45 Pomegranate Puns to Give You Your Daily Dose of Chuckles

best funny pomegranate Puns
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Pomegranate puns include references to the fruit’s red arils or seeds, hard peel, crown-like stem, and associations with royalty and richness. Puns may riff on phrases like “pom pom,” “pome-disorder,” “seed money,” or use pomegranate terms in clever double meanings.

Pomegranate puns come in many types – rhyming puns like “pomegranate entertainer,” homophones like “pomegranate mail,” pomegranate-themed spoonerisms like “team of poms-panion,” and punny pomegranate portmanteaus like “seed-stagram.”

These 45 Best Pomegranate Puns can get laughs and leave audiences feeling fruity.

45 Best Pomegranate Puns

  1. what would you call a pomegranate that always seems to be doing its best work? a “pomegranate go-getter”.
  2. diamonds may be a girl’s best friend. but for me, it’s pomegranate seeds.
  3. why won’t my pomegranate tree produce fruit? i’ve given it a 3×3 grid but it always says it was unable to grow fruit. suggestions?
  4. what do you call a pomegranate that always remains organized? a meticulous one.
  5. pomegranates always seem to have a-peel when it comes to their vibrant color.
  6. each pomegranate is filled with vitamins and minerals.
  7. pomegranates are great at multitasking – they’re fruitful and juice-y.
  8. what do you call a pomegranate that always has stories to tell? a pomegranate entertaining.
  9. firm yet soft like a pomegranate.
  10. pomegranate seeds make a great garnish.
  11. i love my teeth stained red with pomegranate seeds.
  12. the peel of the pomegranate is rich in polyphenols, tannins, catechins, and prodelphinidins.
  13. pomegranates are like life; you have to peel back the layers to get to the good stuff.
  14. just like a pomegranate, you’re sweet!
  15. what did the baby pomegranate exclaim after failing the test? “dang i blanked!”
  16. how does a pomegranate send secret messages? through pomegranate-mail!
  17. pomegranate seeds are the rubies of fruits.
  18. take me for pomegranate.
  19. what’s a pomegranate’s favorite shakespeare play? “much ado about pulp!”
  20. what do you call a pomegranate that always seems contented and cheerful? a cheerful pomegranate.
  21. what kind of award does a fruit farmer win? a pomegranate!
  22. pomegranates make smoothies more vibrant and mornings more delightful.
  23. let your customers know about your delightful pomegranates with these quotes.
  24. what do you call a pomegranate that never stops singing? a “pomegranate singer”.
  25. how does a pomegranate ask for privacy? “seed ya later!”
  26. why couldn’t the pomegranate focus in school? he had add – attention deficit pome-disorder!
  27. no, they’re not pimples. they’re pomegranate seeds.
  28. the second breakfast box: burritos, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate.
  29. how might a pomegranate ask you out on a date? by asking “would you like to join my team of poms-panion?
  30. my pomegranate tree’s two halves are in different seasons
  31. what’s a pomegranate’s favorite dance move? the seed shuffle!
  32. did you hear about the pomegranate who became a firefighter? it couldn’t stand to see things go up in smoke!
  33. what did the pomegranate say to the apple? “you’re the apple of my aril!”
  34. what did the red pomegranate say to the orange at the fruit party? “you’re so citrus-sational!”
  35. sneak in some good-for-you fruit with these protein-packed pomegranate nachos.
  36. pomegranates is one fruit that never disappoints!
  37. i like to climb a pomegranate tree.
  38. what can you call a pomegranate that enjoys athletic activities? a “pomegranate athlete.”
  39. pomegranates are proof that sometimes the most delicious things are hidden beneath a tough exterior.
  40. what would you call a pomegranate that never ceases to make people laugh? a humorous pomegranate.
  41. what’s a pomegranate’s favorite social media platform? seed-stagram!
  42. how should i prune this pomegranate tree?
  43. why was the pomegranate sad? it couldn’t find its halve.
  44. de-seeding a pomegranate is harder than picking grains with boxing gloves.
  45. i start my day with pomegranate juice.

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