50 Oregon Puns for Microbrewery Lovers

best funny oregon puns
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Oregon puns take the state’s unique culture and landscape and give it a playful twist. There are puns about the iconic Oregon Trail and its history, from those who “died of diss’n Terry” to pioneers who had plenty of “Trail tales” after reaching the end.

Nature also provides inspiration, with jokes about the state’s reputation for organic living where “everything is organic” and its scenery, like taking in the “height” of adventures at Mount Hood.

Weather is another theme, from being “shore” glad to be in Oregon to rain boots as an Oregonian’s favorite shoe. And of course, the state’s flora and fauna offer opportunities for wordplay, like a vegetable starting a band because it wanted to be a “jammin‘ beet.”

Whether about the coast, trails, or towns, 50 Best Oregon Puns aim to celebrate the state in a humorous way.

50 Best Oregon Puns

  1. oregon: the place the wild meets the west.
  2. my dream is to open up oregon pizzas… my tagline would be “op delivers”
  3. did you know the original programmer of oregon trail was beaten to death by mentally ill discworld fan? he died of dissin’ terry.
  4. a friend of mine died on the oregon trail. he insulted terry’s mother. he died of dissing terry.
  5. everyone who lives in oregon must be really lucky. everything there is organic.
  6. why did the vegetable start a band in oregon? it wanted to be a jammin’ beet!
  7. happiness isn’t a way of thinking, however a shuttle to oregon.
  8. explore a little-known arboretum in this small oregon country town
  9. water-falling in love with oregon.
  10. that’s one merchandise off the bucket checklist. hi, oregon.
  11. what’s an oregonian’s favorite comedy genre? nature’s sitcoms!
  12. mount hood: the height of my oregon adventures.
  13. add oregon to your bucket list. i promise you won’t regret it.
  14. i’m “shore” glad i’m in oregon.
  15. why did the bicycle go to oregon? it heard the hills were wheely great!
  16. “being from oregon, it’s a part of who i’m.” – mat kearney
  17. oregon: the place each day is a brand new journey.
  18. a hood day to be alive in oregon.
  19. what is the most musical us state? oregon
  20. what’s an oregonian’s favorite type of shoe? rain-boots, of course!
  21. oregon: the place the wild meets the west.
  22. why did the backpack love oregon’s trails? it was always ready for a load of fun!
  23. both you like oregon or you might be fallacious.
  24. i’m in a superb place proper now. not emotionally, i’m simply in oregon.
  25. a bad day in oregon still beats a good day anywhere else.
  26. head within the clouds, toes at the oregon path.
  27. savoring the oregon coast, one wave at a time.
  28. lifestyles is brief, pass to oregon!
  29. there’s oregon…. after which there’s all over the place else.
  30. if the u.s gave oregon to canada would they be organ donors
  31. how did the oregon ducks die from drinking milk? a: the cow fell on him.
  32. oregon: the place on a daily basis is a brand new journey.
  33. why did the ghost visit oregon? to explore its spirited atmosphere!
  34. why did the computer take a vacation to oregon? it needed to recharge its circuits in the great outdoors!
  35. found my happy place in oregon.
  36. why is the oregon ducks a bad doctors favorite football team? because they’re a quack
  37. what’s an oregonian’s favorite type of cake? a volcano chocolate eruption!
  38. heaven on earth: oregon version.
  39. embrace the ‘beaver’-ment of laughter as you explore the wonders of oregon.
  40. left my center in oregon, higher return and get it.
  41. “the landscapes of oregon are a photographer’s dream come true.”“where the forests are as tall as our aspirations in oregon.”
  42. what did the pioneers say when they finally reached the oregon trail’s end? “we’ve got ‘trail’ tales to tell!”
  43. why did the bicycle get a map of oregon? it wanted to explore every pedal-worthy path!
  44. the one strategy to see oregon is to expl-ore it.
  45. my uncle died on the oregon trail we buried him in cholerado
  46. what did the pacific ocean say to the oregon?… nothing, it just waved.
  47. un-be-leaf-able adventures in oregon.
  48. had this conversation with my co-worker regarding the recent age-discrimination case in oregon.
  49. what’s an oregonian’s favorite accessory? a rainhat, of course!
  50. taking the scenic route via oregon.

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