55 Portugal Puns

best funny Portugal puns
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Portugal puns are wordplay jokes that revolve around the country of Portugal, its culture, history, landmarks, Food and Drink and even its language.

Portugal puns often involve Portuguese words, phrases, or names, resulting in humorous and witty play on words. They can be a fun way to celebrate the uniqueness of Portugal and its people.

55 Best Portugal Puns

  1. i’m in a good place right now. not emotionally, i’m just in portugal.
  2. you know the times have changed… when portugal leaves brazil without taking any gold.
  3. portugal officially has my heart.
  4. “i’m from scotland, one of four daughters, and we grew up moving every few years between scotland, portugal, colombia and scotland again.” – pollyanna mcintosh
  5. might just stay in portugal indefinitely.
  6. that’s the list of the best portugal quotes you should check out. if you have more quotes about portugal that you want to share, do let us know in the comments.
  7. “i’ve got a place in portugal, which i like very much, but i’ve just been working in malaysia for five weeks. my family had a chance to come over and we really loved it, particularly the island of pangkor.” – ian rush
  8. oh, salty sea, how much of your salt is tears from portugal? -fernando pessoa
  9. “i like to dream about portugal, and it’s less easy when you are there.” – maria de medeiros
  10. 7 – “oh, yeah, as a matter of fact, it is. i just became a knight in portugal, the presidente gave me a special ball.” – steve zissou
  11. “i had this aunt who had a career and traveled. she’d say things like, “when you go to college, i think we should go scuba diving in the summer. scuba diving in portugal is fabulous.” and i’d be like, “portugal! holy cats!” -geena davis
  12. portugal is da bom dia.
  13. 11 – “as we say in portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal.” -jose mourinho
  14. why was portugal the best colonial power? spain had thousands of colonists, britain had millions, but portugal had brazilians.
  15. “i’ve got two places i like to be. portugal is one”. – cliff richard
  16. the first poem in the beauty holds a woman in portugal in a wheelchair singing, with great power, a fado. i have never seen this or heard of it, the image simply arrived. but surely such a thing has happened. and it matters to me that it has, or could. -jane hirshfield
  17. if you can’t go to heaven, portugal is the next best thing.
  18. “i have built already seven very large railway stations: one in italy; two in belgium; and in france, and in switzerland, in portugal, and also in the united states. and what happens is that stations are not things that come from one day to another, it takes many years.” – santiago calatrava
  19. portugal is picture perfect!
  20. portugal is da bom dia.
  21. peace, love and exploring portugal
  22. what do you call large waterfowl from portugal? portugeese.
  23. “portugal is much like brazil – the weather, the people, the food, and the language is also a bonus.” – hulk
  24. portugal is da bom dia.
  25. below portugal quotes tell us about its rich culture, history and its people, and how things have shaped up in the country over centuries.
  26. 15 – “in the middle ages, spain and portugal were so powerful that they signed a set of treaties literally dividing up the globe between them.” -max fisher
  27. peace, love, and exploring portugal.
  28. 5 things to pack for your trip to portugal
  29. bubbles | lisbon, portugal, me
  30. why aren’t there any ducks in portugal? they’re all portugeese
  31. funny portugal quotes
  32. a trip to portugal is a bit convent-ional.
  33. i love traveling to faro-way placesfor you, i’d walk a thousand that i’m by the ocean, i can sea clearlysorry for what i said when i wasn’t eating pastel de natas in lisbon.did you know they don’t have any ducks in portugal? only portu-geese.taking life one pastel de nata at a time.
  34. “if there is one portion of europe which was made by the sea more than another, portugal is that slice, that portion, that belt. portugal was made by the atlantic.” – hilaire belloc
  35. portugal is tram-endous
  36. in this list of quotes, you’ll find a lot of different quotes, from portugal quotes about food, funny portugal quotes and of course, portugal quotes from famous people. i am sure you’ll find some quotes you will love here!
  37. left my heart in portugal…better go back to get it
  38. relationship status: in love with sunsets and portugal.
  39. portugal is calling and i must go.
  40. postcards from portugal
  41. i love you to portugal and back.
  42. i need to visit portugal piri-odically.
  43. a camera since portugal is super photogenic. i use a mix of my nikon d810 and my  samsung8 smartphone these days.
  44. can we talk about how beautiful portugal is?
  45. “in the middle ages, spain and portugal were so powerful that they signed a set of treaties literally dividing up the globe between them.” – max fisher
  46. there’s no such thing as a place better than portugal.
  47. having a tram-endous time in portugal
  48. me busking in the streets of lisbon, portugal
  49. bodyboarding buddy in lisbon , portugal looking for someone to ride waves with in lisbon , portugal
  50. home is where the heart is and my heart belongs in portugal
  51. hamming it up in portugal!
  52. “as we say in portugal, they brought the bus and they left the bus in front of the goal.” – jose mourinho
  53. “in portugal, my sculpture ‘she changes’ refers to the town’s fishing history, to the era of seafaring trade and discovery. the contemporary site is industrial, surrounded by red and white striped smokestacks, which is mirrored in the pattern of the sculpture.” – janet echelman
  54. what language did the first person in portugal speak? portugoose.
  55. portugal? well, gonna live it up in ol’ south america, aren’t we, michael? -arrested development.

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