75 Possum Puns Will Make You Grin Like a Cheshire Possum

best funny possum Puns
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Possum puns often incorporate clever wordplay, double entendres, and playful twists on common phrases and idioms. They often incorporating their ability to “play dead” and their unique appearance.

possum puns may incorporate wordplay related to possums’ natural habitat, food preferences, or even cultural references. These 75 Best Possum Puns serve to entertain and tickle readers’ funny bones, bringing a sense of joy and laughter to their day.

75 Best Possum Puns

  1. a possum’s idea of a busy day involves changing trees.
  2. why do possums make terrible firefighters? they’re always “playing possum” when the fire alarm rings!
  3. why was the possum always last in the race?he was just “hanging around”!
  4. what do you call a possum laying in the middle of the road?
  5. what do possums do when they’re bored? they play possum and seek!
  6. possums: the original acrobats of the animal world.
  7. what’s a possum’s favorite yoga pose? “playing ‘possum” in shavasana.
  8. what’s a possum’s favorite type of tree? one with lots of “possum-fruit”!
  9. what do you call an irish possum? o’possum.
  10. what do you get when you cross a possum and a kangaroo? a marsupial that’s really good at playing dead and hopping!
  11. how do possums get to the other side of the river? they take the possum-boat!
  12. why did the possum bring a map to the forest? because it didn’t want to get “opossumed”!
  13. don’t be so possum-ist! look on the brighter side.
  14. himalayan possum soup i found himalayan in the road.
  15. is your name possum? because you’re the only one i want in my tree.
  16. why do possums make terrible secret agents? because they can never keep a “possum-secret.”
  17. what’s a possum’s favorite dessert? “possum-berry pie”!
  18. how does a possum keep its fur neat and tidy? with a “brush ‘n’ play” routine!
  19. possums make excellent actors because they’re great at playing dead.
  20. he wanted to see the “mona possum”!
  21. wife: “i thought you were going to hit that possum!”
  22. what do you call a possum that likes to clean?a “moppossum”.
  23. what’s a possum’s favorite party game? “possum or dare”!
  24. my dad asked me if i had ever had himalayan possum before… i asked him what himalayan possum was and he said, “oh you know, it’s the kind of possum you find on the road and him a laying there.”
  25. why did the possum start a band? because it could play possumsical instruments!
  26. knock, knock.who’s there?atch.atch who?sounds like you’ve got a possum cold!
  27. why did the possum become a comedian?because he was “funny to the bone”.
  28. why did the possum become a teacher? to educate others on the fine art of “playing possum” 101!
  29. possums are great at math; they can “possume” difficult equations.
  30. how does a possum like its coffee? with a little bit of “marsupial magic.”
  31. why did the possum like winter?because it’s “possum”-ly beautiful.
  32. tonight i’m gonna have possum soup made from himalayan possum, because i found himalayan on the road.
  33. in the song “possum kingdom” by the toadies, the lyrics tell a haunting story of love and desperation, but don’t worry, no possums were harmed in the making of the song!
  34. why did the possum become a chef? because it loved “playing with its food”!
  35. what’s a possum’s favorite drink?“possum” juice.
  36. is your name possum? because you’re the only one who can make my heart skip a beat.
  37. knock, knock.who’s there?omelette.omelette who?omelette smarter than i look, i hang out with possums!
  38. how do possums celebrate birthdays? by playing dead and surprising their friends when they wake up!
  39. one day, a possum walked into a restaurant and ordered a meal. the waiter asked, “would you like fries with that?” the possum replied, “no thanks, i’m on a leafy greens diet!”
  40. possums play possum, but they’re not playing around.
  41. what did the momma possum say to her kids when they went out to play? “remember, kids, if you get into trouble, just ‘play dead’ and everything will be o-possum!”
  42. what do you call a possum who is good at math?an “add-possum”!
  43. x-tra special possum coming through!
  44. you’re as jumpy as a possum on a hot tin roof!
  45. why do possums make terrible detectives? they’re always getting caught “playing possum” at crime scenes!
  46. what’s a possum’s favorite type of music? possumic beats!
  47. what’s a possum’s favorite video game? possumcraft!
  48. why did the possum go to the bakery?because he wanted to “roll in dough”!
  49. why did the possum refuse to play football? he was tired of being the dead weight.
  50. what do you call a possum who’s a great dancer? a possum-ballerina!why do possums love to eat fruit? they’re always looking for new ways to use their tail!
  51. knock, knock.who’s there?dwayne.dwayne who?dwayne the bathtub, i’m playing possum!
  52. what do you call a possum who loves art? a possumsional painter!
  53. why was the possum a great cook?he loved to “stir” things up.
  54. why did the possum cross the road? to visit his flat mate!
  55. norma lee i don’t play dead, but when i do, i do it like a possum!
  56. why did the skunk and possum become roommates? they both needed a “smelly but cozy den”!
  57. i couldn’t tell if the possum was dead…i guess i’ll never know for possum!
  58. the possum character named “sid” in the popular animated movie “ice age” is a lovable goofball who unintentionally excels at “playing possum” during dangerous situations.
  59. why was the possum good at school?he always hit the “books-tree-m”!
  60. what’s a possum’s favorite vegetable?“possum”-toes.
  61. why did the possum go to the museum?to see the “hang-ings”.
  62. a man walks up to the counter at the airport holding a dead possum. the attendant asks sir, will you be checking that? the man replies no, it’s carrion.
  63. possums are beneficial to the ecosystem as they help control insect and pest populations. to support them, create a possum-friendly environment by providing food like fruits, nuts, and vegetables. ensure there’s fresh water available, and avoid using harmful chemicals in your garden.
  64. what do you call a possum that’s really good at chess?a “check-mate-possum”.
  65. the possum took the lead in the race because he was possum-ibly the fastest!
  66. did you know possums can eat thousands of ticks in a season?
  67. ken i come in, or should i just hang out here like a possum?
  68. how many rednecks does it take to eat a ‘possum? two. one to eat and one to watch for cars.
  69. possums are great at keeping secrets; they never spill the beans!
  70. why was the possum a great detective? it had an incredible “nose” for clues.
  71. did you hear about the possum’s cooking show? it’s called “master chef: the opossum edition.”
  72. knock, knock.who’s there?cows go.cows go who?no silly, cows go “moo”, possums play dead!
  73. justin time to play possum!
  74. what do you call a possum who likes to sing?an “opera-possum”!
  75. somewhere in a parallel universe programmer van rython invented possum programming language.

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