115 Oyster Puns Pledged to Render You a Puddle of Smiles

best funny oyster puns
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Oyster puns are humorous wordplay or jokes that revolve around the theme of oysters. They often play on the words “oyster,” “shell,” “pearl,” and other related terms. These puns can be used to add a touch of humor to conversations, social media posts, or even blog posts about oysters.

Join us as we dive into the depths of oyster humor and explore the different types of puns that will leave you clamoring for more. So, grab your shucking knife and get ready to crack open a world of laughter with these 115 oyster puns!

115 Best Oyster Puns

  1. “be like an oyster, turn an irritant into a pearl.”
  2. “savoring the smoky goodness of freshly roasted oysters.”
  3. it’s just a ba-shuck oyster.
  4. why wouldn’t the oyster give up her pearl? she was shellfish.
  5. i’ve got oyster matters to attend to.
  6. was it on the anterior or p-oyster-ior?
  7. “find someone who looks at you the way i look at oysters. ”
  8. “oyster happiness is a shell away. ”
  9. how do oysters call their friends?a: on shell phones!
  10. it was lackl-oyster.
  11. what did the oysters do during the birthday party?they shellabrated.
  12. why shouldn’t you eat oysters with method man? because wu-tang clan ain’t nothing to shuck with
  13. “shell-yeah! life’s a beach with oysters.”
  14. “eating oysters is an art form i’ve mastered. ”
  15. the world is my oyster and i have a shellfish allergy
  16. eating oysters is not for the faint of heart. as jonathan swift once said, “he was a bold man that first ate an oyster.” here are some more great sayings about consuming this seafood delicacy that’s served on the half shell.
  17. is there anything better than a salty ocean breeze and a platter of briny oysters?
  18. just got hired on at a high end restaurant, my main job so far has been oyster preparation and i’ve gotta say, it really shucks
  19. what do you call a scots child who monopolizes the oyster counter at a seafood restaurant? a raw bar bairn.
  20. an oyster i know has just split up with his girlfriend. she was just too deep for him.
  21. “oysters: where small things bring big smiles. ”
  22. “oyster happy hour: my favorite time of the day!”
  23. “an oyster may be crossed in love, and if she is left with a feelings of exasperation and injustice, she may say things.” – edward lear
  24. the world is your oyster.
  25. “fire up the grill and let the oyster roast begin! ”
  26. what did the oyster say when he got caught? aww, shucks
  27. the world was my oyster but i used the wrong fork.– oscar wilde
  28. “oysters: the snack that’s all shell and no drama. ”
  29. if life’s my oyster… then i must be fucking allergic to shellfish
  30. “chillin’ with my oysters, just keepin’ it real, pearl!”
  31. why did the oyster start a rock band? it wanted to be a pearlforming artist!
  32. why don’t oysters share their pearls? because they are “shellfish”
  33. i heard oysters were an effective aphrodisiac, so i ate a dozen. only four of them worked.
  34. “oysters: the official appetizer of good times.”
  35. what did the oyster say when it won the lottery? “i’m living in a shell-abration!”
  36. q: what do you call bodybuilding oysters?a: hoisters.
  37. he was a very valiant man who first adventured on eating of oysters.– king james vi & i.
  38. why did the oyster blush? because it saw the seaweed!
  39. comic book movies are all about oyster eggs these days.
  40. “oysters: the ultimate taste of the tide!”
  41. “stay shuck-sational, my oyster-loving friends!”
  42. “seaside vibes and oyster highs.”
  43. “savoring the cute, briny happiness of oyster time.”
  44. how do oysters buy things online? they use their shell-phone!
  45. what does an oyster wear into battle? clamouflage
  46. “happiness is a plate full of oysters!”
  47. it’s impossible to be unhappy while eating an oyster
  48. “oysters are the true currency of happiness.”
  49. oyster perpetualgmt-master ii
  50. “cozying up by the fire with a plate of roasted oysters.”
  51. “oysters: the reason i’m always in a good shuckin’ mood. ”
  52. why didn’t the oyster have any friends? he was shellfish. woo! been thinking for days trying to come up with some oc to blast your brains with.
  53. what’s the difference between an epileptic oyster schucker and a prostitute with diarrhea?– the epileptic oyster shucker shucks between fits…
  54. i went to the local shell station yesterday.i was really surprised when they rejected my oyster card.
  55. “oysters are shell shocked.”
  56. “just here for the oysters and awkward shucking moments.”
  57. an oyster says to her boyfriend ” i feel like i can really open up to you.” “awww shucks”
  58. what did the oyster say to the pearl on the dance floor? “let’s shell-ebrate life!”
  59. what did the oyster say when it saw the pearl necklace? “you’re quite the catch!”
  60. “the world is my oyster, and i’m ready to shuck it open! ”
  61. amazon is selling oysters on the half shell (144 per case). that’s just gross.
  62. you may as well call me an oyster because im shellfish…
  63. “shell-ebrating good times with oysters!”
  64. he tried to pull an oyster from the serving tray, but ended up pulling a mussel.
  65. what did the oyster say when it saw someone wearing pearls? “that’s one shell of an outfit!”
  66. what do you call a girl oyster?a: a she shell.
  67. oyster perpetualsky-dweller
  68. “oysters: small, mighty, and oh-so-tasty. ”
  69. girlfriend is having trouble opening an oyster at dinner. she hands it to me to open. just as i pry it open, i say, “the easiest way to open this is with a little mussel”
  70. “oysters: the world is your oyster, so shuck it open! ”
  71. “oysters make me a happy camper. ”
  72. warm wishes on oyster day to everyone. let us enjoy a healthy meal with oysters.
  73. “a well-shucked oyster is a work of art. ”
  74. what’s an oyster’s favorite musical genre? classical clambour!
  75. “oysters are the pearls of my palate. ”
  76. “happiness is a well-shucked oyster.”
  77. what’s the difference between an epileptic oyster schucker and a prostitute with diarrhea? the epileptic oyster shucker shucks between fits…
  78. “oysters: the key to happiness.”
  79. why don’t oysters give to charity? because they are shellfish!
  80. how do oysters buy things online? they use their “shell-phone”!
  81. b-oyster – a male oyster, duh.
  82. you can never have enough oysters…
  83. my friend plays classical music to his pet oysters, which he places stones within the soft tissue of their bivalves…– he makes cultured pearls.
  84. a man asked me for a lift the other day. as i drove away i called back to him, ‘go for it, the world’s your oyster!’
  85. minds are like oysters. they spoil if you pry them open.– willa gibbs
  86. “oysters are my love language, spoken fluently.”
  87. “oh ship, it’s an oyster!”
  88. what would happen if an oyster witnessed a mafia killing?– he would clam up.
  89. “oyster lovers unite! let’s shuck the world together.”
  90. what’s the difference between an epileptic oyster and a prostitute with ibs? well, one you have to shuck between fits…
  91. “i’m on a seafood diet: i see oysters, and i eat ’em.”
  92. “the secret to a great oyster roast: the right fire and the right company. ”
  93. so i was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me ‘can you give me a lift?’ i said ‘sure, you look great, the world’s your oyster, go for it.’
  94. “you’re oysterific just the way you are! shine on! ”
  95. “chasing cuteness and chasing oysters – both worth it. ”
  96. employsters. what do you call oysters with an evil plan?
  97. “every oyster i eat is a pearl of wisdom gained.”
  98. 16.) all art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.– federico fellini
  99. there’s no such thing as too many oysters
  100. an oyster i know has just split up with his girlfriend. she was just too deep for him.
  101. “oysters are my secret superfood.”
  102. “oysters: the original hidden gems of the sea! ”
  103. “shucking good time with these oysters! ”
  104. why was the oyster invited to all the parties? because it was a real “shuck star”!
  105. why don’t oysters give to charity? because they are shellfish!
  106. 80.) q: what do you call oyster nuns?a: cloisters.
  107. oysters never gossip – they keep their shells sealed shut.
  108. “warming up the soul with roasted oysters and good company. ”
  109. i love oysters. love any kind of oyster, but also dig into the idea that there’s a right way or wrong way to eat them.
  110. “oysters: proof that good things come in small packages. ”
  111. “oysters: the world’s most flavorful aphrodisiac. ”
  112. why don’t oysters give to charity?– they’re shellfish
  113. i admin-oyster an oyster farm.
  114. “oysters: turning bad days into pearls of happiness. ”
  115. hello from the oyster side.

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