65 Pecan Puns to Make Your Day a Little More Pecan!

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Pecan puns cover a range of lighthearted topics, but a few themes appear often. As a nut, pecan lends itself to puns playing with nutty expressions like “totally nuts” and “nuts about.”

Baking emerges as another main theme, with lots of pecan pie-related wordplay. Holiday puns also abound, as pecan pie is a staple dessert for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pecan’s status as a tree nut facilitates botany-related puns as well, like calling an expert a “pecantist.”

So while pecan puns run the gamut, nuts, baking, holidays, plants, and food are some prevalent motifs tied together by gentle, nutty humor.

65 Best Pecan Puns

  1. life is short, so eat pecans first!
  2. what do you call a pecan with a crown?
  3. why did the dad bring a ladder to the pecan tree? because he wanted to get to the top-nuts!
  4. does anyone know what barack obama’s favorite nut is? yes, pecan!
  5. what do you call someone who has sex with pecans? fucking nuts
  6. when the pecan pie became a musician, it played the “nut”-cracker suite.
  7. what did the pecan pie say during rush hour?
  8. why did the pecan pie visit the museum?
  9. what’s a pecan’s favorite game at the park?
  10. what’s a pecan’s favorite type of music? anything with a good “nut-beat”!
  11. pecans have me going totally nutty!
  12. why did the pecan bring a map to the orchard? because it didn’t want to get “lost in the sauce”!
  13. how do maple pecan cookies stay organized? they use “nut-crackers” as their personal assistants!
  14. what did the peanut say when his cousin was being bullied? pecan someone your own size!
  15. how do pecan pies stay cool in the summer? they use “pie-coolers”!
  16. the cheesecake was picking on the cookies. the pie came over to break it up. and said “hey! why don’t you pecan someone your own size!”
  17. did you hear about the pecan pie that won the baking competition? it was the pie-champion!
  18. my brother had a bad reaction to a nut while we were watching a star trek movie a while back the incident is forever referred to as ,”the wrath of pecan”
  19. a walnut can’t run down your leg but pecan
  20. i’m absolutely pecan-ted to these nuts!
  21. why was the pecan pie a great singer?
  22. how do pecans get their hair done?
  23. why did the dad take his pecan to the movies? because it wanted to see a “nut-worthy” film!
  24. why did the pecan pie become a philosopher?
  25. a pecan tree: pie in the sky
  26. the playful crunch of pecans never fails to crack a smile on my face.
  27. what did the pecan say to its friend who was feeling down?
  28. with each pecan encounter, the allure intensifies, driving my cravings sky-high.
  29. how did the pecan propose to its sweetheart?
  30. pecans are my favorite nuts, hands down!
  31. what do you call a pecan’s advice column?
  32. why didn’t the pecan go to the ballet?
  33. what kind of tree nut is best to take out on the boat for an all day fishing trip? a pecanbut only if you pronounce it “pee can”
  34. what did the dad say when he found a pecan in his shoe? “well, this is a nutty surprise!”
  35. today i’m thankful that… ea isnt in charge of thanksgiving.i couldnt afford the sense of pride and accomplishment it’d take to get to the pecan pie.
  36. what’s a pecan nut’s favorite card game? poker, because it loves the “nut-flush”!
  37. why did the pecan pie refuse to share its recipe?
  38. pecans reign supreme among nuts, infusing dishes with a fiery essence.
  39. why did the pecan join a book club?
  40. how do pecans stay in shape?
  41. why did the pecan pie blush?
  42. why did the pecan get a job at the library?
  43. these pecans beckon with their nutty charm, a magnetic force i can’t resist.
  44. why did the pecan invite its friends to a pool party?
  45. when the maple syrup and pecans got together, they said, “let’s stick together like syrup to pancakes!”
  46. why did the pecan go to school?
  47. if a pecan pie were a superhero, what would its catchphrase be? “i’m here to save the day, one slice at a time!”
  48. what do you get when lightning strikes a pecan tree? nuts and bolts. ⛈
  49. the allure of these pecans is unbeatable; their taste beckons, impossible to resist.
  50. it was absolutely pecan-tastic!
  51. what do you call a pecan pie at a comedy club?
  52. the rest of you no pecan
  53. if a pecan nut were a detective, it would solve mysteries with “nut-telligence.”
  54. why did the dad invite the pecan over for a chat? because he wanted to “shell” out some good advice!
  55. what’s a pecan’s favorite place to relax?
  56. why did the walnut know where the cashew was hiding because he was pecan
  57. the pecan and the walnut are good friends because they are both nuts.
  58. got a big decision to make in november… pumpkin or pecan pie for thanksgiving?
  59. what did the dad say when he saw the squirrel gathering pecans? “looks like someone’s nuts about pecans too!”
  60. why did the almond close the blinds? because her neighbour was always pecan.
  61. what’s a pecan’s favorite winter activity?
  62. pecans are my nutty obsession; their taste constantly lingers on my mind.
  63. why did the pecan pie become a detective?
  64. what’s a crows favorite type of nut ? pecan pecan!
  65. why did the pecan pie apply for a job at the bakery? it wanted to “dough” something different with its life!

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