35 Prawn Puns That Will Reely Make You Laugh Out Loud!

best funny prawn Puns
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Prawn puns are clever twists on the crustacean’s name, integrating other meanings and contexts to create a playful punchline.

They are a type of joke that seafood enthusiasts and pun lovers can deeply appreciate, as they mix marine biology with a dash of humor to serve up a delectable linguistic treat.

These 35 Best Prawn Puns can add a splash of fun to conversations and are perfect for breaking the ice or simply having a good laugh over a seafood dinner.

35 Best Prawn Puns

  1. i have a friend who rarely shows up to dinner dates but when he does only eats battered oriental prawns. he’s tempura mental.
  2. what do you call a shrimp that plays basketball exceptionally well?a: james leprawn.
  3. what do you call a shrimp that’s a good dancer? “ballet prawn-dancer”!
  4. why did the prawn blush? because it saw the ocean’s bottom!
  5. what do you call the last prawn in your prawn cocktail? .
  6. recent studies have shown that several species of shrimp have randomly died while migrating to other seas or oceans i guess they were accident prawn
  7. what did the prawn say to the shrimp at the casino? i feel so shellfish today!
  8. what’s the name for a shrimp that continually gets injured?a: an “accident prawn.”
  9. why do prawns never share their possessions? because they’re a little shellfish!
  10. what do you call a prawn that sings? a seafood.
  11. what kind of online videos do fish love to watch? hardcore prawn
  12. which prawn one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with prawn? i can suggest the ones about lawyer and polish people.
  13. the shrimp could easily afford to buy a new house because he prawned everything!
  14. what do you call a shrimp that’s always on the move?a: a “wandering prawn.”
  15. my japanese colleague got really angry today after losing his battered prawns. he really lost his tempura.
  16. what did the fish say about the snake disguised as a shrimp? he’s playing the long prawn!
  17. how do shrimp keep their cool in stressful situations? they take a few deep “prawn-breaths”!
  18. why did the shrimp attend the prawn’s cocktail party?a: he wanted to “take out a mussel” and have a good time.
  19. why did the prawn win an award? because it was outstanding in its field!
  20. what kind of prawn climbs trees and eats bananas?
  21. a shrimp usually goes to borrow money from a prawn broker!
  22. how do prawns give each other directions? they use their seafood.
  23. what do you call an all-you-can-eat prawn dinner?
  24. why was the teenage crustacean upset? he couldn’t find a date for his high school prawn.
  25. what do you call a prawn with a bad attitude? a little crabby.
  26. i’ll prawn-der on it.
  27. if you want good secondhand shellfish, you should go to the prawn broker.
  28. what happens when shrimp become famous chefs? they achieve a prawn status!
  29. i never should have gone to the fishy store. i got prawned.
  30. some people are like prawn. no guts, no spine, and a head full of shit.
  31. i’ll prawn-der on it.
  32. why did the prawn take the day off? it was feeling a little shellfish.
  33. how do you make a prawn laugh? take away the ‘p’!
  34. what do you call someone who buys and sells shrimp? a prawn broker
  35. did you hear about the shrimp that went to the prawn’s cocktail party? he pulled a mussel.

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