75 Pearl Puns that Make You Want to Dive into the Fun

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Pearl Puns are humorous wordplay or jokes that involve the word “pearl” or are related to pearls. They often play on the double meanings or associations of the word to create a humorous effect.

From puns about jewelry and fashion to puns inspired by the ocean and popular culture, pearl puns offer a fun and creative way to entertain and bring a smile to people’s faces

So, dive into the list of the 75 Best Pearl Puns and let the laughter roll like waves on the shore.

75 Best Pearl Puns

  1. why did the pearl necklace bring sunglasses to the beach? to protect itself from the “glare” of the sun!
  2. “what did pearl say when spongebob failed his driving test again? ‘whale, that’s no surprise!’”
  3. why did the pearl start a fashion line? it had a keen eye for “shell”-egance!
  4. my grandpa is still pissed off at the japanese for pearl harbor. i had to tell him that it was the americans who made that movie.
  5. why did the pearl quit the band? it wanted to pursue a ‘solo career’ in jewelry!
  6. why did the pearl start a comedy podcast? to share its ‘pearl-s of wisdom’ with the world!
  7. “what do you call a pearl who’s always on the move? a wandering shell-er!”
  8. “why did the pearl go on vacation? it needed to relax and unwind in the shell-a day sun.”
  9. you need to store oysters pro-pearl-y.
  10. asians are sooo bad at driving…. i’m starting to think pearl harbor was an accident.
  11. why did the pearl become an actor? it had a natural “pearl”-formance ability!
  12. bruce springsteen, pearl jam and ringo starr all cancel nc shows over the anti-lgbt law. this is disconcerting news.but seriously:bruce springsteen statementpearl jam press releasearticle about ringo starr cancellation
  13. “why was the pearl a great singer? it had perfect pearl-ching.”
  14. on a scale of 1-10 how enthusiastically did mitsubishi observe pearl harbor day? zero
  15. “why did pearl go to jellyfish fields? to have a jelly good time!”
  16. what’s a pearl’s secret to being funny? ‘shellebrating’ life and never being ‘clam’-ed up!
  17. “why did the pearl go to the beauty salon? she wanted to get a shell-ac manicure!”
  18. what did the clam say to the lobster when it stole his pearl? you’re so shellfish!
  19. why was the pearl feeling blue? it had the shell-end blues.”
  20. “why was the pearl a great storyteller? it had an ocean of tales!”
  21. i was driving with my wife and suddenly pearl jam started playing on the radio. i told her, “it doesn’t get eddie vedder than this.”
  22. what do you call a group of musical pearls? a “string” quartet!
  23. you’re pearl-fect – perle grußkarte, liebeskarte, freundin, perlen, valentine, valentinskarte, paare karte, brief, liebesbrief (5,7 tsd.) 5,90 € zu favoriten hinzufügen
  24. i drop kicked a japanese woman today after holding the door open for her, she said to me “sank you”how dare she bring up pearl harbor like that after my nice gesture!
  25. how does a pearl celebrate its birthday? it throws a “shell”-ebration!
  26. “why does pearl never get lost? because in bikini bottom, every fish is her guide!”
  27. “why did the pearl become a photographer? she wanted to capture life’s precious moments in a shell-shot!”
  28. “what does a pearl say when she sees something beautiful? ‘what a pearl-sight!’”
  29. “why was the oyster always late? it took it ages to pearl together.”
  30. what’s a pearl’s favorite tv show? “the great “pearl”-tender!”
  31. what do you call a pearl with a magical aura? a “pearl”-icious enchantress!
  32. what do you call an oyster who is stuck in traffic? a: a pearljam 😃
  33. “what do you call a pearl who loves adventure? shell-don cooper!”
  34. what is an oyster’s favorite band? pearl jam
  35. why did the pearl become a musician? it had a “pearl”-cussion for beats!
  36. i really like pearl jam’s first album but after that, it doesn’t get eddie vedder.
  37. the united states was pretty mad but i thought pearl harbor deserved it.
  38. pearl jam tried to warn us about ticketmaster in the nineties. we didn’t listen. probably because we couldn’t understand what eddie vedder was saying.
  39. i went and saw pearl jam in the early ‘90’s and i thought to myself… this couldn’t get eddie vedder
  40. why did the pearl visit the dentist? it had a “cavity”-ous tooth!
  41. what’s a pearl’s favorite board game? “clue”less with a “pearl”!
  42. “why was the pearl always fair? it believed in equality and clam-ity.”
  43. my thai girlfriend is so generous she gave me a pearl necklace.
  44. why don’t oysters share their pearls? because they’re shellfish.
  45. what do you call a skinhead that makes pearls? an oister
  46. pearl jam’s “alive” song just came on the radio… you don’t gotta rub it in eddie vedder.
  47. why did the pearl open a bakery? it wanted to make “shell”-f-rising treats!
  48. if i ever meet the lead singer of pearl jam, i hope he asks me how i’m doing so i can respond “if i was eddie vedder, i’d be you”
  49. “what did the pearl say to her cheating boyfriend? ‘you’re shell-fish and i’m breaking up with you!’”
  50. “why does pearl get along with sandy? because she thinks sandy’s life is beachy!”
  51. “why was the pearl a great writer? it had an amazing shell-ulary.”
  52. i just read the absoute best book about pearl jam. seriously, i don’t know they could have made it eddie vedder.
  53. “what’s a pearl’s favorite novel? ‘pride and pearljudice.’”
  54. what did the pearl necklace say when it won the marathon? “i’m the ‘pearl-fect’ finisher!”
  55. what do you call a pearl who loves to swim? a “pearl”-fessional diver!
  56. what do you call a pearl who loves to travel? an “adventure pearl”!
  57. my grandfather is still mad at the japanese for pearl harbor. i explained to him that it was the americans who made the movie.
  58. what do you call it when somebody busts a nut on your toast? pearl jam
  59. “why did the pearl love winter? she loved to catch snowflakes on her shell!”
  60. pearl jam just came out with a product that regulates women’s periods they’re calling it even flow
  61. why did the pearl necklace bring a map to the party? it didn’t want to get “lost” in the crowd!
  62. “what does pearl say when spongebob is being silly? ‘that’s just like spongebob to soak up the attention!’”
  63. eddie vedder of pearl jam has a father who was known for his skills as a jedi and military leader. they call him darth vedder.
  64. what’s a pearl’s favorite type of jewelry? “pearl”-fection!
  65. “why did the pearl move in with her boyfriend? she was ready for a shell-tered life with him!”
  66. “why is pearl so popular? because she always has a whale of a time!”
  67. why did the pearl become a scientist? it wanted to explore the depths of “pearl”-plexity!
  68. “why does the pearl love mornings? because every sunrise is another pearl-portunity.”
  69. what did the pearl say when asked about the wedding cake? “it’s ‘pearl’-fectly sweet!”
  70. “why did the pearl refuse to get engaged? she said, ‘i’m not ready to clam up yet!’”
  71. i held the door open for an old japanese man, and he said “sank you!” being able to understand his heavy accent, i replied “you’re welcome.”he laughs and says “no, you misunderstand, i am taunting you about pearl harbor.”
  72. why did the pearl start a fitness routine? it wanted to stay “pearl”-t in shape!
  73. did you guys hear that the pearl thief is still at large? the oysters are calling it a clamity.
  74. why did the pearl go to the art museum? it appreciated “pearl”-tistic expressions!
  75. why don’t oysters share their pearls? because they’re shellfish.

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