95 Pepper Puns to Add Flavor to Your Laughter

best funny pepper puns
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Pepper puns are a fun way to add a bit of spice to any conversation. Ranging from playful food jokes to clever wordplay, pepper puns draw on the many meanings and uses of peppers in cooking and language.

Whether referring to bell peppers, jalapeños, cayenne, or other hot varieties, pepper puns explore themes of heat, flavor, and color in puns about seasoning, dancing, music, movies, exercise, and more.

Puns take advantage of pepper terms like “hot,” “spicy,” “red,” “green,” and more to create funny double meanings and turn of phrases that are sure to get at least a smile or an eye roll.

95 Best Pepper Puns

  1. what did the pepper say to the ice cream? “you’re cool, but i’m hotter!”
  2. what can be termed as an often late pepper is known as bell-pepperoni.
  3. the pepper had a natural talent for bringing people together at the dinner table.
  4. why are peppers never alone? because they come in “pairs”!
  5. what do you call a pepper that’s a fantastic storyteller? a seasoned raconteur!
  6. “we’re the wanderlusters who add a pinch of salt and pepper to every trip.”
  7. you’re getting pepper with each day.
  8. pepper is like a super spy in the culinary world. it can sneak into any dish and add a burst of flavor without being noticed!
  9. did you hear about the soldier who was attacked with mustard gas and pepper spray?a: he was a seasoned veteran!
  10. “a bell of flavor with bell pepper and bell salt in the mix.”
  11. what is a pepper’s favorite planet? mars, because it’s red hot!
  12. why was the bell pepper a good actor? because it always played the “green” character!
  13. why did the pepper go to the art gallery? it wanted to spice up its life with some abstract flavor!
  14. what do you call a green pepper that’s gone bad? a “rebel pepper”!
  15. on the other end is the bell pepper, which has a zero rating.
  16. what’s a pepper’s favorite type of movie? “pepper”-corn flicks!
  17. if pepper were a superhero, its superpower would be making bland food disappear with just a sprinkle!
  18. how do you measure how heavy a red hot chili pepper is? give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now…
  19. always pick peppers, not pickles, for a fiery comeback.
  20. “red, yellow, or green – keep your choices pepper clean!”
  21. what do angry peppers do? they get jalapeno face.
  22. what do you call a pepper that’s a fantastic dancer? a hot-stepper with some serious moves!
  23. nobody wanted to buy my red hot chili peppers cd. i have to give it away now
  24. why was the green pepper a good boxer? it always went for the “bell”!
  25. small pepper needs a blanket dad: can you please put a little blanket or a tiny sweater on him?he’s a little chilli!
  26. 10 funny facts about pepper
  27. why do hot peppers like to go swimming? they love doing the “back-stroke”!
  28. sage advice: ensure you carry pepper spray.
  29. “i used to be a pepper until i met you, now i’m salty.”
  30. “the salt and pepper shakers got into a fight, but they’ll shake hands and make up.”
  31. what’s a pepper’s favorite exercise? jalapeno business!
  32. what’s a hot pepper’s favorite type of weather? anything “scorching”!
  33. why did the pepper start a podcast? it wanted to share its spicy insights with the world!
  34. love is like a ghost pepper, you taste it with delight. and when it’s gone you wonder, what ever made you bite.
  35. what do you call a pepper that won’t stop staring at you? a chili-peño!
  36. what’s a pepper’s favorite ride at the amusement park? the roller “roaster”!
  37. why did the hot pepper go on a diet? it wanted to be a “slim jim”!
  38. what town do peppers come from? scoville.
  39. what do peppers say when they start a race? “let’s spice things up”!
  40. why did the green pepper go to the dance? it was a “bell of the ball”!
  41. how do you fix a broken bell pepper? with pepper-mint!
  42. this pepper is impecca-bell.
  43. “you make my heart melt like fondue with a side of pepper.”
  44. what do you get when you cross a pepper with a ghost? a haboonero pepper!
  45. the red hot chili peppers really love marie kondo. because she helps them give it away, give it away, give it away now.
  46. the pepper had a knack for turning bland moments into spicy memories.
  47. what happens when you eat too many bell peppers? a: you get a belly-ache.
  48. how did the salt’s friend survive the apocalypse? she was a doomsday pepper.
  49. i asked the pepper if it wanted to dance, but it said it had two left “feet.
  50. “the desert is earth’s salt and pepper expanse.”
  51. how do you make a pepper float? you add a little bit of fizz-pice!
  52. why do ocean fish need saltwater to live? because they are allergic to pepper!
  53. why did the green pepper join the army? it wanted to become a “sergeant pepper”!
  54. what do you call a friendly competition between salt and pepper? a “seasoned” match!
  55. how do peppers communicate? through “pepper”-sonal messages!
  56. what do you get when a soldier is both pepper sprayed and then hit with mustard gas but survives? a seasoned veteran!
  57. when the bell pepper played the guitar, it strummed some “capsi-chords”.
  58. why do fishes live in salt water? a: pepper makes them sneeze.
  59. what’s a pepper’s favorite type of book? mystery novels with a “pepper”-ing of suspense!
  60. why do hot peppers make good friends? they always “spice” up your life!
  61. how do peppers listen to music? with their chili-peño-s!
  62. the bass player of red hot chili peppers opened a second hand store they’re calling it the flea market
  63. what’s a red pepper’s favorite day of the week? spicy sunday!
  64. “we’re on a quest for the world’s best salt and pepper experiences.”
  65. what’s a pepper’s favorite type of music? “peppery” pop!
  66. why was the red pepper a great detective? it always “cayenne” find the clues!
  67. “why did the salad call bell pepper and bell salt? it needed a flavor duet!”
  68. what kind of doctor is dr pepper? a fizzician.
  69. i went to the doctor’s office today to find out what was wrong with me. the doctor did his examination and concluded that i had a lack of peppers in my diet. i asked him why that mattered, to which he replied “it matters because they are full of vitamin spi-c!”
  70. “banks deliver statements online now. they’re going pepper-less.”
  71. the bass player of red hot chili peppers opened a second hand store they’re calling it the flea market
  72. why was the red pepper always early? it didn’t want to be “late-eno”!
  73. “sprinkle dr. salt, sip dr. pepper – the recipe for a bubbly day!”
  74. how did the pepper break up with the tomato? “it’s not you, it’s me salsa!”
  75. why should you carry pepper spray? just in case of as-sault.
  76. what can you call a pepper who constantly strives for healthiness? a capsicum-ciously.
  77. why did the green pepper go to the casino? it felt like a “bell-ionaire”!
  78. why was the television repair man called out to the red hot chili peppers hotel room? scart issue.
  79. well, you’re about to! peppers might add spice to our dishes, but who knew they could serve a hearty dose of humor too?
  80. why don’t hot peppers play poker? they have a tendency to “bluff-alapeño”!
  81. “young chili peppers are chili-dren.”
  82. what do you call a pepper that won’t stop talking? jalapeño business!
  83. how do you stay warm without a fire during the winter season? add peppers to all your food.
  84. the pepper was always the main ingredient in the recipe for success.
  85. “ring the flavor bell with bell salt, chop with bell pepper!”
  86. nosey pepper what does a nosey pepper do?it gets jalapeno business!
  87. the pepper had a sharp wit and a zest for life.
  88. young chili peppers are chili-dren.
  89. carolina reaper is one of the spiciest peppers in the world. but they are not scary. for the wise men once said: don’t fear the reaper
  90. the pepper always knew how to add a dash of excitement to the meal.
  91. what do you call a red pepper that likes to play pranks? a “pepper-trator”!
  92. what do red peppers wear to bed? their “pepper-jamas”!
  93. what did the chef say to the customer who asked if his world famous hot noodles really were world famous? you pepper believe it!
  94. what do you call a group of peppers working undercover? spice
  95. what do you call a pepper that’s a great storyteller? a spicy raconteur!

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