55 Printer Puns to Share and Enjoy

best funny printer Puns
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Printer puns include paper jams, running out of ink, print quality issues, and printer connectivity problems.

Ultimately printer puns humorously highlight the love-hate relationship many have with these often inconvenient but necessary machines. Whether groaning at an ill-timed paper jam or chuckling at a printer pun, these quips remind us that printers, for better or worse, connect us to the printed word.

55 Best Printer Puns

  1. 3d printers can print guns now not impressed. had a canon printer for years.
  2. printer or traffic. this ink cause a jam.
  3. what’s a printer’s favorite drink? ink-credible espresso!
  4. are you a laser printer? because you light up my life.
  5. what do printers use to meditate? ink cartridges for inner-peace!
  6. what did the printer say to the overloaded paper tray? “i can’t handle your paper-abundance!”
  7. why did the printer go to therapy? because it had too many paper issues.
  8. why did the printer go skydiving? to see if it could handle a print-free fall.
  9. what did the printer say to the rebellious paper? “you’re off the print-charts, but i’ll keep you in line!”
  10. i can hear music coming out of my printer. i think the papers jammin’ again!
  11. why did the printer go on a diet? because it had too many paper jams!
  12. how do printers communicate their feelings? they print out love letters!
  13. why did the printer go on a diet? it wanted to lose paper weight!
  14. how do you know if a printer is in a good mood? it starts printing ha-ha-ha-ha-ha instead of its usual hum.
  15. my friend claims that he can print a gun using his 3d printer, but i’m not impressed. i have had a canon printer for years.
  16. 3d printers can print guns now… i’m not impressed… i had a canon printer years ago
  17. what’s a printer’s favorite accessory? a stylish print-scarf!
  18. what did the paper say to the printer during a workout? “let’s get ripped and print some muscle!”
  19. why did the printer refuse to play cards? because it was afraid of paper cuts!
  20. why did the printer need glasses? because it couldn’t see-jet.
  21. why didn’t the printer print the fake news? because he didn’t know the fax!
  22. why did the printer go on strike? it wanted better working con-ditions!
  23. i named my printer bob marley because it keeps jammin’
  24. my printer started making music, so i checked it out… the paper was jamming.
  25. printers are just like teenagers. they have paper jams and refuse to communicate.
  26. why did the printer apply for a job at the bakery? because it wanted to make dough!
  27. i was having problems with the printer at work last week and i had to ring the engineer. i told him that i kept putting paper in to the printer but the display kept saying it just can’t get enough… the engineer said “ah yes…. it’s stuck in depeche mode”….
  28. why did the printer become a motivational speaker? it wanted to inspire others to print their dreams!
  29. why did the printer go on a diet? it wanted to reduce its paper size.
  30. when the printer still will not work after 20 tries; try sending the print job to all 100 printers in the office. one of them is bound to work.
  31. why did the printer feel lonely? it couldn’t find its paper mate!
  32. printers know how to ‘do it’ between the sheets.
  33. my printer just told me it was joining a band makes sense since it lives to jam
  34. what’s a printer’s favorite holiday? ink-dependence day!
  35. why did the printer go to therapy? it had too many paper issues.
  36. what goes in a printer? canon fodder :)(a work of my own creation)
  37. what’s a printer’s favorite board game? print-opoly!
  38. what did the typographer say to the printer who wouldn’t stop talking?“get to the point.”
  39. what do printers do when they’re feeling adventurous? they go on a print-scapade!
  40. my printer for the last 10 years finally died on me yesterday. it was like a brother to me.
  41. what does my printer have in common with a rock star?a: they both keep jammin’ all the time.
  42. i was wondering why music was coming from my printer.. apparently the paper was jamming.
  43. how do printers stay cool? they have paper fans!
  44. i was wondering why there was music coming from printer…. then i realised the paper was jammin
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  46. how does a printer cheer up a sad document? it gives it a little toner therapy!
  47. why did your company’s neighbors just report your copy machine to the police?a: they said our office printer jammed so loudly they could hear it a block away!
  48. what did the printer say to the envelope? “you’ve got mail-ability!”
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  50. what traits do accountants and printer supply purchasing clerks share in common?a: they both know all about red ink.
  51. how do you fix a broken printer? with paper therapy!
  52. how did the printer become a detective? it loved to print out evidence and solve paper-tray mysteries!
  53. what’s a printer’s favorite game? paper, scissors, rock!
  54. why was the printer always late for work? it had paper jam traffic!
  55. why did the printer always carry a camera? it loved to capture pixel-perfect prints!

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