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Pea puns are a type of humorous wordplay that revolves around peas as the central subject. The themes of pea puns typically involve their appearance, nutritional value, their tiny size, or even pop culture references.

Some pea pun themes can be seen in the list provided, such as psychological well-being (e.g., “Why Do Peas Make Good Counselors? They’re Great Listeners And Provide Pod-Tive Advice!”), health and wellness (“Why Did The Pea Go To Therapy? It Needed To “Shell” Out Its Worries!”), and the contrast between peas and other food items for comedic effect (“What’s The Difference Between Roast-Beef And Pea-Soup? Anyone Can Roast Beef.”).

The 65 Best Pea Puns aim to surprise readers by creatively working “pea” and pea concepts into unexpected phrases and scenarios.

65 Best Pea Puns

  1. why do peas make good counselors? they’re great listeners and provide pod-tive advice!
  2. why did the pea go to therapy? it needed to “shell” out its worries!
  3. “what do you call an angry pea? grum-pea.”
  4. the black eyed peas go by a new name now… it’s the black eyed beans now.they wanted to go back to their roots.
  5. the black-eyed peas can sing us a song but the chick peas can only hummus one
  6. to catch a polar bear you surround a hole in the ice with peas then, when he goes to take a pea you kick him in the ice hole.
  7. what do you call an always late pea? a pea-cocktail.
  8. “you’re looking pea-rty today”: a playful compliment that incorporates the word “pea” to make someone feel good about themselves.
  9. what type of movie does a pea like best? a peadrama!
  10. what’s the difference between roast-beef and pea-soup? anyone can roast beef.
  11. what do you have if you have two little green peas in your hand? kermits undivided attention
  12. what did the pea say to the carrot? “lettuce be friends!”
  13. why wouldn’t the teacher bring the class to the green pea farm?
  14. why did the pea go to school? to become a “smarty-peants”!
  15. thought of this whilst snacking. if one chick pea kills another chick pea… is that considered humuscide?
  16. what do you call chick peas in a cavern? humus sapiens
  17. from my 8yr old: what’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup? you can roast beef, but you can’t pee soup!
  18. what did the pea do when it won the lottery? it went on a “pea-culiar” shopping spree!
  19. a pea-nut’s jealous of a pea’s perfect roundness!
  20. what’s rihanna’s favorite kind of peas? black eyed peas.
  21. a. they said the worker died in peas.
  22. what did the hippie farmer plant in his backyard some sweet peas
  23. q. what do you call a cheerful pea?
  24. what dessert would a pea enjoy most? “pea-can pie!”
  25. pea-nuts – the craziest vegetable out there.
  26. what do you get when you cross a pea with a bumblebee? a “sweet pea”!
  27. person who created ‘autocorrect’ died….. may his sole restaurant in peas..
  28. why did the pea sell his car?
  29. what would you call a pea that has an incredible talent at playing piano? a “pounder-pea.”
  30. pea-nuts – the craziest vegetable out there.
  31. why did the pea take up teaching? because she wanted to share its wisdom.
  32. q. why can’t twin peas spell?
  33. why do pea pods have zippers? so the peas can split easily!
  34. q. how many peas are there in a pint?
  35. how do peas vote in private? in pea-voting booths!
  36. as easy as shelling peas
  37. eazy e did a collab with black eye peas. it was called easy peasy.
  38. what are peas attracted to? chickpeas
  39. why did the pea go to see the doctor? because its pea was split.
  40. what do you call two peas in a pod who are being quiet? mute and pod!
  41. why did the pea become an astronaut? it wanted to explore “pea-rs of the galaxy”!
  42. what game are peas’ favorite pastime? dodging-the-fork!
  43. what’s a pea’s favorite dessert? pea-nut butter pie!
  44. what do you get with surprise peas? wet legs
  45. “what’s a pea’s favorite day? ‘peas-ter’ sunday.”
  46. i don’t care, just do as you peas.
  47. why was the pea so out of breath? he just finished the pod race!
  48. you make me hap-pea, we’re like two peas in a pod.
  49. why did the pea become a detective? he or she naturally had the aptitude!
  50. how did the pea get ahead at work? it made pod-gress on all its projects!
  51. why did the pea hate staying indoors? he liked to be out of pod!
  52. what do you call a pea with low self-esteem? a nobody!
  53. lost a pea off my plate at dinner. i had an escape-pea!
  54. what do you call a pea that keeps disappearing from its pod? a “pea-headed pea.”
  55. peas make great spys because they can do esp-pea-onage.
  56. a. they always want to keep the peas.
  57. why did the pea start a band? it wanted to be a “pea-rformer”!
  58. why did the pea become a photographer? it had a great “pea-rspective”!
  59. don’t worry, pea happy.
  60. the first peas were frozen by clarence birdseye in the 1920s.
  61. black eyed peas can sing us a song but chick peas can only hummus one.
  62. why did the pea decide to start her band? because there was plenty of potential!
  63. what’s the difference between a baked potato and pea soup? anyone can bake a potato.
  64. pea-chy keen: when everything is just right in the legume world!
  65. i’m one pea short of a casserole around here.

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