – they’re the ‘citrus’ of life!
  30. that man in the orange suit is zest for success.
  31. why did steve jobs call his company apple? because he didn’t want to call it orange.
  32. i’m scared i’m turning orange. hopefully, it’s just a pigment of my imagination!
  33. the orange was worried about taking a test. it felt a bit ‘zested’ about it!
  34. what is the reason that you would keep staring at the orange juice bottle? because it says ‘concentrate’.
  35. i would love an orange slice, they are just such an a-peel-ing fruit.
  36. what’s the difference between a banana and an orange? you should call the doctor if anything turns orange.
  37. a dream about orange soda is a fanta-sy.
  38. why did the orange refuse to fight? it didn’t want to “squeeze” into any trouble.
  39. why did the orange go to school? to get a little more zest in its life!
  40. why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? it ran out of juice!
  41. what do you call an orange that’s always happy? a zesty fellow.
  42. oranges do sweat when squeezed hard at work. however, they give orange juice instead.
  43. where were the first orange trees planted? in orange county.
  44. i just can’t get enough of these sweet juicy oranges! you could say i find them very a-peel-ing!
  45. why did the orange file a police report? it got zest-robbed!
  46. what’s an orange’s favorite fairy tale? “the princess and the peel.”
  47. why did the blonde stare at the carton of orange juice? it said concentrate.
  48. oranges are not good at keeping secrets; they spill the juice.
  49. last night i had a dream that i was swimming in an ocean of orange soda. i guess it was just a fanta sea!
  50. there are a lot of oranges on the navel ship.
  51. how do oranges express their love?a: with a “squeeze”!
  52. did you hear about the orange who got stuck next to the highway? his car ran out of juice.
  53. an orange’s favorite type of math? trigonome-tree.
  54. i’m feeling peachy keen eating this delicious orange.
  55. what do you call an orange that’s been cursed? a “haunt”-range!
  56. what do you call an orange that’s always telling the truth? a frank-furter.
  57. what did the orange say when he was complimented on his looks? “surely, you must be telling this in zest”!
  58. what’s an orange’s favorite tv show? “the real housefruits of orange county.”
  59. why did the orange start a band with the banana? they wanted to create “fruitful” music.
  60. i love sweet oranges in the morning. they always give me a stellar ruby start to my day!
  61. what did the orange do for its friend’s birthday party? it made all the orange-ments.
  62. why did the orange refuse to play hide and seek? because it didn’t want to be a “concealed” orange!
  63. i need orange dressing for my salad.
  64. why are oranges eaten by animals that are eaten by humans? they are on the bottom of the fruit chain.
  65. one orange said to the other, “you’re the zest!”
  66. why did the orange bring a ladder to the party? it wanted to “squeeze” into the conversation.
  67. oranges are the life of the party; they know how to zest it up!
  68. why did the orange help the old lady cross the road? to do a random act of rindness.
  69. these oranges orange-inated from asia.
  70. i rarely put orange slices in my beer, and only do it once in a blue moon.
  71. what can a whole orange do that half an orange can never do? look round!
  72. why did the orange go to the dance party? it wanted to show off its “peel” moves.
  73. why did the orange take up painting? it wanted to express its zestistic side.
  74. why did the orange go to the doctor? he wasn’t peeling well.
  75. are you an orange? because you’ve got me feeling zestful!
  76. oranges don’t play sports; they don’t want to be squashed.
  77. what did the oranges do after concluding the meeting? they peeled the deal.
  78. why did the orange break up with the apple?a: because it couldn’t handle the “core” issues!
  79. the orange was really sad at the event because it had no peelings whatsoever for the desperate prune.
  80. why did the orange become a detective? to solve the “mystery” of the missing vitamin c!
  81. oranges don’t play basketball; they can’t handle the peel pressure.
  82. what do you call an orange that’s always brave? a courageous orange.
  83. the oranges have great eyesight because they always keep their eyes peeled.
  84. what do you call an orange that’s always happy to see you? a friendly orange.
  85. the employee got fired from the orange juice factory for being unable to concentrate.
  86. what do you call an orange that’s always hungry? a famished orange.
  87. what’s an orange’s favorite type of music? “jazz,” because it loves the smooth rhythms!
  88. why did the orange win the talent show? it had the “peel” factor.
  89. did you hear about the fruit who was beaten up? he was orange by the end of it.
  90. what do you call an orange that’s always being positive? an optimist.
  91. how did the orange become a stand-up comedian? it had a “zest” for making people laugh!
  92. which role in the star wars movie was the orange cast for? emperor pulpatine.
  93. what do you call an orange that’s always thirsty? a parched orange.
  94. i had a dream about the whole ocean was filled with orange soda. – turns out it was a fanta sea.
  95. class, let’s make this lesson as zestful as an orange!
  96. oranges don’t get into fights; they avoid peel-ysical confrontations.
  97. what do you call a mischievous orange? a “prank”-range!
  98. oranges are not good at climbing; they fear the peel.
  99. i was fired at the orange juice factory because i couldn’t concentrate.
  100. what is a vampire’s favorite fruit? blood orange.
  101. how do you fix a broken orange? with orange glue-cifer.
  102. what do you call an orange with musical talent? a “citrus” symphony.
  103. when you come across oranges wearing suntan lotion, don’t judge them harshly. they do so in order not to peel.
  104. what do you call a fruit riding a motorcycle? an orange county chopper.
  105. what did the apple teacher say to her student? help me orange the chairs please!
  106. i work as orange-r in the forest.
  107. why was the orange depressed? a: because nobody could peel his pain.
  108. what’s an orange’s favorite type of movie? a “slice” of life!
  109. why do oranges wear sunscreen lotion? because they peel.
  110. what did the orange say to the lemon at the party? “you’re a-peel-ing too!”
  111. what do you call a really old orange? a “citrus” relic!
  112. why do oranges like to hang out in groups? because they’re part of the ‘citrus’ club!
  113. what do you call an orange with a sunburn? a “peeling” fruit!
  114. oranges are full of vitamin c and that means they make you strong. there is fruit for thought.
  115. what are a bunny and an orange cross called? a pip squeak.
  116. what’s an orange’s favorite dessert? “tang”-loaf cake!
  117. oranges are the sunshine of fruits; they brighten up any day!
  118. what did one orange say to its friend telling a wild story? “that’s un-peel-ievalbe!”
  119. why did the orange take a break from work? it needed some “peel” time.
  120. why was red in awe of orange? because orange blue green.
  121. these oranges are so fun to peel, i feel like a cutie!
  122. i would love to focus on peeling this orange, but i’m finding it hard to concentrate!
  123. why did the orange stop midway up the hill? it ran out of peel.
  124. why did the orange go to the party? it wanted to make a fresh-squeezed entrance!
  125. i love oranges because they’re a refreshing and tangy treat. you could say they really appeel to me!

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