65 Peppermint Puns to Spread Cheer Like an Aroma

best funny peppermint puns
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Peppermint puns are a type of wordplay that makes lighthearted jokes and funny references related to the mint-flavored candy or herb peppermint.

Some common themes in peppermint puns involve wordplay on the minty freshness of peppermint, its circular shape resembling a coin, and its use in baking and cooking.

65 Best Peppermint Puns

  1. my teacher says i write with peppermint-tion.
  2. peppermint blessings: may your days be filled with minty goodness!
  3. peppermint dreams: wishing you a night of sweet peppermint dreams!
  4. the peppermint became a detective and solved crimes by leaving behind fresh evidence.
  5. my york peppermint patties were off center and got pressed in half as each packet was sealed
  6. what’s a dog’s favorite christmas dessert recipe? peppermint bark
  7. mints my third favourite type of mint is second favourite type is peppermint.however, my absolute favourite type is a compliment.merry christmas!
  8. the peppermint attended a culinary school to become a mint-chef.
  9. my peppermint plant started a band, but they quickly disbanded because they couldn’t find their peppermint drummer.
  10. peppermint love: our love is refreshingly sweet!
  11. the peppermint went to the therapist and said it was feeling un-wrappable pressure.
  12. did you hear about the peppermint who became a stand-up comedian? he always had a fresh mint!
  13. what would a york peppermint patty in human form look like?
  14. the peppermint joined a gym to get a minty fresh workout.
  15. pepperminty fresh: that’s how you make me feel!
  16. my girlfriend asked me if i wanted some peppermint tea. i said “i don’t know, is it pepperminty?”, then proceeded to laugh like an idiot.she didn’t get it.
  17. what did the spearmint say to the peppermint? you’re mint to be!
  18. york peppermint patties, holidays 1985
  19. made peppermint meringues dipped in semisweet chocolate! reminds me of a york patty but crispy
  20. york peppermint patties are chocolate covered toothpaste.
  21. within the mint species, there are peppermint, wild mint, spearmint, apple mint, and a dozen more.
  22. york peppermint patty inspired cheesecake for my coworker! it’s my first time trying to cover the sides with ganache.
  23. when the peppermint took a vacation, it said it was going on a mint-ernational trip.
  24. i like my candy canes and peppermints not cracked and in mint condition.
  25. we were peppermint to be
  26. york peppermint patties are the only candy they don’t make a king size.
  27. julia, tell us, how does it feel when you bite into a york peppermint patty?
  28. a local brewery in chicago suburb is brewing imperial peppermint stout with peppermint patties and it’s called thom’s york
  29. whats marcie’s favourite candy a peppermint patty
  30. you’re peppermint-tastic!
  31. i find peppermint quite refreshing, it’s a real breath of fresh mint!
  32. one freaking peanut m&m, 2 york peppermint patties and one empty (yet sealed) snickers wrapper.
  33. in a world full of flavors, you’re my favorite peppermint!
  34. why were junior mints and york peppermint patties so under-represented this halloween?
  35. the peppermint had a hard time finding love because it had a minty-fresh breath of commitment issues.
  36. can’t help but peppermint about you all day!
  37. i inherited my dad’s sense of humor. my dad pouring peppermint schnapps into my hot “say when”me: “that’s enough thanks, you can schnapp.”
  38. have you ever purchased a york peppermint patty and why did you choose it over other candy?
  39. improve your morning routine by replacing your mouthwash with york peppermint patties.
  40. i like my candy canes and peppermints not cracked and in mint condition.
  41. stay pepperminty: keep that refreshing spirit alive!
  42. my work lunch. apple and rasberry empanadas, york peppermint patties, and whatever my gf put in my smoothie.
  43. my girlfriend asked me if i wanted some peppermint tea. i said “i don’t know, is it pepperminty?”, then proceeded to laugh like an idiot.she didn’t get it.
  44. peppermint the fresh minty twist on clichés
  45. the peppermint joined a spa retreat to relax and de-mint its mind.
  46. how would you describe eating a york peppermint patty? why?
  47. what do you call a mint candy’s fan club? the peppermint posse!
  48. york peppermint patty (made by my friend @ard cheannard#9369 on discord!)
  49. keep calm and have a peppermint!
  50. what do you call a mint candy with a great sense of style? a fashion-peppermint!
  51. forbidden york peppermint patties
  52. peppermint power: your presence is invigorating!
  53. the peppermint started a blog sharing its mintsightful thoughts on life.
  54. the peanuts kids had to choose a country out of hat for a book report. peppermint patty: i got france!linus: i got spain!charlie brown: i got iraq…
  55. my name is enola and i like york peppermint patties and scaring mom
  56. this tjs holiday tea tastes just like york peppermint patties!
  57. what do you call a mint who loves to dance? a peppermint ballerina!
  58. so i made a york peppermint patty mead. and it’s fantastic
  59. whenever i bite into a york peppermint patty i get the sensation i’m on top of a mountain peak.
  60. mint leaves are the peppermint-ials for a tasty garnish.
  61. what hotel do herb lovers prefer? the “peppermint.”
  62. the peppermint broke the world record for the longest-lasting breath; it was truly a mint-stacle.
  63. the peppermint’s favorite song is “mint condition” by the band journey.
  64. the peppermint became a magician and amazed audiences with its disappearing mints-tricks.
  65. the peppermint joined a dating app to find someone who could mint with its eccentric personality.

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