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best funny origami puns
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Origami puns take the art of paper folding and turn it into comedic wordplay. Themes of origami puns often involve folding, unfolding, paper crafting, and geometric shapes.

Common types include puns about origami artists and their skills, origami animals and objects taking on human roles and activities, the folding process itself, and origami competitions or businesses.

With origami puns, the possibilities are endless as folders flex their creative muscles devising new ways to bend words into amusing folds, creases, and shapes just as they do with paper.

55 Best Origami Puns

  1. what’s the most realistic part of an origami car? it has manifolds.
  2. why did the origami artist become a lifeguard? they were great at “rescue-folding.”
  3. why are paperfolders dangerous? they have a black belt in origami…
  4. paper meets geometry: the harmonious world of origami
  5. what do you call a group of origami cats? a meowtain of folded felines.
  6. what’s an origami’s favorite summer activity? “fold”-ing paper boats!
  7. it was funnier in my head i got an a on my origami assignment when i turned my paper into my teacher
  8. apparently origami enthusiasts are bad at poker they’re always folding
  9. origami swan i made has the shadow of a spy
  10. the origami flower was always “blooming” with beauty.
  11. why did the origami book go to therapy? it needed help unfolding its emotions!
  12. i was the owner of an origami business unfortunately we had to fold.
  13. i have got a black belt in origami i made it myself
  14. why did the origami dog go to school? to “fetch” an education!
  15. what’s the difference between origami and a grandpa passing wind? one is the art of the fold, the other, the fart of the old.
  16. i tried playing poker with my wife’s origami club but the only thing they do is fold
  17. the origami dragon was feeling “fold-acious” after completing a challenging design.
  18. how do you describe an origami party? it’s a paper-folding extravaganza!
  19. why did the origami dog become a detective? it was great at “unraveling” mysteries.
  20. the national origami championship is on television tonight. it’s on paper view.
  21. what do you call an origami rabbit that loves to travel? a jet-setter hopper!
  22. why did the origami artist get a job at the bakery? they were an expert at folding dough!
  23. the origami unicorn loved to dance; it had “fold-tastic” moves.
  24. i fold origami: this is one sheet of paper, no cuts
  25. why did the origami airplane become a pilot? it wanted to “unfold” new horizons.
  26. i heard on the news that someone had robbed the tokyo origami museum in japan the reporter said that the story is still unfolding.
  27. why did the origami teacher lose their voice? they were always on a paper-roll!
  28. the origami flower loved roller coasters; it was a “fold-tastic” thrill-seeker.
  29. why did the origami mathematician become a folding genius? they excelled in geometry!
  30. origami falcon 9 booster by me. made using 4 square sheets of paper.
  31. why are paperfolders dangerous? they have a black belt in origami…
  32. why did the origami bird join a band? it had a natural talent for flute-tering!
  33. i’m creating a wwe match between origami figures. it’s paper view.
  34. the origami semi-finals are airing soon. you can watch it on paperview
  35. my mate who’s an origami teacher, has quit her job.. apparently… 1. there was too much paperwork.2. she kept folding under pressure.3. she just couldn’t cut it.
  36. the origami rose loved to dance; it had “petal-folding” moves.
  37. i was the owner of an origami business unfortunately we had to fold.
  38. 1,036 origami cubes, 2 packs of glue sticks and 140 hours of work later………
  39. how did the origami artist know they had found their true calling? they felt it deep in their paper-chords!
  40. why did the origami tree get a job at the bank? it knew how to handle paper currency!
  41. i use to attend an origami club. but it folded.
  42. what did the origami owl say to the other birds? “fold me closer, tiny dancer.”
  43. how do origami models get their hair styled? they go to the paper salon!
  44. what did the origami bee say to the flower? “i’m buzzing with folderness for you.”
  45. i used to be obsessed with origami but one day i ran out of paper and my life unfolded before me
  46. how many origamists does it take to change a light bulb?ten to build the modules, and maarten van gelder to put them together into a ladder. (ralph furmaniak)
  47. did you hear about the origami shop that closed down? yeah. i heard it folded.
  48. why did the origami boat join a gym? it wanted to work on its paper abs!
  49. i use to like origami as a hobby but i gave up as it was alot of paperwork.
  50. how do you know when an origami artist is sad? they’re all creased up!
  51. made the it clown out of 3d origami paper pieces
  52. did you hear about the origami business? it folded…
  53. the popularity of origami has increased ten fold.
  54. the origami butterfly was feeling “fold-some” and ready to take flight.
  55. i’ve given up trying to do origami with low quality, thin paper. it’s tearable.

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