75 Plum Puns to Add a Sweet Twist to Your Humor

best funny plum puns
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Plum puns play on the various meanings and associations of the word “plum” – the fruit as well as plumbers and plumbing.

Common themes among plum puns include wordplay related to the fruit plum itself through jokes about its color, taste, uses in cooking and more. Other themes involve wordplay related to the occupation of plumbing through jokes about pipes, drains, tools and other aspects of the plumbing trade.

These 75 Best Plum Puns provide lighthearted fun through clever use of language that will bring a smile to any pun lover’s face.

75 Best Plum Puns

  1. why did the plum go to art school? it wanted to become a fruit-ist.
  2. why did the plum go to the doctor? it wasn’t feeling grape.
  3. did you hear about the singing plum? it was known for its raisin’ voice.
  4. why did the plum take a ladder to the orchard? it wanted to reach new “heights”!
  5. what is this and how do i help my japanese plum tree?
  6. why did the plum start a vineyard? it had a passion for wine-ery.
  7. why did the plum start a comedy club? it wanted to spread plum-sitive vibes.
  8. how do plum trees stay in shape? they do plenty of “limb-er-ups”!
  9. my son can fix all your plumbing, bring your electrical up to code and handle any framing or carpentry you could imagine his name is jack
  10. grandma said she wished me well i said, i have indoor plumbing
  11. aren’t we in plump company!?
  12. embrace your uniqueness and shine bright like a plum that stands out in the orchard.
  13. i dug up a 6 year old japanese plum if anybody wants it
  14. my dream business of selling purple pitted fruit and offering home water service repair will be called plum and plumber.
  15. japanese chiyogami paper earrings. plum blossom design
  16. what’s a plum’s favorite season? plum-mer, of course!
  17. i entered the county fair’s plum pie baking contest. but in the end, i felt like i didn’t have a pruneer’s chance.
  18. i have two college friends who studied ancient egyptian plumbing. they were pharaoh faucet majors.
  19. dutch engineers are known for their windmills, ovens, and rudders, but not their plumbing… …because everyone has clogs.
  20. i was craving plums, so i rushed to the store only to find they were plum out. what a prune tease!
  21. plums don’t like to argue, they prefer to keep things a-peach-ful.
  22. why did the plum open a bakery? it kneaded a new career.
  23. what’s a plum’s favorite sport? squash!
  24. my friend got hungry while we were picking plums, so he started eating them right off the tree. i told him to stop being so plum crazy!
  25. blue plastic bucket for watering, car-washing, etc. 2. red plastic bucket for mopping floors, cleanup from painting, plumbing disasters. 3. green metal pail for compostable table scraps. …and that’s my bucket list.
  26. a plumber couldn’t get two pipes to fit together… so he checked the plumbing thread.
  27. what’s a plum’s favorite genre of movies? suspense-fruit.
  28. what do you call a plum that devotes their entire day to studying? a plum scholar!
  29. when life gives you plums, make plum-cakes and enjoy the sweet moments.
  30. how do sugar plums encourage each other? they say, “you’re plum-tacular!”
  31. how do plum athletes maintain fitness levels? by lifting plum-bells.
  32. i was nervous about making a plum pie for the county fair, so i practiced my recipe over and over. my husband started getting sick of eating so many pies and said “honey, you’re going to prune out my taste buds!”
  33. why did the plum refuse to ride the roller coaster? it didn’t want to get plum-metted.
  34. what’s a sugar plum’s favorite time of the year? the “sweet” holidays!
  35. what’s a plum’s favorite type of humor? pulp fiction.
  36. what would you call a plum who always finds herself getting into mischief? a plum delinquent.
  37. i accidentally sat on a plum at the grocery store and got juice all over my pants. talk about being in a sticky plum-dicament!
  38. at one time, i had a strongly desired goal of owning a plumbing supply company… i guess it was just a pipe dream.
  39. why did the plum start a band with the banana? they made a great fruit-nit.
  40. why did the plum refuse to share its secrets? it was a master of plum-sticity.
  41. i fluked a high-paid position making slivovitz. it’s a real plum job.
  42. plum tired of regular fruit? try something new!
  43. why did the plum pudding get a ticket? it was caught speeding in the microwave!
  44. afraid of heights plumbers are afraid of heights because they fear plunging to their death.
  45. what did the plum tree say to the oak tree about their acorns? “your nuts are a bit ‘oak-ward’!”
  46. why did the plum break up with the grape? it found someone juicier.
  47. how did the plum pudding become so wise? it absorbed all the knowledge like a sponge!
  48. handmade japanese chiyogami paper + resin earrings. plum blossom design
  49. what did the plum say to the apple who was feeling down? “don’t let anyone bring you down, stay plum-tastic!”
  50. “a plum a day keeps the boredom away!”
  51. prunes aren’t my favorite food, but i always plump for them.
  52. what did the plum say to the banana? “you appeal to me.”
  53. “why was the plum so proud? it knew it was a plum-derful addition to any fruit salad!”
  54. left some prunes out today just plum forgot.
  55. my job at the fruit stand? plum management.
  56. “when life gives you plums, make plum-ade and add a splash of humor!”
  57. your plum-tastic! laffs of laughter are truly the greatest medicine!
  58. what do you call a plum that always arrives late? a tardy plum.
  59. what do you call a plumber in a classic rock band? mario speedwagon
  60. what’s a plum’s favorite exercise at the gym? planking.
  61. i entered my pet plum in a beauty pageant. she didn’t win, but i still think she’s the prune-cess of my heart.
  62. how do plum puddings stay warm in the winter? they wear “pudding” jackets!
  63. why was the plum crying? because it had a bad prune day!
  64. i just can’t. stop dad, please. what’s the daffynition of a prune?plum, tuckered out.
  65. what would you call a plum that constantly talks about itself? an “egomaniac plum”.
  66. “what did the plum say to the cherry? ‘you’re cute, but i’m the true fruit celebrity!’”
  67. i had to see a psychiatrist recently after becoming obsessed with a specific shade of purple apparently i’m plum crazy
  68. did you hear about the fight between the two plum trees? it turned into quite the pruneing match!
  69. what does a door framer pack in his lunch? ajar with plumb jamb!
  70. “what did the plum say to the apple? ‘we make a plum-tacular pair!’”
  71. “what’s a plum’s favorite movie genre? suspenseful ‘plum-units’ that keep you on the edge of your seat!”
  72. what do you call a plum that can sing? a fruity franklin.
  73. how did the plum get a promotion? it showed its boss it had a lot of “stone” for growth!
  74. why did the sugar plum become a motivational speaker? because it wanted to inspire sweet success!
  75. why did the elephant paint his toenails purple? so he could hide in a plum tree.

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