75 Pigeon Puns for Pecks of Uncontrollable Laughter

best funny pigeon puns
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Pigeon puns play on the birds’ distinctive cooing sounds and flocking behaviors. Common themes involve using the onomatopoeic word “coo” creatively, such as in “cootie” or “cootiful.”

Puns also reference pigeons’ urban environments with jokes about messages, social media, and city living. Wordplay involves other pigeon attributes like their flocking habits and feathered appearance.

These 75 Best Pigeon Puns showcase the birds’ social natures and personalities through silly wordplay that will have readers coo-ing with laughter.

75 Best Pigeon Puns

  1. how do pigeons enjoy their coffee? with a beak-uccino!
  2. what do you get when you cross a pigeon with a parrot? a bird that asks, “polly wanna cracker, coo?”
  3. what’s a pigeon’s favorite type of art? poop-art!
  4. pigeons are like the fashionistas of the bird world. they change their feather style almost as often as we change our outfits!
  5. how do pigeons stay organized? they keep a coo-dex!
  6. what does a pigeon call her friend? absolutely dove-ly, just like this list.
  7. how do pigeons show love? they give a coo-ples massage.
  8. why did bert’s pigeon go to school? to be a bird-brain of knowledge!
  9. a pigeon saved all its money in a bowl made of sticks. it had a nest egg.
  10. the pigeons are still capable of making deposits on new bmw’s
  11. why did the pigeon start a garden?a: because it wanted to grow “coo-cumbers”!
  12. why did the pigeon go to the circus? to see the coo-l acts.what do you call a pigeon that’s always on social media? a coo-tie influencer.
  13. lettuce in, the pigeons are chasing us!
  14. why did the pigeon join a choir? because it had a “coo-l” voice!
  15. how do pigeons stay in touch with their friends? they send coo-tiful postcards!
  16. what do pigeons say when they meet at the gym? “let’s wing it together!”
  17. “it’s hard to keep secrets when you’re a pigeon. too many ‘tweets’!”
  18. why did the pigeon refuse to play cards? it didn’t want to be a “coo-ker”!
  19. whoever designed the lions in trafalgar square really put the cat among the pigeons.
  20. why did the pigeon join the dating app?because he heard there were plenty of “tweets”!
  21. what do pigeons call their romantic partners?a: “coo-honey”!
  22. what did one pigeon say to the other pigeon during a storm?a: “this weather is really ‘un-coo-perative’!”
  23. what do you call a pigeon that always steals your food ? a burden.
  24. what do donald trump and a pigeon have in common? they’re both big fans of coos.
  25. the pigeon lost at hide and seek because another bird found her. she was a spotted dove.
  26. why did the pigeon cross the road? he was duck-taped to the chicken.
  27. the baby pigeon got a job sitting inside toys and shouting. she was a squeaker.
  28. why was the pigeon always so calm? it practiced “meditweetion”!
  29. frankly, i’m tired of all these pigeons!
  30. what did one carrier pigeon say to the other during a race? “this is no time to wing it!”
  31. how do pigeons send messages on their phones? with beak texts, of course!
  32. 10 funny facts about pigeons
  33. why did the pigeon sit on the computer? it wanted to keep an eye on the mouse!
  34. i crossed my messenger pigeon with a parrot.
  35. how do pigeons stay cool in the summer? they use air conditioning coo-units!
  36. why does ernie think bert’s pigeon is wise? because he’s always “coo-templating”!
  37. why did the pigeon bring a ladder to the barbeque? it heard the food was up on a “roost!
  38. how does bert’s pigeon greet ernie? “coo’s there!”
  39. why did the pigeon start a band? it was a master of “beak-tapping”!
  40. what do clay pigeons do on their days off? they go “claycationing”!
  41. the pigeon at the spa? enjoying a “coo-cumber” facial!
  42. knock, knock.who’s there?luke.luke who?luke out for pigeon poop!
  43. what do donald trump and a pigeon have in common? they’re both big fans of coos.
  44. soaring in slumber: the fascinating dream world of pigeons
  45. how do pigeons celebrate new year’s eve?a: with a “coo-ntdown”!
  46. pigeons watch the news each day to find out the feather forecast.
  47. knock, knock.who’s there?anita.anita who?anita pigeon deterrent for my car!
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  49. what did the pigeon say to the seagull? “you’re a bit gull-ible!
  50. pigeons must have a diploma in air traffic control; they nail those takeoffs.
  51. pigeons love a good coo-p of coffee in the morning.
  52. why does ernie never play hide and seek with bert’s pigeons? because he says they always “squawk” where they are!
  53. harry up and look at that pigeon!
  54. what’s a pigeon’s favorite place to shop?a: “coo-tique” stores!
  55. it rained pigeons yesterday. it was real fowl weather.
  56. why did the pigeon open a bakery? it wanted to earn some “dough” and “flap-jacks”!
  57. pigeons must be experts in bird law; they’re always on the wire.
  58. auditoriums are specially designed so that sound will bounce around the walls and ceiling in order to be projected to the audience. however, if you place a pigeon on the stage, the coo of said pigeon will not bounce. this is because of a-coo-sticks.
  59. the pigeon marathon? it was a “coo-rious” race!
  60. how do pigeons handle traffic jams? they just wing it.
  61. is this a pigeon meme generator
  62. the pigeon kept going out late. no one trusts him now. another bird said he was fly-by-night.
  63. what do you call a pigeon that loves pasta? a “maca-coo-ni!
  64. why did the pigeon bring string to the party? it wanted to tie the “knotty” balloons!
  65. soaring in slumber: the fascinating dream world of pigeons
  66. what did the pigeon say to its friend who was feeling down?a: “don’t worry, things will get ‘coo-d’ eventually!”
  67. what do you contract from kissing pigeons? coo-ties
  68. what’s a pigeon’s favorite game?“hide and ‘squawk’”!
  69. pigeons are terrible cooks. everything they make is fowl.
  70. “why fly when you can strut, says the pigeon!”
  71. pigeons have an uncanny ability to show up right when you least expect them.
  72. nsfw apparently pigeons die after sex i didn’t believe it myself, i tried and indeed they die
  73. why did bert bring his pigeon to sesame street’s talent show? because his pigeon is “coo-tally” talented!
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  75. what did one pigeon say to the other pigeon about their messy nest?a: “we need to get our coo-pad organized!”.

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